Renewable Energy Comes to DPW and Frisoli Youth Center

PV panels on DPW roof

In early 2010, Public Works managed the installation of photovoltaic panel systems at the Frazier Administration Building and at the Frisoli Youth Center.  A total of 5.26 kW was installed; 2 kW on the Frazier Building and 3.26 kW on the Frisoli Center.

Websites for both the Frazier Building and the Frisoli Youth Center display real-time data for viewing by the public and school classes. There will also be a small meteorological station to monitor temperature, wind speed, and solar radiation.

Please note there is a gap in PV energy data due to a system glitch.  Please contact Public Works with any questions.

Funding for these projects came partly from Cambridge residents choosing to pay a small surcharge on their electric bills each month to support renewable energy, along with matching funds from the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust, and a bonus awarded by the Trust as the result of a successful community drive that enrolled 300 Cambridge residents and businesses in the New England Wind Fund.  The wind fund is operated by the Massachusetts Energy Consumers Alliance to support the development of wind energy projects. It is through the financial support of Cambridge residents and businesses and their commitment to clean energy solutions that the City is able to move forward with such projects.

Two additional projects were made possible by matching funds from the Clean Energy Choice Program. The Cambridge Water Department will perform a study to assess the feasibility of solar PV installation at the Sullivan Water Purification Facility and Payson Park Reservoir. The Department of Public Works will also purchase 11 new Big Belly solar trash compactors to install in high trash volume areas such as the squares and parks, bringing the City’s total to 58. The solar-powered compactors reduce truck trips to collect trash and provide better management of trash in public spaces.

The City of Cambridge is committed to reducing its carbon footprint through investing in clean energy.  Learn more about the City's climate and energy initiatives.

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