New Materials—January 2018—Main Library
Central Square Branch Library
Call Number Author Title
FICTION Alderman, Naomi Alderman, Naomi, The power: a novel 
FICTION Audur Ava Olafsdottir Audur A. O“lafsdottir, Hotel silence 
FICTION Baart, Nicole Baart, Nicole, Little broken things: a novel 
FICTION Benjamin, Chloe Benjamin, Chloe, The immortalists: a novel 
FICTION Benjamin, Melanie Benjamin, Melanie, The girls in the picture 
FICTION Bracht, Mary Lynn Bracht, Mary Lynn, White chrysanthemum 
FICTION Cleveland, Karen Cleveland, Karen, Need to know: a novel 
FICTION Cornwell, Bernard Cornwell, Bernard, Fools and mortals: a novel 
FICTION DeBoard, Paula Treick DeBoard, Paula Treick, Here we lie 
FICTION Finn, A. J. Finn, A. J., The woman in the window 
FICTION Gardiner, Meg Gardiner, Meg, Into the black nowhere 
FICTION Glass, Emma Glass, Emma, Peach 
FICTION Graham-Felsen, Sam Graham-Felsen, Sam, Green: a novel 
FICTION Guillory, Jasmine Guillory, Jasmine, The wedding date 
FICTION Hallgrimur Helgason Hallgrimur Helgason, Woman at 1,000 degrees 
FICTION Hannah, Kristin Hannah, Kristin, The great alone 
FICTION Hendricks, Greer Hendricks, Greer, The wife between us 
FICTION Hoby, Hermione Hoby, Hermione, Neon in daylight 
FICTION Horn, Dara Horn, Dara, Eternal life: a novel 
FICTION Hughes-Hallett, Lucy Hughes-Hallett, Lucy, Peculiar ground: a novel 
FICTION Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew, Hellbent 
FICTION Kennard, Luke Kennard, Luke, The transition 
FICTION Krentz, Jayne Ann Krentz, Jayne Ann, Promise not to tell 
FICTION Lee, Min Lee, Min Jin, Pachinko 
FICTION Lee, Min Jin Lee, Min Jin, Pachinko 
FICTION Lee, Mira T Lee, Mira T., Everything here is beautiful 
FICTION MacArthur, Robin MacArthur, Robin, Heart spring mountain 
FICTION Machado, Carmen Maria Machado, Carmen Maria, Her body and other parties: stories 
FICTION Medoff, Jillian Medoff, Jillian, This could hurt: a novel 
FICTION Moore, Jonathan Moore, Jonathan, The night market 
FICTION Moyes, Jojo Moyes, Jojo, Still me 
FICTION Mukherjee, Neel Mukherjee, Neel, A state of freedom: a novel 
FICTION Olson, Neil Olson, Neil, The black painting: a novel 
FICTION Shields, Jody Shields, Jody, The winter station: a novel 
FICTION Slimani, Leila Slimani, Leila, The perfect nanny: a novel 
FICTION Smith, Ali Smith, Ali, Winter 
FICTION Steel, Danielle Steel, Danielle, Fall from grace: a novel 
FICTION Vaughan, Sarah Vaughan, Sarah, Anatomy of a scandal: a novel 
FICTION Ward, Jesmyn Ward, Jesmyn, Sing, unburied, sing: a novel 
FICTION Wilder, Darcie Wilder, Darcie, Literally show me a healthy person 
FICTION Woods, Stuart Woods, Stuart, Unbound: a Stone Barrington novel 
FICTION Yates, Christopher Yates, Christopher J., Grist Mill Road: a novel 
FICTION Zumas, Leni Zumas, Leni, Red clocks: a novel 
MYSTERY Bradley, C. Alan Bradley, C. Alan, The grave's a fine and private place: a Flavia de Luce novel 
MYSTERY Burke, James Lee Burke, James Lee, Robicheaux: a novel 
MYSTERY Cleeves, Ann Cleeves, Ann, Hidden depths 
MYSTERY D'Andrea, Luca D'Andrea, Luca, Beneath the mountain: a novel 
