New Materials—December 2017—Main Library
General Fiction
Call Number Author Title
FICTION Allende, Isabel Allende, Isabel, In the midst of winter 
FICTION Amis, Kingsley Amis, Kingsley. Lucky Jim 
FICTION Atwood, Margaret Atwood, Margaret, Lady Oracle 
FICTION Baart, Nicole Baart, Nicole, Little broken things: a novel 
FICTION Baart, Nicole Baart, Nicole, Little broken things: a novel 
FICTION Banks, Russell Banks, Russell, Cloudsplitter: a novel 
FICTION Banville, John Banville, John. The sea 
FICTION Bausch, Robert Bausch, Robert, In the fall they come back: a novel 
FICTION Block, Lawrence   Alive in shape and color: 17 paintings by great artists and the stories they inspired 
FICTION Brookes, Adam Brookes, Adam The spy's daughter 
FICTION Chiaverini, Jennifer Chiaverini, Jennifer, Enchantress of numbers: a novel of Ada Lovelace 
FICTION Cole, Alyssa Cole, Alyssa, A hope divided 
FICTION Connelly, Michael Connelly, Michael, Two kinds of truth 
FICTION Constantine, Liv Constantine, Liv, The last Mrs. Parrish: a novel 
FICTION Corrias, Pino Corrias, Pino, We'll sleep when we're old: a novel 
FICTION Crais, Robert Crais, Robert. The wanted 
FICTION Diski, Jenny Diski, Jenny, The vanishing princess: stories 
FICTION Dostoevskey, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, Crime and punishment 
FICTION Dray, Stephanie Dray, Stephanie, America's first daughter: a novel 
FICTION Ellis, Bret Easton Ellis, Bret Easton. The rules of attraction 
FICTION Faw, Katherine Morris, Katherine Faw, Ultraluminous 
FICTION Fiegel, Michael Fiegel, Michael L., Blackbird: a novel 
FICTION Gekoski, R. A. Gekoski, R. A., Darke 
FICTION Glover, Dennis Glover, Dennis, The Last Man in Europe: a novel 
FICTION Golding, William Golding, William, Lord of the flies: a novel 
FICTION Griffin, W.E.B Griffin, W. E. B., Death at Nuremberg: a clandestine operations novel 
FICTION Han Mattson, James Mattson, James Han, The lost prayers of Ricky Graves 
FICTION Hay, Ashley Hay, Ashley, A hundred small lessons: a novel 
FICTION Hayes-McCoy, Felicity Hayes-McCoy, Felicity, The library at the edge of the world: a novel 
FICTION Henshaw, Mark Henshaw, Mark, The last man in Tehran: a novel 
FICTION Higgins, Kristan Higgins, Kristan, Now that you mention it 
FICTION Hoffman, Amy Hoffman, Amy, The off season 
FICTION Hossain, Saad Z Hossain, Saad Z., Djinn city 
FICTION Hyde, Catherine Hyde, Catherine Ryan, The wake up: a novel 
FICTION Iggulden, Conn Iggulden, Conn, Ravenspur: rise of the Tudors 
FICTION Ingalls, Rachel Ingalls, Rachel, Mrs. Caliban 
FICTION Kawakmi, Hiromi Kawakami, Hiromi, Record of a night too brief 
FICTION Keener, Jessica Keener, Jessica Brilliant, Strangers in Budapest: a novel 
FICTION Kelly, Martha Hall Kelly, Martha Hall. Lilac girls: a novel 
FICTION Kendal, Claire Kendal, Claire, The second sister: a novel 
FICTION Kerouac, Jack Kerouac, Jack, Visions of Cody 
FICTION King, Stephen King, Stephen, Gerald's game: a novel 
FICTION Krasznahorkai, Laszlo Krasznahorkai, Laszlo, The world goes on 
FICTION Kroger, Merle Kroger, Merle Collisio
FICTION Kwan, Kevin Kwan, Kevin, Crazy rich Asians 
