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Children's Fiction
Call Number Author Title
J ABB Abbott, Tony, The crown of fire
J ABB Abbott, Tony, The golden vendetta
J AHN Ahn, Flora, Two's a crowd
J ALC Alcott, Louisa May, Little women
J ANG Angelini, Josephine, Snow Lane
J BAR Barrie, J. M. Peter Pa
J BEN Benko, Kamilla, The unicorn quest
J BIX Bixley, Donovan. Hot air
J BIX Bixley, Donovan Unmaske
J BLA Blabey, Aaron, The Bad Guys in intergalactic gas
J BON Bond, Michael, Paddington on top
J BRA Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker. The war that saved my life
J BRU Bruel, Nick, Camp daze
J BUR Burnett, Frances Hodgson, The secret garden
J CAO Cao, Wenxuan, Bronze and Sunflower
J CHA Chainani, Soman, The last ever after
J CLE Cleary, Beverly. Ellen Tebbits
J CLE Cleary, Beverly, The mouse and the motorcycle
J COE Coe, Victoria J., Fenway and Hattie: up to new tricks
J COL Collins, Suzanne. The Hunger Games
J CON Connolly, MarcyKate, Shadow weaver
J CON Connor, Leslie, The truth as told by Mason Buttle
J COT Cotter, W Stone. Saint philomene's infirmary for magical creatures
J CUM Cummings, Troy, Battle of the boss-monster
J DAH Dahl, Roald. Charlie and the great glass elevator
J DIC DiCamillo, Kate. Mercy Watson: something wonky this way comes
J DIM DiMartino, Michael Dante, Warrior genius
J DOM Dominguez, Angela, Stella Diaz has something to say
J DUR Durham, Paul The last gargoyle
J FAG Fagan, Cary, Wolfie & Fly
J FAG Fagan, Cary, Wolfie & Fly: band on the run
J FLI Flintham, Thomas, Super Rabbit Boy vs. Super Rabbit Boss!
J FRE Freeman, Martha, Zap!
J GAN Gannett, Ruth Stiles. Three tales of my father's dragon
J GAU Gaughen, A. C., Reign the earth
J GIB Gibbs, Stuart, Big game: a Funjungle novel
J GIB Gibbs, Stuart, Evil spy school: a spy school novel
J GIB Gibbs, Stuart, Panda-monium
J GIB Gibbs, Stuart, Poached
J GIB Gibbs, Stuart, Space case: a Moon Base Alpha novel
J GIB Gibbs, Stuart, Spaced out
J GIB Gibbs, Stuart, Spy camp
J GIB Gibbs, Stuart, Spy school
J GIB Gibbs, Stuart, Spy School secret service: a spy school novel
J GIB Gibbs, Stuart, Spy ski school
J GRA Gratz, Alan, Refugee
J GRE Greenwald, Lisa, TBH, this is SO Awkward: a novel in text
J GUT Gutknecht, Allison. Sing like nobody's listening
J HAD Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Just Ella
J HAD Haddix, Margaret Peterson, Palace of Mirrors
J HAR Harrold, A. F., The song from somewhere else
J HAY Haydu, Corey Ann, The someday suitcase
J HEC Hecht, Tracey, The fallen star
J HEC Hecht, Tracey, The ominous eye
J HER Herrick, Amy. The Time Fetch
J HOR Horowitz, Anthony, Stormbreaker
J HUN Hunter, Erin, Darkest night
J HUN Hunter, Erin, Tales from the packs
J JAC Jackson, Linda Williams, A sky full of stars
J JOH Johnson, Kij, The river bank: a sequel to Kenneth Grahame's The wind in the willows
J JOH Johnson, Terry Lynn, Avalanche!
J KEL Kelly, Erin Entrada, Hello universe
J KIN King, A. S. Me and Marvin Gardens
J KIN Kinney, Jeff. Cabin fever
J KIN Kinney, Jeff. Diary of a wimpy kid: dog days
J KIN Kinney, Jeff, Diary of a wimpy kid: double down
J KIN Kinney, Jeff. Diary of a wimpy kid: Greg Heffley's journal
J KIN Kinney, Jeff, Diary of a wimpy kid: hard luck
J KIN Kinney, Jeff, Diary of a wimpy kid: old school
J KIN Kinney, Jeff. Diary of a wimpy kid: Rodrick rules
J KIN Kinney, Jeff. Diary of a wimpy kid: the last straw
J KIN Kinney, Jeff. Diary of a wimpy kid: the ugly truth
J KIN Kinney, Jeff. The third wheel
J KIN Kinsella, Sophie, Fairy Mom and me
J KOR Korman, Gordon, Supergifted
J KRU Krulik, Nancy E., Princess Pulverizer: Grilled Cheese and Dragons
J LEN L'Engle, Madeleine. An acceptable time
J LEN L'Engle, Madeleine, A wrinkle in time
J LEN L'Engle, Madeleine A Wrinkle in Time Movie Tie-In Editio
J LEV Levy, Dana Alison, The misadventures of the family Fletcher
J LEW Lewis, C. S. The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe
J LEW Lewis, Gill, Gorilla dawn
J LIN Lindgren, Astrid, The children of Noisy Village
J LIN Linko, G. J., Flower Moon
J LYN Lynch, Brian, Some assembly required
J MAG Magorian, Michelle. Good night, Mr. Tom
J MCM McMann, Lisa. The Unwanteds
J MCM McMann, Lisa, The unwanteds quests: dragon captives
J MER Meriano, Anna, A dash of trouble
J MLY Mlynowski, Sarah, Dragon overnight
J MON Montefiore, Santa, The Royal Rabbits of London
J MUS Mustafa, Nujeen, The girl from Aleppo: Nujeen's escape from war to freedom
J NEL Nelson, Peter, Creature keepers and the perilous pyro-paws
J NIC Nicholson, Daniel Lee Prince Dustin and Clara: Deep in the Black Fores
J NIJ Nijkamp, Marieke, Before I let go
J NOR Northfield, Gary, Battle with the Britons!
