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Curb Cut Applications

Curb cut

Obtaining a curb cut is a multi step process involving several City departments.  More information about curb cuts can be found on the Traffic & Parking's webpage. Before a new or modified curb cut can be approved by the Traffic and Parking Department, an approved Building Permit is required. Once the Building Permit is approved, the property owner must then fill out an Application for Driveway Cuts and Openings, which is managed by the Inspectional Services Department

Once the Driveway Cuts and Openings application is properly filled out and submitted, it is then: 
    1. Reviewed by Inspectional Services and, if approved, it is then 
    2. Electronically sent on to Traffic, Parking and Transportation, the Historical Commission and the Department of Public Works. 
    4. Once approved by these City departments, the application goes before the City Council for final approval. Once the City Council approves the curb cut, 
    5. the applicant will have the driveway constructed by a private contractor who is responsible for posting a bond with the City Clerk and obtaining a permit from DPW before any work is commenced.

The Cambridge Traffic, Parking, and Transportation Department's curb cut guidelines include the following:
    a. Curb cuts shall be per Cambridge DPW specifications.
    b. Curb cuts must have safe sightlines (minimum 20-foot visibility in both directions) for motorists entering the roadway or crossing a public sidewalk.
    c. Concrete sidewalks should continue level across the driveway curb cut.
    d. Driveway slopes must not exceed 7.5% within 15 feet of a public sidewalk or roadway.
    e. Curb cuts shall be maximum 20 feet wide in residential districts and maximum 30 feet wide in open space, business and industrial districts.  (Zoning Ordinance 6.43.3) 
    f. Site plans must show driveway and curb cut widths, slopes, and distance from nearest intersection.

Contact Jeff Parenti, Senior Traffic Engineer via email, or call 617-349-4715 for additional information.


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