MYSTERY Luna, Louisa Luna, Louisa, Two girls down: a novel 
MYSTERY Massey, Sujata Massey, Sujata, The widows of Malabar Hill 
MYSTERY Poznanski, Ursula Poznanski, Ursula, Strangers: a novel 
MYSTERY Robb, J. D. Robb, J. D., Dark in death 
SCI FIC Harkaway, Nick Harkaway, Nick, Gnomon: a novel 
SCI FIC Sanderson, Brandon Sanderson, Brandon, Oathbringer 
[PB] FICTION E Ellis, Shelly Bed of Lie
[PB] FICTION H Hampton, Brenda Stalker 
[PB] FICTION K Kubica, Mary Pretty Bab
[PB] FICTION M McCaulsky, Marlon, The pink palace: triple crown collection 
[PB] FICTION M McMillan, Terry, I almost forgot about you: a novel 
[PB] FICTION M Moriarty, Liane What Alice Forgo
[PB] FICTION M Morrison, Mary B. Baby, You're the Bes
[PB] FICTION S Saundra, Her sweetest revenge 
[PB] FICTION W Weber, Carl Man on the Ru
[PB] FICTION W Weber, Carl, The doctor is in 
[PB] FICTION W Williams, Racquel Even More Wifey Status: Renaissance Collectio
[PB] FICTION Y York, Kenni, Noah's rights 
[PB] ROMANCE D Dane, Lauren Whiskey Sharp: Unravele
[PB] ROMANCE E Eden, Cynthia, Into the night 
[PB] ROMANCE F Feehan, Christine, Judgment road 
[PB] ROMANCE J Jenkins, Beverly, Tempest 
[PB] ROMANCE M Macomber, Debbie Any Dream Will D
[PB] ROMANCE M Macomber, Debbie, An engagement in Seattle 
[PB] ROMANCE M Martin, Kat, Beyond danger 
[PB] ROMANCE M McKinlay, Jenn, Every dog has his day 
[PB] ROMANCE R Rax, Cydney, My married boyfriend 
[PB] ROMANCE S Shalvis, Jill, About that kiss 
LP Ng, Celeste Ng, Celeste, Little fires everywhere: a novel 
Call Number Author Title
006.72 Pogue Pogue, David, iPhone: the missing manual 
152.15 Kagge Kagge, Erling, Silence: in the age of noise 
153.753 Pink Pink, Daniel H., When: the scientific secrets of perfect timing 
177.1 Berman Berman, Lea, Treating people well: the extraordinary power of civility at work and in life 
220.5208 Holy Crossway Bibles Holy Bible
277.9494 Boyle Boyle, Greg, Barking to the choir: the power of radical kinship 
294.3444 Hoblitzelle Hoblitzelle, Olivia Ames, Aging with wisdom: reflections, stories and teachings 
305.409 Beard Beard, Mary, Women & power: a manifesto 
320.5209 Stern Stern, Ken, Republican like me: how I left the liberal bubble and learned to love the right 
323.092 Khan Cullors Khan-Cullors, Patrisse, When they call you a terrorist: a Black Lives Matter memoir 
323.1 Theoharis Theoharis, Jeanne, A more beautiful and terrible history: the uses and misuses of civil rights history 
327.7304 Harding Harding, Luke, Collusion: secret meetings, dirty money, and how Russia helped Donald Trump win 
338.7663 Alkhanshali Eggers, Dave, The monk of Mokha 
612.3 Herz Herz, Rachel, Why you eat what you eat: the science behind our relationship with food 
641.587 Morante Morante, Coco, The essential Instant Pot cookbook: fresh and foolproof recipes for your electric pressure cooker 
641.5951 Chou Chou, Hsiao-Ching, Chinese soul food: a friendly guide for homemade dumplings, stir-fries, soups, and more 
646.7009 Wiking Wiking, Meik, The little book of lykke: secrets of the world's happiest people 