J NUH Nuhfer, Heather, My so-called superpowers
J ODE O'Dell, Scott, Island of the Blue Dolphins
J ORE O'Reilly, Jane H., The notations of Cooper Cameron
J PAT Patterson, James, Quest for the city of gold
J PAU Paulsen, Gary. Brian's hunt
J PAU Paulsen, Gary. Brian's return
J PAU Paulsen, Gary. Brian's winter
J PAV Pavlou, Stel, The relic war
J PEA Pearce, Jackson, Ellie, engineer
J PER Perl, Erica S., All three stooges
J POW Powers, Mark Spy toys
J PRA Pratchett, Terry. The Wee Free Men: the beginning
J QUI Quinn, Jordan, Beneath the Stone Forest
J RED Redmond, E. S., Bug Blonsky and his very long list of don'ts
J RIO Riordan, Rick, The lost hero
J RIO Riordan, Rick, Percy Jackson's Greek gods
J ROE Roelfs, R. Lynne, Ana and the sea star
J ROW Rowling, J. K., Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
J ROW Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
J ROW Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone
J RUS Russell, Rachel Renee. Tales from a not-so-dorky drama queen
J RYL Rylant, Cynthia. The lighthouse family: The whale
J SAG Sage, Angie. Magyk
J SAP Sappingfield, Eliot, A problematic paradox
J SCH Schrefer, Eliot, Mez's magic
J SCO Scott, Michael, The alchemyst: the secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel
J SCO Scott, Michael, The magician
J SCO Scott, Michael, The sorceress
J SEL Selfors, Suzanne, Wedgie & Gizmo
J SEL Selznick, Brian. Wonderstruck: a novel in words and pictures
J SHA Shabazz, Ilyasah, Betty before X
J SHE Sheinkin, Steve, Abraham Lincoln, pro wrestler
J SID Sidney, Margaret, Five little Peppers and how they grew
J SMI Smith, Ronald L. Black Panther: the young prince
J STA Stanton, Matt, Funny kid for president
J STO Stoddard, Lindsey, Just like Jackie
J STR Stroud, Jonathan, The screaming staircase
J SUR Surratt, Tereasa, The forever tree
J SWA Swartz, Elly Smart Cooki
J TYR Tyre, Lisa Lewis, Hope in the holler
J VAI Vail, Rachel. Justin Case: school, drool, and other daily disasters
J VAI Vail, Rachel. Justin Case: shells, smells, and the horrible flip-flops of doom
J VER Vernon, Ursula, Whiskerella
J WAL Wallis, Quvenzhane, Shai & Emmie star in Dancy pants!
J WES West, Tracey, Chill of the ice dragon
J WES Weston, Carol, Speed of life
J [Series] ADL Adler, David A. Cam Jansen: the chocolate fudge mystery
J [Series] AME Passero, Kathy, A year of mini mysteries: 29 tricky tales to untangle
J [Series] BAR Barkley, Callie Ellie Steps Up to the Plat
J [Series] BAR Barkley, Callie. Marion takes a break
J [Series] BEN Benton, Jim. It's not my fault I know everything: by Jamie Kelly
J [Series] CIT Citro, Asia, Caterflies and ice
J [Series] CLA Clarke, Jane Logan the Puppy (Dr. Kittycat #7
J [Series] COV Coven, Wanda, Heidi Heckelbeck has a new best friend
J [Series] DIS Thorpe, Kiki, Beyond Never Land
J [Series] DIS Thorpe, Kiki, A dandelion wish
J [Series] DIX Dixon, Franklin W. The clue of the broken blade
J [Series] HAM Hamilton, Rachel Louie Makes a Splash! (Unicorn in New York #4
J [Series] HOL Holub, Joan. Persephone the phony
J [Series] HOW Harkrader, Lisa #9 Planet of the Eggs: Patienc
J [Series] HOW Harkrader, Lisa, Librarians of the galaxy
J [Series] HOW Houran, Lori Haskins, One small step for Spork
J [Series] HOW Houran, Lori Haskins, Parks and wrecks
J [Series] KEE Keene, Carolyn, The haunting on Heliotrope Lane
J [Series] KEL Kelly, David A. The L.A. Dodger
J [Series] KEL Kelly, David A. The soccer surprise
J [Series] KEN Kent, Jaden, Twin trouble
J [Series] KRU Krulik, Nancy E., Worse, worser, wurst
J [Series] MAG Katschke, Judy, Sink or swim
J [Series] MEA Meadows, Daisy. Juliet the Valentine fairy
J [Series] MEA Meadows, Daisy, Kathryn the gym fairy
J [Series] MEA Meadows, Daisy, Kayla the pottery fairy
J [Series] MEA Meadows, Daisy. Pearl the cloud fairy
J [Series] MEA Meadows, Daisy, Poppy Muddlepup's daring rescue
J [Series] MEA Meadows, Daisy. Stacey the soccer fairy
J [Series] MIL Miles, Ellen, Bitsy
J [Series] MY Quill, Penumbra, Peryton panic
J [Series] OSB Osborne, Mary Pope. Christmas in Camelot
J [Series] PEA Pearl, Alexa, The royal island
J [Series] PET Royce, Brenda Scott, Bailey the Wonder Dog
J [Series] PIL Pilkey, Dav, Captain Underpants and the perilous plot of Professor Poopypants: the fourth epic novel
J [Series] PIL Pilkey, Dav, Captain Underpants and the wrath of the wicked Wedgie Woman: the fifth epic novel
J [Series] PIL Pilkey, Dav, Ricky Ricotta's mighty robot vs. the mutant mosquitoes from Mercury
J [Series] POK Lane, Jeanette. Battle for the Z-Ring
J [Series] REE Reed, Melody, Battle of the bands
J [Series] REE Reed, Melody, Scarlet's big break
J [Series] SPI Gonzalez, Christina Diaz, Stormspeaker
J [Series] SPI Schrefer, Eliot, Rise and fall
J [Series] SPI Sutherland, Tui, Against the tide
J [Series] STI   The quest for paradise: the return to the Kingdom of Fantasy
J [Series] STI Stilton, Geronimo, Cyber-thief showdown
J [Series] STI Stilton, Geronimo, The invisible planet
J [Series] STI Stilton, Geronimo No Time to Lose (Geronimo Stilton Journey Through Time #5
J [Series] STI Stilton, Geronimo. The secret of Cacklefur Castle
J [Series] STI Stine, R. L. A night in Terror Tower
J [Series] STI Stine, R. L. Welcome to dead house
J [Series] SUP Hines-Stephens, Sarah, Metropolis mayhem
J [Series] SUP Hoena, B. A., The Riddler's ransom
J [Series] SUP Korte, Steven, Superman Day disaster
J [Series] SUP Manning, Matthew K., Apokolips invasion
J [Series] SUP Steele, Michael Anthony, Metallo attacks!
