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New young tree being planted on Prospect Street

To request a tree planting,  call the Forestry Division directly at 617.349.4885, or email us.  If a tree was removed from an existing well and you would like a replacement, there is no expense to you.  Leave your name, address, and phone number and you will be contacted about the replacement.

Client Tree Program
Where No Tree Wells Exist
If you wish to have a tree planted where no tree well currently exists, the City will share the cost with you under its Client Tree Program. For $140, we will prepare a tree well and plant a tree, in exchange for your pledge to keep the tree well watered. On average, your contribution covers about one-third to one-half the cost of planting. This program is a public-private partnership in which Cambridge citizens pay for the purchase price of a tree and the city hires a contractor to plant it in the public way. For an application and information call 617.349.6433 and leave your name and address and an application will be mailed to you.

Please note that payment must be made in full before any trees will be planted.

Commemorative Tree Program
The City of Cambridge has adopted a new program aimed at helping beautify the community and providing a lasting means for remembering a loved one or an important event. Administered by the Department of Public Works find out more....

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