FICTION Leather, Stephen Leather, Stephen, The foreigner 
FICTION Ligotti, Thomas Ligotti, Thomas, Songs of a dead dreamer: and, Grimscribe 
FICTION Lodge, David Lodge, David, The campus trilogy 
FICTION Mailman, Erika Mailman, Erika, The murderer's maid;a Lizzie Borden novel 
FICTION Mankell, Henning Mankell, Henning, After the fire 
FICTION Marsalis, Simeon Marsalis, Simeon, As lie is to grin 
FICTION Masterton, Graham Masterton, Graham, The coven 
FICTION McDermid, Val McDermid, Val, Insidious intent 
FICTION McKibben, Bill McKibben, Bill, Radio free Vermont: a fable of resistance 
FICTION McSweeneys   McSweeney's
FICTION Mozley, Fiona Mozley, Fiona, Elmet: a novel 
FICTION Naji, Ahmed Naji, Ahmed, Using life: a novel 
FICTION Nicholls, David Nicholls, David, One day 
FICTION Olaffson, Olaf Olafsson, Olaf One station away: a novel 
FICTION Page, Katherine Page, Katherine Hall, The body in the casket: a Faith Fairchild mystery 
FICTION Page, Katherine Page, Katherine Hall, The body in the casket: a Faith Fairchild mystery 
FICTION Palmer, Liza Palmer, Liza, The F word: a novel 
FICTION Perry, Thomas Perry, Thomas, The bomb maker 
FICTION Peterson, Tracie Peterson, Tracie, Out of the ashes 
FICTION Preston, Caroline Preston, Caroline, The War Bride's Scrapbook: A Novel in Pictures
FICTION Prose, Francine Prose, Francine, Blue angel: a novel 
FICTION Reed, Ishmael Reed, Ishmael, Japanese by spring 
FICTION Rice, Anne Rice, Anne, Ramses the damned: the passion of Cleopatra 
FICTION Roberts, Nora Roberts, Nora, Year one 
FICTION Rollins, James Rollins, James, The demon crown /;A Sigma Force Nove
FICTION Roslund, Anders Roslund, Anders, Pen 33 
FICTION Roy, Anuradha Roy, Anuradha. An atlas of impossible longing 
FICTION Russo, Richard Russo, Richard. Straight man 
FICTION Salinger, JD Salinger, J. D. The catcher in the rye
FICTION Sebastian, Mihail Sebastian, Mihail, For two thousand years 
FICTION Shafak, Elif Shafak, Elif, Three daughters of Eve 
FICTION Shepard, Sam Shepard, Sam, Spy of the first person 
FICTION SHORT STORIES Best European   Best European fiction
FICTION Simons, Paullina Simons, Paullina, The girl in Times Square 
FICTION Smith, Ali Smith, Ali, Autumn 
FICTION Smith, Laura Smith, Laura Lee, The ice house: a novel 
FICTION Stern, Richard Stern, Richard, Other men's daughters 
FICTION Stockett, Kathryn Stockett, Kathryn. The help 
FICTION Sutton, Phoef Sutton, Phoef, Colorado Boulevard 
FICTION Tanizaki Junichiro Tanizaki, Jun'ichiro In black and white: a novel 
FICTION Tanizaki, Junichiro Tanizaki, Jun'ichiro In black and white: a novel 
FICTION Unsworth, Barry Unsworth, Barry, Sacred hunger: a novel 
FICTION Valtonen, Jussi Valtonen, Jussi, They know not what they do 
FICTION Wineman, Steven Wineman, Steven The Therapy Journa
FICTION Yan, Lianke Yan, Lianke, The years, months, days: two novellas 
FICTION Yolen, Jane Yolen, Jane, The emerald circus 
FICTION Zink, Nell Zink, Nell, Nicotine 
[PB] FICTION C Crichton, Michael. Dragon Teet
[PB] FICTION F Follett, Ken. The Modigliani scandal 
[PB] FICTION G Graham, Heather, The rising 