J [Series] SUP Stevens, Eric, The menace of Metallo
J [Series] WAR Warner, Gertrude Chandler, Surprise Island
J [Holiday] BAR Barash, Chris, Is it Hanukkah yet?
J [Holiday] JOY Joyce, William, Santa calls
J [Holiday] JOY Joyce, William, Snowie Rolie
J [Holiday] SNI Snicket, Lemony. The lump of coal
Children's Beginning Readers
Call Number Author Title
J [Beginning] ADL Adler, David A., Pass the ball, Mo!
J [Beginning] AWD   A crack in the track: a Thomas the Tank Engine story
J [Beginning] BEA Meister, Cari, In my life
J [Beginning] BER Berenstain, Mike, The Berenstain Bears and the ducklings
J [Beginning] BON Bond, Michael, Paddington at the barber shop
J [Beginning] DAN Testa, Maggie, Daniel visits the library
J [Beginning] DEA Dean, James, Pete the cat and the cool caterpillar
J [Beginning] DRI Driscoll, Laura, Louise loves bake sales
J [Beginning] EAS Eastman, P. D. Are you my mother
J [Beginning] EGA Egan, Tim, Dodsworth in Tokyo
J [Beginning] GEO George, Kallie. Duck, duck, dinosaur: Snowy surprise
J [Beginning] JUL Jules, Jacqueline. My fantastica family
J [Beginning] JUL Jules, Jacqueline, Abuela's special letters
J [Beginning] JUL Jules, Jacqueline, Every day is exciting
J [Beginning] JUL Jules, Jacqueline, Hector's hiccups
J [Beginning] JUL Jules, Jacqueline, Lights out
J [Beginning] JUL Jules, Jacqueline, My vida loca
J [Beginning] JUL Jules, Jacqueline, Shopping trip trouble
J [Beginning] JUL Jules, Jacqueline, Sofia's party shoes
J [Beginning] LEG Howard, Kate, Day of the departed
J [Beginning] LEG Howard, Kate, The titanium ninja
J [Beginning] LEG West, Tracey, Masters of Spinjitzu
J [Beginning] LEG West, Tracey, Rise of the snakes
J [Beginning] LEG West, Tracey, Robin to the rescue!
J [Beginning] LEG West, Tracey, Way of the ninja
J [Beginning] LIN Lin, Grace. Ling & Ting: not exactly the same!
J [Beginning] LOB Lobel, Arnold. Frog and toad are friends
J [Beginning] MAN Manushkin, Fran, Katie blows her top
J [Beginning] MCK McKie, Roy. Snow
J [Beginning] MEA Meadows, Daisy. The fairies' birthday surprise
J [Beginning] PER Perkins, Al. Hand, hand, fingers, thumb
J [Beginning] PIL Pilkey, Dav, Dragon's fat cat: Dragon's fourth tale
J [Beginning] POK Barbo, Maria S., Go, Popplio!
J [Beginning] POK Barbo, Maria S., Welcome to Alola!
J [Beginning] RYL Rylant, Cynthia. Brownie & Pearl make good
J [Beginning] RYL Rylant, Cynthia. Brownie & Pearl take a dip
J [Beginning] SEU Seuss, Green eggs and ham
J [Beginning] SEU Seuss, The shape of me and other stuff
J [Beginning] SHA Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman. Nate the Great saves the King of Sweden
J [Beginning] STA Amos, Ruth, Heroes of the galaxy
J [Beginning] STA Heddle, Jennifer, A leader named Leia
J [Beginning] SUP Webster, Christy, Fast as the Flash!
J [Beginning] TEE Webster, Christy. Robot rampage!
J [Beginning] THO Thomas, Jan, My friends make me happy!
J [Beginning] THO Thomas, Jan, My toothbrush is missing!
J [Beginning] THO Thompson, Lauren, Mouse loves spring
Children's Picture Books
Call Number Author Title
J [Picture] ADA Adamson, Ged, Ava and the rainbow (who stayed)
J [Picture] AHM Ahmed, Roda, Mae among the stars
J [Picture] AMA Amara, Philip, The discovery of ramen
J [Picture] AND Andreae, Giles, Giraffes can't dance
J [Picture] ARN Arnold, Marsha Diane May I Come In
J [Picture] AUS Austin, Mike, Fire engine no. 9
J [Picture] AUS Austin, Mike, Rescue squad no. 9
J [Picture] AWD Awdry, W., Ride the rails with Thomas
J [Picture] AWD   Thomas & Friends Story Time Collection
J [Picture] BAN Bang, Molly, When Sophie thinks she can't...
J [Picture] BAR   Barbie you can be an ice skater
J [Picture] BAR Barnett, Mac. Extra yarn
J [Picture] BAR Barrow, David Fergus Barnaby goes on vacation
J [Picture] BAR Barton, Byron. Machines at work
J [Picture] BAR Barton, Byron, My bus
J [Picture] BAR Man-Kong, Mary, Learning to $ave
J [Picture] BEA Beaty, Andrea. Rosie Revere, engineer
J [Picture] BEC Becker, Aaron, Journey
J [Picture] BEC Becker, Bonny. A bedtime for Bear
J [Picture] BEE Bee, William, Stanley the builder
J [Picture] BEN Bently, Peter, King Jack and the dragon
J [Picture] BIL Bildner, Phil, Marvelous Cornelius: Hurricane Katrina and the spirit of New Orleans
J [Picture] BOG Bogan, Carmen, Where's Rodney?
