Tree Species in Cambridge

The City of Cambridge contains over 130 different species of trees.  Click on a link below for more detailed information about that particular tree.  Information about trees has been obtained from the University of Conecticut Plant Database, Cornell University Woody Plants Database and the USDA Plants Database.

apple  bradford pear American linden   Austrian pine
arborvitae horse chestnut littleleaf linden red pine
green ash American chestnut silver linden scotch pine
Korean mt. ash amur corktree black locust white pine
white ash common hoptree black maple London planetree
aspen bigtooth eastern cottonwood columnar red maple  American plum
American beech  crabapple hedge maple redbud
copper beech dawn redwood Japanese maple Sassafras
European beech flowering dogwood Norway maple serviceberry
American white birch kousa dogwood paperbark maple smoketree
European white birch American elm red maple snowbell, japanese
gray birch lacebark elm silver maple sophora
river birch siberian elm sugar maple blue spruce
catalpa northern douglas fir sycamore maple Norway spruce
red cedar white fir trident maple white spruce
white cedar ginkgo, female Norway crimson maple American sweetgum
akebono cherry golden raintree maackia sycamore
autumnali cherry hackberry magnolia tree of heaven
black cherry hawthorn red mulberry tuliptree
choke cherry eastern hemlock white mulberry black tupelo
kwansa cherry hickory musclewood  black walnut
okame cherry American holly black oak  willow
Japanese lilac honeylocust pin oak weeping willow
sargent cherry hornbeam red oak witchhazel
snowgoose cherry katsuratree swamp white oak yellowwood
Kentucky coffeetree white oak  yew, Japanese
American larch paulownia Japanese zelkova



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