[PB] FICTION J James, Eloisa, Wilde in love: the Wildes of Lindow Castle 
[PB] FICTION K Kellerman, Jonathan Heartbreak Hotel: An Alex Delaware Nove
[PB] FICTION O Octavia, Grace, His last wife 
[PB] FICTION P Patterson, James, Never never 
[PB] FICTION S   Fistful of Benjamins 
[PB] FICTION S Santiago, Nisa, Killer dolls;1 
[PB] FICTION S Santiago, Nisa, Killer dolls: Part 2 
[PB] FICTION S Steel, Danielle Dangerous Game
[PB] FICTION W Williams, Racquel, Wifey status: renaissance collection 
[PB] FICTION W Woods, Stuart Fast and Loos
[EXPRESS PB] S Smith, Ali, Autumn 
[CH] FICTION Black, Holly Black, Holly, Hong shou tao /;Red glove / Holly Black
[CH] FICTION Liu, Jiming Liu, Jiming, Ren jing 
[CH] FICTION Messenger, Shannon Messenger, Shannon, Zhui kong lian ren 
[CH] FICTION Meyer, Marissa Meyer, Marissa, Xing ji xiao gong mao 
[CH] FICTION Niven, Jennifer Niven, Jennifer, Suo you ming liang de di fang 
[CH] FICTION Ye, Xing Ye, Xing, Gu jin hai long tun 
[CH] FICTION Yoon, Nicola Yoon, Nicola, Ni shi wo yi qie de yi qie: yu ni xiang yu, jiu shi wo zui zhi de de mao xian 
[CH] FICTION Zhao, Benfu Zhao, Benfu, Tian lou yi = Lost town 
Call Number Author Title
MYSTERY Burns, VM Burns, V. M., The plot is murder 
MYSTERY Diaz Eterovic, Ramon Diaz Eterovia‡, Ramon, Dark echoes of the past 
MYSTERY Disher, Garry Disher, Garry, Signal loss 
MYSTERY Doiron, Paul Doiron, Paul. Trespasser 
MYSTERY Dolan, Harry Dolan, Harry, The man in the crooked hat 
MYSTERY Dunnett, Kaitlyn Dunnett, Kaitlyn, X Marks the Scot 
MYSTERY Fowler, Christopher Fowler, Christopher, Bryant & May: wild chamber 
MYSTERY Green, Simon R Green, Simon R., Into the thinnest of air 
MYSTERY Kaaberbol, Lene Kaaberbol, Lene, A lady in shadows: a Madeleine Karno mystery 
MYSTERY Kasasian, MRC Kasasian, M. R. C. Dark dawn over Steep House 
MYSTERY Lloyd, Catherine Lloyd, Catherine, Death comes to the school 
MYSTERY Lovesey, Peter Lovesey, Peter, Beau death: a Peter Diamond investigation 
MYSTERY Malane, Donna Malane, Donna, My brother's keeper: a mystery 
MYSTERY McKinlay Jenn McKinlay, Jenn, Death in the stacks 
MYSTERY McKinlay, Jenn McKinlay, Jenn, Death in the stacks 
MYSTERY Mosby, Steve Mosby, Steve, You can run 
MYSTERY Oust, Gail Oust, Gail, Ginger snapped: a spice shop mystery 
MYSTERY Page, Katherine Page, Katherine Hall, The body in the casket: a Faith Fairchild mystery 
MYSTERY Ragnar Jonasson Ragnar Jonasson, Nightblind: a thriller 
MYSTERY Schaffhausen, Joanna Schaffhausen, Joanna, The vanishing season 
MYSTERY Starbuck, Helen Starbuck, Helen The Mad Hatter's Son: An Annie Collins Myster
[PB] MYSTERY D Delany, Vicki, Hark the herald angels slay 
[PB] MYSTERY J Jance, Judith A., Man overboard: an Ali Reynolds novel 
[PB] MYSTERY L Leeson, Gayle, Honey-baked homicide 
[PB] MYSTERY P Paretsky, Sara, Fallout: a V.I. Warshawski novel 
[PB] MYSTERY S Shelton, Paige, Comic sans murder 
Science Fiction
Call Number Author Title
SCI FIC Arden, Katherine Arden, Katherine, The girl in the tower: a novel 
SCI FIC Beagle, Peter Beagle, Peter S., The overneath 
SCI FIC Bing, Stanley Bing, Stanley, Immortal life: a soon to be true story 