J [Picture] BRA Bradley, Jeanette, Love, Mama
J [Picture] BRA Bramsen, Carin, Sleepover Duck
J [Picture] BRA Braun, Sebastien. Toot and Pop!
J [Picture] BRA Braun, Sebastien, Whoosh and Chug!
J [Picture] BRE Brett, Jan, The Easter egg
J [Picture] BRE Brett, Jan, The hat
J [Picture] BRI Briggs, Raymond. The snowman
J [Picture] BUI Buitrago, Jairo, Walk with me
J [Picture] CAI Anne Paradis, Anne Caillou Takes the Trai
J [Picture] CAI Laforest, Carine, Caillou at the sugar shack
J [Picture] CAI L'Heureux, Christine. Caillou: no more diapers!
J [Picture] CAP Capucilli, Alyssa Satin, Mighty Tug
J [Picture] CAR Carter, David A., If you're a robot and you know it
J [Picture] CLA Clark-Robinson, Monica, Let the children march
J [Picture] COL Cole, Rachael, City moon
J [Picture] COS Costello, David, Little Pig saves the ship
J [Picture] COT Cotton, Katie, The road home
J [Picture] COU Cousins, Lucy. Maisy learns to swim
J [Picture] CRE Crespo, Ana, The sock thief
J [Picture] DAL Dale, Elizabeth, Nothing can frighten a bear
J [Picture] DAN Daniel, Danielle, Once in a blue moon
J [Picture] DAN Santomero, Angela C., Daniel has an allergy
J [Picture] DEA Dean, Kim, Pete the Cat and the new guy
J [Picture] DEN Denise, Anika, Monster trucks
J [Picture] DEN Denos, Julia, Windows
J [Picture] DEW Dewdney, Anna. Llama, llama red pajama
J [Picture] DEW Dewdney, Anna. Llama Llama time to share
J [Picture] DIS Feldman, Thea. Mickey's Halloween treat
J [Picture] DIS Ingoglia, Gina. Mulan
J [Picture] DIS Posner-Sanchez, Andrea, A royal pet problem
J [Picture] DIS Scollon, Bill. Mickey & Donald have a farm
J [Picture] DIS Seidenberg, Mark. Super adventure
J [Picture] DON Donald, Alison, The new liBEARian
J [Picture] DOY Doyen, Denise, The pomegranate witch
J [Picture] DRI Driscoll, Amanda, Klondike, do not eat those cupcakes!
J [Picture] DUD Duddle, Jonny. Gigantosaurus
J [Picture] ELL Elliott, David, Baabwaa & Wooliam
J [Picture] ELS Elschner, Geraldine, Pompon
J [Picture] ENG Engle, Margarita, All the way to Havana
J [Picture] ESB Esbaum, Jill, How to grow a dinosaur
J [Picture] FAL Falconer, Ian, Olivia forms a band
J [Picture] FLE Fleck, Jay, Tilly & Tank
J [Picture] FOS Foster, Travis, Give me back my book!
J [Picture] FOX Fox, Mem, Ducks away!
J [Picture] FOX Fox, Mem, Hello, baby! :
J [Picture] FOX Fox, Mem, Ten little fingers and ten little toes
J [Picture] FRA Franco, Betsy. Zero is the leaves on the tree
J [Picture] FRA Frazee, Marla. Roller coaster
J [Picture] FRE Freeman, Don, A pocket for Corduroy: story and pictures
J [Picture] FRE Freeman, Laura Natalie's hair was wild!
J [Picture] GAL Gall, Chris, The littlest train
J [Picture] GAR Garcia, Emma, Chugga chugga choo choo
J [Picture] GEH Gehl, Laura, My pillow keeps moving!
J [Picture] GEN Genechten, Guido van, A great gift
J [Picture] GEN Genechten, Guido van. Knight Ricky
J [Picture] GIL Gilbert, Leah A Couch for Llam
J [Picture] GOL Goldstyn, Jacques. Bertolt
J [Picture] GOL Goldstyn, Jacques, Letters to a prisoner
J [Picture] GOM Gomi, Taroć, I know numbers!
J [Picture] GON Gonzalez, Xelena, All around us
J [Picture] GOU Gourounas, Jean, Something's fishy
J [Picture] GRA Grant, Holly, Wee Sister Strange
J [Picture] GRA Gravel, Elise, I want a monster!
J [Picture] GRA Gray Smith, Monique, You hold me up
J [Picture] GRE Greenawalt, Kelly, Princess Truly in my magical, sparkling curls
J [Picture] GRE Greene, Rhonda Gowler. Push! dig! scoop!: a construction counting rhyme
J [Picture] GRE Greenwald, Tom, Hooked
J [Picture] GRI Grimly, Gris, Old MacDonald had a farm
J [Picture] GRU Gruener, Nina, Lulu & Pip
J [Picture] GUR Gurney, John Steven, Dinosaur train
J [Picture] HAL Hall, Kirsten, The gold leaf
J [Picture] HAL Halpern, Shari, Dinosaur parade
J [Picture] HAN Handford, Martin. Where's Waldo?: the great picture hunt!
J [Picture] HEI Heim, Alastair, Hello, door
J [Picture] HEN Henkes, Kevin, Egg
J [Picture] HEN Henkes, Kevin. Lilly's big day
J [Picture] HEN Henkes, Kevin. Lilly's purple plastic purse
J [Picture] HEN Henkes, Kevin. My garden
J [Picture] HEN Henkes, Kevin. Wemberly worried
J [Picture] HEN Henn, Sophy, Edie is ever so helpful
J [Picture] HEN Henson, Mike, Surprise!
J [Picture] HIG Higgins, Ryan T., Be quiet!
