Reported Potholes

The table below lists all potholes currently reported to DPW awaiting attention. You may click on a column heading to change the sorting order.

Know of a pothole that isn't on this list? Use our Report a Pothole form to let us know about it!


Street Address# Reports
Aberdeen Ave (No number given)2
98 Alewife Linear Park1
53 Alpine St1
66 Antrim St1
5 Ash St1
Beacon St (No number given)1
Bellis Cir (No number given)1
16 Blake St4
15 Blake St1
121 Brattle St1
5 Brewer St1
3 Broadway1
7 Brown St1
98 Channing St1
72 Clay St1
47 Clay St1
2 Cogswell Ave1
461 Concord Ave1
199 Concord Ave1
51 Dana St1
66 Dudley St1
Dudley St (No number given)1
Everett St (No number given)1
8 Fayette St1
67 Field St1
198 Franklin St1
203 Franklin St1
Gray Gdns E (No number given)1
270 Green St1
91 Hampshire St1
25 Hews St1
20 Hillside Ave1
271 Huron Ave1
123 Huron Ave1
Lawn St (No number given)1
482 MA-2A1
678 MA-2A1
1996 MA-2A1
125 Magazine St1
98 Manassas Ave1
1700 Massachusetts Ave1
1446 Massachusetts Ave2
1734 Massachusetts Ave1
1724 Massachusetts Ave1
Massachusetts Ave (No number given)2
700 Memorial Dr1
Mercer Cir (No number given)1
10 Mt Auburn St1
382 Mt Auburn St1
Mt Auburn St (No number given)1
39 Mt Auburn St1
23 Murdock St1
189 New St1
190 New St1
164 New St1
Parker St (No number given)1
97 Pemberton St1
30 Raymond St1
2 Riedesel Ave1
99 Rindge Terrace1
100 Russell St1
121 Second St1
125 Second St1
77 Shepard St1
61 Smart St1
49 Smith Pl1
84 Smith Pl1
Smith Pl (No number given)1
59 Smith Pl1
100 Smith Pl1
29 Springfield St1
23 Springfield St1
10 Spruce Ave1
134 Thorndike St1
65 Trowbridge St1
6 Upton St1
99 US-31
60 Wadsworth St1
5 Ware St1
Washington Ave (No number given)1
2 West St1
402 Windsor St1

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