SCI FIC Bova, Ben Bova, Ben, Survival 
SCI FIC Cameron, Miles Cameron, Miles, The fall of dragons 
SCI FIC Cameron, Miles Cameron, Miles, The plague of swords 
SCI FIC Corey, James S A Corey, James S. A., Persepolis rising 
SCI FIC Czernada, Julie Czerneda, Julie, To guard against the dark 
SCI FIC Dick, Philip K. Dick, Philip K., Philip K. Dick's electric dreams 
SCI FIC Flint, Eric Flint, Eric, 1636: the Vatican sanction 
SCI FIC Gaiman, Neil Gaiman, Neil. Good omens: the nice and accurate prophecies of Agnes Nutter, witch 
SCI FIC Haig, Francesca Haig, Francesca, The forever ship 
SCI FIC Hines, Jim Hines, Jim C., Terminal alliance 
SCI FIC Kurland, Lynn Kurland, Lynn, The dreamer's song 
SCI FIC Martin, George R R   Mississippi roll 
SCI FIC Martin, George R. R. Martin, George R. R. Windhaven 
SCI FIC Palmer, Ada Palmer, Ada, The will to battle 
SCI FIC Pratt, Tim Pratt, Tim The Wrong Star
SCI FIC Rowling, J. K. Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter and the deathly hallows 
SCI FIC Savile, Steven Savile, Steve, Glass town 
SCI FIC Star Wars Canto Bight   Star wars: Canto Bight 
SCI FIC Weir, Andy Weir, Andy, The Martian: a novel 
SCI FIC Wright, John Wright, John C. Count to infinity 
SCI FIC Ziemska, Liz Ziemska, Liz, Mandelbrot the Magnificent: a novella 
Call Number Author Title
[PB] ROMANCE A Alexander, Victoria, The lady travelers guide to larceny with a dashing stranger 
[PB] ROMANCE A Ashford, Jane, The duke knows best 
[PB] ROMANCE C Chase, Loretta Lynda, A Duke in shining armor 
[PB] ROMANCE C Conkle, Gina, The lord meets his lady 
[PB] ROMANCE F Foster, Lori, Close contact 
[PB] ROMANCE F Frost, Jeaniene, The brightest embers 
[PB] ROMANCE G Grey, Amelia, To the Duke, with love 
[PB] ROMANCE K Krahn, Betina M., A good day to marry a duke 
[PB] ROMANCE L Leigh, Lora, Rugged Texas cowboy 
[PB] ROMANCE M McCarty, Sarah, Luke's cut 
[PB] ROMANCE M Morgan, Sarah, Moonlight over Manhattan 
[PB] ROMANCE R Rai, Alisha, Hate to want you 
[PB] ROMANCE R Rodale, Maya, It's hard out here for a duke 
Large Print
Call Number Author Title
LP Archer, Jeffrey Archer, Jeffrey, Tell tale 
LP Clark, Mary Higgins Clark, Mary Higgins, Every breath you take: An under suspicion novel 
LP Francis, Felix Francis, Felix, Pulse 
LP Ginder, Grant Ginder, Grant, The people we hate at the wedding 
LP Ignatius, David Ignatius, David, The quantum spy 
LP Ives, Lucy Ives, Lucy, Impossible views of the world 
LP Johansen, Iris Johansen, Iris, Mind game 
LP Mankell, Henning Mankell, Henning, After the fire 
LP McCall Smith, Alexander McCall Smith, Alexander, The house of unexpected sisters 
LP Page, Katherine Page, Katherine Hall, The body in the casket: a Faith Fairchild mystery 
LP Woods, Stuart Woods, Stuart, Quick and dirty 
Call Number Author Title
POETRY Adonis Adonis Concerto al-Quds = Ko«nsha«rto« al-Quds 
POETRY Bidart, Frank Bidart, Frank, Half-light: collected poems 1965-2016 
POETRY Bukowski, Charles Bukowski, Charles, Storm for the living and the dead: uncollected and unpublished poems 
POETRY Duan, Carlina Duan, Carlina, I wore my blackest hair: poems