J [Picture] HIM Himmelman, John, Floaty
J [Picture] HOB Hobbie, Holly, Elmore
J [Picture] HOD Hodgkinson, Leigh, Goldilocks and the just right potty
J [Picture] HOL Holub, Joan, Mighty dads
J [Picture] HOO hooks, bell, Grump Groan Growl
J [Picture] HUA Huang, Rebecca, Bobo and the new baby
J [Picture] HUR Hurley, Jorey, Every color soup
J [Picture] ITS Wehrle, Nina, Martha & me
J [Picture] IWA Iwamura, Kazuo, Hooray for summer!
J [Picture] JAC Jackson, Richard, All ears, all eyes
J [Picture] JAC Jackson, Richard, This beautiful day
J [Picture] JEF Jeffers, Oliver, Here we are: notes for living on planet Earth
J [Picture] JEF Jeffers, Oliver, Once upon an alphabet
J [Picture] JEN Jenkins, Emily, A greyhound, a groundhog
J [Picture] JEN Jenkins, Steve, Who am I?: an animal guessing game
J [Picture] KAN Kang, Anna, You are (not) small
J [Picture] KEA Keats, Ezra Jack. The snowy day
J [Picture] KIM Kim, Jean Rabbit moon
J [Picture] KLI Klise, Kate, Stay: a girl, a dog, a bucket list
J [Picture] KNA Knapman, Timothy, Time now to dream
J [Picture] KNO Knowlton, Laurie Lazzaro, Maple syrup from the sugarhouse
J [Picture] KNU Knudsen, Michelle. Library lion
J [Picture] KOK Kokias, Kerri, Snow sisters
J [Picture] KRA Kraegel, Kenneth, Green pants
J [Picture] LAD Laden, Nina, Yellow kayak
J [Picture] LAR Larsen, Elisabeth Helland, I am life
J [Picture] LAU Lau, Naomi The Village of the Tree
J [Picture] LEE Lee, Suzy, Lines
J [Picture] LEE Lee, Vickie, Ruby's Chinese New Year
J [Picture] LEG King, Trey, Cops, crocs, and crooks!
J [Picture] LEH Lehman, Barbara, Red again
J [Picture] LIG Light, Steve, Have you seen my dragon?
J [Picture] LIN Lindgren, Astrid Astrid Lindgren's Tomten Tales: The Tomten and the Tomten and the Fo
J [Picture] LON London, Lucy, A peaceful garden
J [Picture] LON Long, Ethan, Fright Club
J [Picture] LON Long, Matty, Super Happy Magic Forest
J [Picture] LUY Luyken, Corinna, The book of mistakes
J [Picture] MAC Mack, Jeff. Ah ha!
J [Picture] MAC Maclear, Kyo, Flo
J [Picture] MAR Marino, Gianna, If I had a horse
J [Picture] MAR Martin, Bill, Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?
J [Picture] MAR Martin, Bill, Chicka chicka boom boom
J [Picture] MAS Massie, Felix, Dogs in cars
J [Picture] MAY Mayer, Ellen, Cake day!
J [Picture] MAY Mayer, Ellen, Rosa's very big job
J [Picture] MAY Mayer, Mercer, Just grandpa and me
J [Picture] MAY Mayo, Margaret. Dig dig digging
J [Picture] MCA McAllister, Angela, Samson, the mighty flea!
J [Picture] MCA McAnulty, Stacy, Brave
J [Picture] MCC McCarty, Peter. Chloe
J [Picture] MCC McCleery, Peter, Bob and Joss take a hike!
J [Picture] MCC McCloskey, Robert, Blueberries for Sal
J [Picture] MCD McDonnell, Patrick, The little red cat who ran away and learned his ABC's (the hard way)
J [Picture] MCE McElligott, Matthew. Absolutely not
J [Picture] MCM McMullan, Kate, I'm cool!
J [Picture] MCM McMullan, Kate. I'm fast!
J [Picture] MCM McMullan, Kate. I'm mighty!
J [Picture] MEL Meltzer, Lynn. The construction crew
J [Picture] MER MerlO°n, Paula, A Surprise for Mrs. Tortoise
J [Picture] MES Messer, Claire, Grumpy pants
J [Picture] MIL Miller, Pat Zietlow, Wide-awake bear
J [Picture] MIL Miller, Sharee Princess hair
J [Picture] MOO Moore, Inga. Six-dinner Sid
J [Picture] MUN Munro, Roxie, Market maze
J [Picture] MUR Murray, Alison Dino Duckling
J [Picture] MUR Murray, Laura, The Gingerbread Man and the leprechaun loose at school
J [Picture] MUR Murray, Laura, The gingerbread man loose in the school
J [Picture] MUT Muth, Jon J. The three questions
J [Picture] NEL Nelson, Kadir, Baby Bear
J [Picture] OBY O'Byrne, Nicola, What's next door?
J [Picture] OCT   The Octonauts & the Sea of Shade
J [Picture] ODG Odgers, Sally, Good night, Truck
J [Picture] ONE O'Neill, Alexis, The Recess Queen
J [Picture] OUD Oud, Pauline, Ian's new potty
J [Picture] PAC Pace, Anne Marie, Groundhug Day
J [Picture] PAL Palatini, Margie. Goldie and the three hares
J [Picture] PAL Pallotta, Jerry. The construction alphabet book
J [Picture] PAR Parish, Peggy. Amelia Bedelia
J [Picture] PAR Parr, Todd, Love the world
J [Picture] PAU Paul, Miranda, Trainbots
J [Picture] PAW   PAW Patrol on the roll
J [Picture] PEN de la Pena, Matt, Love
J [Picture] PEN Penfold, Alexandra, The littlest Viking
J [Picture] PEN Penn, Audrey, Kai to the rescue!
J [Picture] PEP   Peppa Pig and the muddy puddles
J [Picture] PEP   Peppa Pig and the vegetable garden
J [Picture] PIL Pilkey, Dav, The Dumb Bunnies go to the zoo
J [Picture] PYM Pym, Christine, Little Mouse's big breakfast
J [Picture] REY Gold, Gina, Curious George harvest hoedown
J [Picture] REY   Margret & H.A. Rey's Curious George's first day of school
J [Picture] REY Paprocki, Greg. Curious George's big book of curiosity
J [Picture] REY Perez, Monica, Margret & H.A. Rey's Curious George and the sleepover
J [Picture] REY Platt, Cynthia. Margret and H.A. Rey's Where is Curious George?
