Resident Parking Permit

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Description and purpose

Resident Parking Permits allow Cambridge residents to park their vehicles in locations throughout the City posted "Permit Parking Only".  The purpose of the City's Resident Parking regulation is to maximize the availability of parking for Cambridge residents while discouraging long-term parking on residential streets near commercially zoned areas or transportation access points. All permits expire each year on January 31 and must be renewed.  Each Cambridge household is also eligible to receive one Visitor Parking Permit.   A Visitor Parking Permit is provided to the first person who applies for a Resident Parking Permit from that household. If no one in your household owns a vehicle, click here to apply for a Visitor Parking Permit only.  The rules on the back of the Visitor Parking Permit are strictly enforced.


To be eligible for a Resident Parking Permit you must be a Cambridge resident and except for the specific situations described below, your vehicle must:

  • Be registered with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) in your name at your Cambridge address with the garage code being Cambridge.
  • Weigh less than 2.5 tons.

We periodically compare our vehicle records with the RMV's list of principal garaging (garage code).  We cancel permits for cars that are no longer garaged in Cambridge according to the RMV.

We make exceptions to these requirements for residents in the process of moving into Cambridge, for residents renting cars in their names, and residents in the military on active duty with orders to work or study in Cambridge or nearby.  If you purchase a new car you must apply for a new resident parking permit.  If you move within Cambridge, you must contact us and the RMV or your insurance company to update our records and exchange your visitor parking permit.

How to Apply For a resident parking permit

Resident Parking Permits may be obtained online, by mail or in person. To apply online please use the link at the top of this page.  If you are not eligible to apply online, click here to print out a copy of the mail in application.  When submitting your application by mail or in person include or have with you an application form (if applying by mail), a copy of your vehicle registration, proof of residency, payment if required (see fee information below) and an employer letter if an employer owned vehicle.  Once complete, please mail or bring to our office.


Fees for Resident Parking Permits

  • $25.00 for the initial resident permit which includes one visitor parking permit per household.
  • $25.00 per vehicle for any additional resident parking permits in the household.
  • There is no fee for senior citizens (65 years and above) or persons with disabilities.  To waive fee, if you are a senior citizen include proof of age with your application.  If you are a person with a disability include a copy of the front and back of your parking placard unless you have a persons with disabilities license plate.
  • $25.00 replacement fee for new resident parking permit when purchasing a new vehicle.  This fee is waived if the old sticker is returned, even in pieces.
  • $10.00 per week for a temporary resident parking permit unless you already have a resident or visitor parking permit.

Fees for Visitor Parking Permits

  • No fee if provided with Resident Parking Permit.
  • Household without a vehicle - $25.00
  • No fee if you are age 65 or older with proof of age or if you have disability plates or placard.
  • If lost or stolen one replacement only per year - $ 50.00  The resident who received the original Visitor Parking Permit is the only person who may request a replacement.
  • If you move within the City, please notify us because a new permit will be required if you move outside of your current area. You will need proof of residency for your new address and you must return your previously issued permit to avoid a $50.00 replacement fee.

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