650.1 Ferriss Ferriss, Timothy, Tribe of mentors: short life advice from the best in the world 
791.4302 McGowan McGowan, Rose, Brave 
839.8267 Knausgard Knausgard, Karl Ove, Winter 
973.4609 Kerrison Kerrison, Catherine, Jefferson's daughters: three sisters, white and black, in a young America 
973.933 Wolff Wolff, Michael, Fire and fury: inside the Trump White House 
974.461 Schorow Schorow, Stephanie Inside the Combat Zone: the stripped down story of Boston's most notorious neighborhoo
[Black Studies] 363.23 Tolan Tolan, Robbie, No justice: one white police officer, one black family, and how one bullet ripped us apart 
[Literacy] Molinsky, Steven J. Side by side plus: Book 1: life skills, standards & test prep 
328.7309 Clinton Clinton, Hillary Rodham, What happened 
R 336.2 JK Lassers   J.K. Lasser's your income tax 
R 615.1 Complete   Complete guide to prescription & non-prescription drugs
Call Number Author Title
CDB 650.1 Dalio Dalio, Ray, Principles: life & work 
CDB 973.933 Wolff Wolff, Michael, Fire and fury: inside the Trump White House 
DVDs and Blu-Rays
Call Number Author Title
DVD AME   American made 
DVD BAT   Battle of the sexes 
DVD BLA   Blade runner 2049 
DVD BRA   Brawl in cell block 99
DVD BRE   Breathe 
DVD CRO 1   The crown: The complete first season 
DVD DES   Despicable me 3 
DVD FEL   Felicite 
DVD FOR   The foreigner 
DVD GEO   Geostorm 
DVD GOO   Goodbye Christopher Robin 
DVD HAP   Happy death day 
DVD I   I, Daniel Blake 
DVD IT   It 
DVD J LEG   The Lego Ninjago movie 
DVD JIG   Jigsaw 
DVD KIL   The killing of a sacred deer 
DVD LOV   Loving Vincent 
DVD LUC   Lucky 
DVD MAR   Marjorie Prime 
DVD MAR   Marshall 
DVD MOT   Mother! 
DVD MOU   The mountain between us 
DVD PRO   Professor Marston and the Wonder Women 
DVD REB   Rebel in the rye 
DVD SNO   The snowman 
DVD SQU   The square 
DVD THA   Thank you for your service 
DVD TYL   Tyler Perry's Boo 2!: a Madea Halloween 
DVD VIC   Victoria & Abdul 
BLU BLA   Blade runner 2049 
BLU FOR   The foreigner 
BLU IT   It 
BLU JIG   Jigsaw
BLU MOT   Mother! 
BLU THA   Thank you for your service 
BLU TYL   Tyler Perry's Boo 2!: a Madea Halloween 
Music CDs
Call Number Author Title
CD POP Dylan, Bob   Trouble no more 
CD POP Eminem Jones, Sharon, I learned the hard way 
Children's and Young Adult Fiction
Call Number Author Title
J ABB Abbott, Tony, The summer of Owen Todd 
J GRA Grabenstein, Chris, Mr. Lemoncello's great library race 
J LAR LaReau, Kara, The Infamous Ratsos are not afraid 
J LEN L'Engle, Madeleine. A wrinkle in time 
J MIE Miedoso, Andres, The haunted house next door 
J MUN Muncaster, Harriet, Isadora Moon goes to the ballet 
J NOR Northrop, Michael, Polaris 
J PAL Palacio, R. J. Wonder 
J REY Reynolds, Jason, Patina 
J WAL Wallis, Quvenzhane, Shai & Emmie star in Break an egg! 
J WAL Wallis, Quvenzhane, Shai & Emmie star in Dancy pants! 
J WOL Wolk, Lauren, Beyond the bright sea 
J [Beginning] DEA Dean, James, Pete the cat and the cool caterpillar 
J [Beginning] THO Thomas, Jan, My friends make me happy! 