J [Picture] REY Rey, H. A. A Treasury of Curious Georg
J [Picture] REY Rey, Margret, Busy days with Curious George: 8 stories included
J [Picture] REY Rey, Margret. The complete adventures of Curious George
J [Picture] REY Rey, Margret. Pretzel
J [Picture] REY Reynolds, Aaron, Creepy carrots!
J [Picture] REY Reynolds, Peter H. The word collector
J [Picture] RIC Richmond, Lori Bunny's Staycation (Mama's Business Trip
J [Picture] RIN Rinker, Sherri Duskey. Goodnight, goodnight, construction site
J [Picture] RIN Rinker, Sherri Duskey, Mighty, mighty construction site
J [Picture] RIN Rinker, Sherri Duskey Tiny and the Big Di
J [Picture] ROL Rolli, Jennifer Hansen, Claudia & Moth
J [Picture] ROS Rosen, Michael, We're going on a bear hunt
J [Picture] ROS Rosenberg, Madelyn, Take care
J [Picture] ROS Rosenthal, Amy Krouse, Dear Girl,
J [Picture] ROS Rosenthal, Amy Krouse. Little Pea
J [Picture] ROS Rosenthal, Eileen. I must have Bobo!
J [Picture] RUI Ruiz Johnson, Mariana, While you are sleeping
J [Picture] RYA Ryan, Pam Munoz. Amelia and Eleanor go for a ride
J [Picture] RYL Rylant, Cynthia. The great Gracie chase: stop that dog!
J [Picture] RYS Ryski, Dawid, What do grown-ups do all day?
J [Picture] SAS Sasek, M. This is San Francisco
J [Picture] SAV Savage, Stephen, Little Plane learns to write
J [Picture] SAY Sayre, April Pulley. Rah, rah, radishes!: a vegetable chant
J [Picture] SCA Scanlon, Elizabeth Garton, Another way to climb a tree
J [Picture] SCA Scarry, Richard. Richard Scarry's busy, busy town
J [Picture] SCA Scarry, Richard. Richard Scarry's Cars and trucks and things that go
J [Picture] SCA Scarry, Richard. Richard Scarry's What do people do all day?
J [Picture] SCH Scheffler, Axel, Pip and Posy: the bedtime frog
J [Picture] SCH Schertle, Alice. Little Blue Truck
J [Picture] SCH Schmid, Paul. Oliver and his alligator
J [Picture] SCI Scieszka, Jon, Race from A to Z
J [Picture] SCO Scotton, Rob. Scaredy-cat, Splat!
J [Picture] SCO Scotton, Rob, Splat and the cool school trip
J [Picture] SEG Segal, Lore Groszmann Tell Me a Mitz
J [Picture] SEH Sehgal, Kabir, Festival of colors
J [Picture] SEU Seuss, The Lorax
J [Picture] SHA Shannon, David, David gets in trouble
J [Picture] SHA Shannon, George, One family
J [Picture] SHA Shaskan, Stephen, Toad on the road: a cautionary tale
J [Picture] SHE Sherry, Kevin. I'm the biggest thing in the ocean
J [Picture] SIE Sierra, Judy, The great dictionary caper
J [Picture] SIS Sis, Peter, Fire truck
J [Picture] SLA Slater, Dashka, Escargot
J [Picture] SLA Slayton, Fran Cannon, Snowball moon
J [Picture] SOR Sorman, Joy, Blob: the ugliest animal in the world
J [Picture] SPE Spelman, Cornelia, Everybody's somewhere
J [Picture] SPO Tillworth, Mary, The good, the bad, and the krabby!
J [Picture] STA Stainton, Sue, I love cats!
J [Picture] STA Stanton, Elizabeth Rose, Bub
J [Picture] STE Stein, David Ezra. Interrupting chicken
J [Picture] STU Sturges, Philemon. I love trains! /;by Philemon Sturges illustrated by Shari Halpern
J [Picture] STU Sturges, Philemon. I love trucks!
J [Picture] STU Stutson, Caroline, My family four floors up
J [Picture] SUP   DC Super heroes storybook collection
J [Picture] SUP Marsham, Liz, The ultimate Spider-Man
J [Picture] SUP Merberg, Julie, The big book of Wonder Woman
J [Picture] SUP Smith, Noah, The big book of Batman
J [Picture] SUP Smith, Noah, The big book of Superman
J [Picture] SUT Sutton, Sally, Construction
J [Picture] TAM Tamura, Marikka, Penguins don't wear sweaters!
J [Picture] TAR Tarpley, Todd, Beep! Beep! Go to sleep!
J [Picture] TEA Teague, Mark, Jack and the beanstalk and the french fries
J [Picture] THO Thomas, Jan, Is everyone ready for fun?
J [Picture] THO Thompson, Lauren, Good night, Bunny
J [Picture] VAN Van Lieshout, Maria, No more tantrums
J [Picture] VIG Vignocchi, Chiara, Shake the tree!
J [Picture] VOI Voiland, Adam. ABCs from space
J [Picture] WAL Walter, Virginia, Hi, Pizza Man!
J [Picture] WAR Ward, Lindsay, Don't forget Dexter!
