Reported Potholes

The table below lists all potholes currently reported to DPW awaiting attention. You may click on a column heading to change the sorting order.

Know of a pothole that isn't on this list? Use our Report a Pothole form to let us know about it!


Street Address# Reports
Aberdeen Ave (No number given)1
75 Alpine St1
Appleton St (No number given)1
5 Arcadia St2
20 Beech St2
16 Beech St2
12 Bow St1
Brewster St (No number given)1
189 Broadway1
7 Brown St1
19 Brown St1
777 Cambridge St1
544 Cambridge St2
113 Charles St1
140 Chestnut St1
Clay St (No number given)1
Coolidge Ave (No number given)1
Coolidge Hill (No number given)1
Cottage Park Ave (No number given)1
Cushing St (No number given)1
Dana St (No number given)1
76 Dudley St1
30 Dudley St1
67 Dudley St1
62 Eustis St2
16 Fayerweather St1
Fayette St (No number given)1
Field St (No number given)1
60 Field St3
66 Field St1
54 Foster St1
Foster St (No number given)1
129 Franklin St1
49 Fresh Pond Ln1
225 Garden St1
39 Gold Star Rd2
3 Harris St1
229 Harvard St1
221 Harvard St1
348 Harvard St1
Harvard St (No number given)1
17 Harvey St1
Hawthorne Pk (No number given)1
115 Holworthy St1
90 Holworthy St1
39 Hurley St1
Huron Ave (No number given)1
123 Huron Ave1
Hutchinson St (No number given)1
Kennedy Rd (No number given)1
3 Kinnaird St1
42 Kirkland St1
Lambert St (No number given)2
94 Larchwood Dr1
23 Lawn St1
Lawn St (No number given)1
27 Lawn St1
98 Longfellow Park1
1722 Massachusetts Ave1
1553 Massachusetts Ave1
1773 Massachusetts Ave1
1027 Massachusetts Ave1
1900 Massachusetts Ave1
932 Massachusetts Ave1
1651 Massachusetts Ave1
Massachusetts Ave (No number given)5
May St (No number given)1
Mercer Cir (No number given)1
96 Montgomery St1
111 Mt Auburn St1
115 Mt Auburn St2
Mt Auburn St (No number given)2
365 Mt Auburn St1
Museum St (No number given)1
85 Museum St1
26 New St1
New St (No number given)1
22 New St1
64 Otis St1
Otis St (No number given)2
35 Park Ave2
38 Park Ave1
Park Ave (No number given)1
25 Park Ave1
252 Pearl St1
82 Pearl St1
152 Pearl St1
289 Pearl St1
260 Pearl St1
214 Pearl St1
224 Pearl St1
97 Pemberton St1
144 Pemberton St1
64 Pleasant St1
38 Plymouth St1
26 Plymouth St1
Reed St (No number given)1
13 Richard Ave1
15 Richard Ave1
Riedesel Ave (No number given)1
183 River St1
Roseland St (No number given)2
Royal Ave (No number given)1
Saville St (No number given)1
Sciarappa St (No number given)1
Tenney St (No number given)1
Third St (No number given)2
Vassal Ln (No number given)1
9 Washington Ave1
109 Webster Ave2
Webster Ave (No number given)1
29 Wood St1
7 Wright St1

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