Reported Potholes

The table below lists all potholes currently reported to DPW awaiting attention. You may click on a column heading to change the sorting order.

Know of a pothole that isn't on this list? Use our Report a Pothole form to let us know about it!


Street Address# Reports
Aberdeen Ave (No number given)1
1 Adley Rd1
Alewife T Station Access Rd (No number given)1
75 Alpine St1
Amory St (No number given)1
1 Amory St1
Appleton St (No number given)1
Bennett St (No number given)1
225 Binney St1
Binney St (No number given)1
174 Binney St2
7 Brown St1
337 Cambridge St1
177 Cardinal Medeiros Ave1
Coolidge Ave (No number given)1
155 Coolidge Ave1
Coolidge Hill (No number given)1
Dana St (No number given)1
Davenport St (No number given)1
30 Dudley St1
67 Dudley St1
76 Dudley St1
18 Everett St1
27 Everett St1
16 Fayerweather St1
Field St (No number given)1
66 Field St1
First St (No number given)1
77 Francis Ave1
176 Franklin St1
195 Harvey St2
17 Harvey St1
Holworthy St (No number given)1
100 Holworthy St1
89 Holworthy St1
Huron Ave (No number given)1
123 Huron Ave1
97 Inman St1
13 Jay St1
52 Kirkland St1
29 Lancaster St1
98 Longfellow Park1
1598 MA-2A1
1867 MA-2A1
1446 MA-2A1
482 MA-2A1
614 Main St1
779 Main St1
1722 Massachusetts Ave1
580 Massachusetts Ave1
576 Massachusetts Ave1
Massachusetts Ave (No number given)1
1 Memorial Dr1
400 Memorial Dr1
362 Memorial Dr1
971 Memorial Dr1
Memorial Dr (No number given)10
Mercer Cir (No number given)1
326 Mt Auburn St1
Mt Auburn St (No number given)1
412 Mt Auburn St1
200 Mt Auburn St1
341 Mt Auburn St3
26 New St1
New St (No number given)1
Otis St (No number given)1
71 Oxford Ave1
139 Pearl St1
289 Pearl St1
82 Pearl St1
109 Pearl St1
151 Pemberton St1
97 Pemberton St1
144 Pemberton St1
176 Pleasant St1
38 Plymouth St1
26 Plymouth St1
10 Rogers St3
1 Roseland St1
Saville St (No number given)1
Seventh St (No number given)1
Sherman St (No number given)1
164 Sherman St1
154 Sherman St1
4 Suffolk St2
Tenney St (No number given)1
11 Trowbridge St1
University Rd (No number given)1
42 Walden St1
268 Walden St1
Walden St (No number given)2
7 Walden St1
298 Walden St2
333 Walden St1
9 Washington Ave1
34 Wendell St1
26 Wendell St1
Western Ave (No number given)1
28 Winslow St1
7 Wright St1

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