J [Picture] WAR Warnes, Tim. Daddy hug
J [Picture] WEA Weatherford, Carole Boston, In your hands
J [Picture] WEL Wells, Rosemary, Fiona's little accident
J [Picture] WIL Williams, Jay, The practical princess
J [Picture] WIL Wilson, Karma. Bear's loose tooth
J [Picture] WIN Wing, Natasha, Bagel in love
J [Picture] WIN Winters, Kay, Voices from the Underground Railroad
J [Picture] WOO Woodcock, Fiona, Poppy, Buttercup, Bluebell & Dandy
J [Picture] WRI Wright, Kenneth, Lola Dutch
J [Picture] ZIM Zimmerman, Andrea Griffing. Digger man
J [Picture] ZUI Zuill, Andrea Marigold & Dais
J [Picture] ZUI Zuill, Andrea, Wolf camp
J [Little] COL Cole, Joanna. My big boy potty
J [Little] HAR Hargreaves, Roger, Little Miss Tidy
J [Little] HAR Hargreaves, Roger, Mr. Stingy
J [Little] HAR Hargreaves, Roger, Mr. Worry
J [Pop Up] CAR Carter, David A., If you're a robot and you know it
J [Pop Up] MAI Maizels, Jennie, Pop-up Shakespeare
J [Pop Up] SAL Saltzberg, Barney. Arlo needs glasses
Children's Board Books
Call Number Author Title
J [Board]   Tadpole to frog
J [Board] Asch, Frank, Popcorn
J [Board] Auger, Neepin, Discovering animals
J [Board] Barton, Elizabeth Dennis, Be kind, be brave, be you!
J [Board] Berger, Samantha. It's spring
J [Board] Boehne, Jacob A. Two long ears
J [Board] Bramsen, Carin Just a Duck
J [Board] Brett, Jan Annie and the Wild Animal
J [Board] Budnick, Madeleine., Outside todo el dia!: nature in English y Espanol
J [Board] Channing, Margot Rex's Big Day Ou
J [Board] Charlip, Remy, Fortunately
J [Board] Contraire, Bastien, Vehicles hide and sneak
J [Board]   Curious George's ABCs
J [Board]   Curious George's opposites
J [Board] Davidson, Carli, Heads & tails
J [Board] Ferrie, Chris, Electromagnetism for babies
J [Board] Ferrie, Chris, Quantum information for babies
J [Board] Ferrie, Chris, Statistical physics for babies
J [Board] Gonzalez, Martha E., A de activista
J [Board] Gree, Alain, My first book of the farm
J [Board] Hill, Susanna Leonard, When your llama needs a haircut
J [Board] hooks, bell, Be boy buzz
J [Board] Hughes, Susan, Play time
J [Board] Isadora, Rachel, I hear a pickle: (and smell, see, touch, and taste it, too!)
J [Board] Isadora, Rachel, Say hello!
J [Board] Joosse, Barbara M., Better together: a book of family
J [Board] Kent, Jack The Caterpillar and the Polliwo
J [Board] Light, Steve. Diggers go
J [Board] Light, Steve, Have you seen my lunchbox?
J [Board] Louchard, Anne, This way - that way: how does a giraffe sleep? with such an amazingly long neck?
J [Board] Manso, Susana Madinabeitia, In Autumn... = En Otono...
J [Board] Marchon, Benoit, Good night!
J [Board] Marchon, Benoit, Spoonful!
J [Board] Miura, Taroć, Bum bum
J [Board] Mullen, Amy Colors of New Englan
J [Board] Murphy, Mary, I kissed the baby!
J [Board] Murphy, Mary, Quick duck!
J [Board] Nagara, Innosanto. A is for activist
J [Board] Oikawa, Kenji, Circle, triangle, elephant: a book of shapes & surprises
J [Board] Perkins, Chloe, The princess and the pea
J [Board] Rey, H. A. Curious George's 1 to 10 and back again
J [Board] Richards, Kitty, Belle's winter adventure
J [Board] Risom, Ole, I am a Mouse
J [Board] Rodraiguez, Patty La Catrina: Emotions / Emociones: A Bilingual Book of Emotion
J [Board] Rodraiguez, Patty The Life Of/La Vida de Celia: A Bilingual Picture Book Biograph
J [Board] Rodriguez, Patty Cuauhtemoc: Shapes/Formas: A Bilingual Book of Shape
J [Board] Rodriguez, Patty Un Elefante: Numbers/Numeros: A Bilingual Counting Boo
J [Board] Rubio Herrero, Antonio Limo
J [Board] Rubio Herrero, Antonio, Zapato
J [Board] Schaefer, Lola M. One Special Day: A Story for Big Brothers and Sister
J [Board] Seeger, Laura Vaccaro. Bear in the chair
J [Board] Seeger, Laura Vaccaro, Dog changes his name
J [Board] Sendak, Maurice, One was Johnny: a counting book
J [Board] Seuss, Mr. Brown can moo! Can you?: Dr. Seuss's book of wonderful noises
J [Board] Seuss, There's a wocket in my pocket!: Dr. Seuss's book of ridiculous rhymes
J [Board] Shaw, Natalie, Meet Miffy!
J [Board] Spanyol, Jessica, Clive and his hats
J [Board] Spanyol, Jessica, Clive is a teacher
J [Board] Spanyol, Jessica, Clive is a waiter
J [Board] Spinner, Cala, Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!
J [Board] Star, Fleur, Counting
J [Board] Stead, Philip C. A Sick Day for Amos McGe
J [Board] Strasser, Susanne, So light, so heavy
J [Board] Teckentrup, Britta. Find the triangle
J [Board] Teckentrup, Britta, Sleep tight, Little Bear
J [Board]   The teddy bears' picnic
J [Board] Thomas, Jan, A birthday for Cow!
J [Board] Thomas, Jan, The doghouse
J [Board] Urban, ChiO™u Anh, Quiet as a mouse: and other animal idioms
J [Board] Watson, Wendy, Bedtime bunnies
J [Board] Wells, Rosemary, Hand in hand
J [Board] Willems, Mo. The Pigeon has feelings, too!: a smidgeon of pigeon
J [Board] Yuly, Toni, Cat nap
Children's Graphic Novels and Comics
Call Number Author Title
J [MANGA] Water Dragons Bride Toćma, Rei, The water dragon's bride
J [MANGA] Yo-kai Watch v8 Konishi, Noriyuki, Yo-Kai watch: Vol. 8: A boohoo battle
J [GRAPHIC] Alex Rider Horowitz, Anthony, Skeleton Key:
J [GRAPHIC] Alex Rider   Stormbreaker: the graphic novel
J [GRAPHIC] Asterix Uderzo. Asterix omnibus: Asterix and the magic carpet, Asterix and the secret weapon, Asterix and Obelix all at sea
J [GRAPHIC] Big Nate Peirce, Lincoln, Big Nate: Mr. Popularity
J [GRAPHIC] Cast No Shadow Tapalansky, Nick, Cast no shadow
J [GRAPHIC] Dog Man v1 Pilkey, Dav, Dog Man
J [GRAPHIC] Dog Man v4 Pilkey, Dav, Dog Man and Cat Kid
J [GRAPHIC] Earth Before Us v1 Howard, Abby Dinosaur empire!