J [GRAPHIC] Baby-Sitters Club v1 Martin, Ann M., Kristy's great idea 
J [GRAPHIC] Baby-Sitters Club v2 Telgemeier, Raina, The truth about Stacey 
J [GRAPHIC] Baby-Sitters Club v3 Martin, Ann M., Mary Anne saves the day 
J [GRAPHIC] Baby-Sitters Club v5 Galligan, Gale, Dawn and the impossible three 
J [GRAPHIC] Big Nate Peirce, Lincoln. Big Nate: genius mode 
J [GRAPHIC] Garfield Davis, Jim, Garfield feeds the Kitty: his 35th book 
J [GRAPHIC] Goldie Vance Larson, Hope, Goldie Vance 
J [GRAPHIC] Hilo v4 Winick, Judd, Waking the monsters 
J [GRAPHIC] Moon Girl and Devil v4 Montclare, Brandon, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: Vol. 4: Girl-moon 
J [GRAPHIC] Runaways v2 Vaughan, Brian K., Runaways: Vol. 2: Teenage wasteland 
J [GRAPHIC] Wheres Halmoni Kim, Julie J., Where's Halmoni? 
J [GRAPHIC] Wings of Fire v1 Sutherland, Tui, Wings of fire: the graphic novel: Book 1: The dragonet prophecy 
J [Holiday] HOB Hoban, Russell, Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas 
J [Series] BAR Barrows, Annie. Ivy + Bean doomed to dance 
YA ALB Albert, Melissa, The Hazel Wood 
YA MYE Myers, Walter Dean, Monster 
Children's Picture Books
Call Number Author Title
J [Picture] BAN Bang, Molly, When Sophie thinks she can't... 
J [Picture] BAR Barnes, Derrick D., Crown: an ode to the fresh cut 
J [Picture] BAR Barnett, Mac. Extra yarn 
J [Picture] COL Cole, Rachael, City moon 
J [Picture] COR Cordell, Matthew, Wolf in the snow 
J [Picture] DEA Dean, Kim, Pete the cat and the missing cupcakes 
J [Picture] DEA Litwin, Eric. Pete the cat and his four groovy buttons 
J [Picture] DEA Litwin, Eric. Pete the cat: rocking in my school shoes 
J [Picture] DEN Denos, Julia, Windows 
J [Picture] FIT Fitzpatrick, Marie-Louise, Owl bat, bat owl 
J [Picture] FOS Foster, Travis, Give me back my book! 
J [Picture] FOX Fox, Mem, Ducks away! 
J [Picture] FRE Freeman, Don, Corduroy
J [Picture] FRE Freeman, Don, A pocket for Corduroy: story and pictures 
J [Picture] HAL Hall, Michael, Little i 
J [Picture] HES Hest, Amy, Buster and the baby 
J [Picture] HOB Hobbie, Holly, Elmore 
J [Picture] HON Hong, Jess, Lovely 
J [Picture] KEA Keats, Ezra Jack. The snowy day 
J [Picture] KNA Knapman, Timothy, Can't catch me! 
J [Picture] KNU Knudsen, Michelle. Library lion 
J [Picture] KUE Kuefler, Joseph, The digger and the flower 
J [Picture] MAN Mantchev, Lisa, Someday, Narwhal 
J [Picture] OCO O'Connor, Jane, Oodles of kittens 
J [Picture] PAR Parr, Todd. The thankful book 
J [Picture] PEN de la Pena, Matt, Love 
J [Picture] STA Stainton, Sue, I love cats! 
J [Picture] TRU Trukhan, Ekaterina, Apples for little Fox 
J [Picture] WAL Wallis, Quvenzhane, A night out with Mama 
J [FR Picture] BLA Blackstone, Stella, Bear about town = Ours en ville 
J [FR Picture] BRI Bright, Rachel, Le koala qui ne voulait pas 
J [SP Picture] DEE Deedy, Carmen Agra, El gallo que no se callaba! = The rooster who would not be quiet! 
Children's Non-Fiction
Call Number Author Title
J 629.046 Big   The big book of things that go 
J 720 Beaty Beaty, Andrea, Iggy Peck's big project book for amazing architects 
J 811.6 Giovanni Giovanni, Nikki, I am loved 
JB Robinson Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta, The United States v. Jackie Robinson