J [GRAPHIC] Grandfather Lapointe, Stephanie, Grandfather and the moon
J [GRAPHIC] Hammy and Gerbee Yee, Wong Herbert, Mummies at the museum
J [GRAPHIC] Hilo v1 Winick, Judd, Hilo: the boy who crashed to Earth
J [GRAPHIC] Hilo v2 Winick, Judd, Hilo: saving the whole wide world
J [GRAPHIC] Hilo v3 Winick, Judd, Hilo: Book 3: The great big boom
J [GRAPHIC] Hilo v4 Winick, Judd, Waking the monsters
J [GRAPHIC] Lumberjanes v7 Watters, Shannon, Lumberjanes:
J [GRAPHIC] Lunch Lady v6 Krosoczka, Jarrett. Lunch Lady and the field trip fiasco
J [GRAPHIC] Mutts McDonnell, Patrick, The Mutts spring diaries
J [GRAPHIC] My Little Pony v9 Eisinger, Justin. My Little Pony: Vol. 9: The cutie map
J [GRAPHIC] Nightlights Alvarez, Lorena, Nightlights
J [GRAPHIC] Olympians O'Connor, George. Athena: grey-eyed goddess
J [GRAPHIC] Olympians O'Connor, George. Hades: lord of the dead
J [GRAPHIC] Olympians O'Connor, George, Hermes: tales of the trickster
J [GRAPHIC] Peanuts Schulz, Charles M. It's a big world, Charlie Brown
J [GRAPHIC] Plants vs Zombies Tobin, Paul, Plants vs. zombies: Garden warfare
J [GRAPHIC] Plants vs Zombies v1 Tobin, Paul, Plants vs. zombies: Lawnmageddon
J [GRAPHIC] Plants vs Zombies v2 Tobin, Paul, Plants vs. zombies: Timepocalypse
J [GRAPHIC] Plants vs Zombies v3 Tobin, Paul, Plants vs. zombies: Bully for you
J [GRAPHIC] Plants vs Zombies v4 Tobin, Paul, Plants vs. zombies: Grown sweet home
J [GRAPHIC] Plants vs Zombies v5 Tobin, Paul, Petal to the metal
J [GRAPHIC] Plants vs Zombies v6 Tobin, Paul, Plants vs. zombies: Boom boom mushroom
J [GRAPHIC] Plants vs Zombies v7 Tobin, Paul, Plants vs. zombies: Battle extravagonzo
J [GRAPHIC] Plants vs Zombies v8 Tobin, Paul, Plants vs. zombies: Lawn of doom
J [GRAPHIC] Roller Girl Jamieson, Victoria, Roller girl
J [GRAPHIC] Stickman Odyssey Ford, Christopher, Stickman Odyssey: Book two: The wrath of Zozimos
J [GRAPHIC] Trolls v4   Trolls: #4:Brain freeze
J [GRAPHIC] Wings of Fire v1 Sutherland, Tui, Wings of fire: the graphic novel: Book 1: The dragonet prophecy
Children's Nonfiction
Call Number Author Title
J 005.133 Coding   Coding for kids: create your own videogames with Scratch
J 155.2 Shulman Shulman, Mark, Are you normal ?
J 221.922 Yolen Yolen, Jane, Meet me at the well: the girls and women of the Bible
J 270.92 Elschner Elschner, Geraldine. Francis of Assisi: he who spoke with animals
J 305.3 Gonzalez Gonzalez, Maya Christina, They, she, he, me: free to be!
J 305.8 Richards Richards, Doyin, What's the difference?: being different is amazing
J 320.473 Mara Mara, Wil, Democracy at work
J 320.8 Mara Mara, Wil, Local action
J 323.0973 Mara Mara, Wil, Citizens' rights
J 323.0973 Mara Mara, Wil, The story of civil rights
J 324.6 Mara Mara, Wil, Voting
J 324.623 Zimet Zimet, Susan, Roses and radicals: the epic story of how American women won the right to vote
J 324.7 Mara Mara, Wil, Electing leaders: a citizen's guide
J 333.79 Labrecque Labrecque, Ellen, Renewable energy
J 333.823 Labrecque Labrecque, Ellen, Drilling and fracking
J 333.95 Labreque   Wildlife conservation
J 336.2 Mara Mara, Wil, Taxes at work
J 342.7302 Levinson Levinson, Cynthia, Fault lines in the Constitution: the framers, their fights, and the flaws that affect us today
J 355.8251 Winter Winter, Jonah, The secret project
J 363.34 Mara Mara, Wil, Homeland security
J 363.61 Labrecque Labrecque, Ellen. Clean water
J 363.68 Labrecque Labrecque, Ellen, Land trusts and national parks
J 363.7282 Labrecque Labrecque, Ellen, Recycling and waste
J 363.73 Labrecque Labrecque, Ellen. Climate change
J 363.739 Perdew Perdew, Laura, The great Pacific garbage patch
J 364.973 Mara Mara, Wil, Law and order
J 398.2 Compestine Compestine, Ying Chang, The Chinese emperor's new clothes
J 398.2 Frisch Frisch, Aaron, The girl in red
J 398.2 Rylant Rylant, Cynthia, Beauty and the Beast
J 398.2 Yolen Yolen, Jane, Once there was a story: tales from around the world, perfect for sharing
J 398.996 Walters Walters, Eric, From the heart of Africa: a book of wisdom
J 468.3421 Kalz Kalz, Jill. My first Spanish phrases
J 510.92 Shetterly Shetterly, Margot Lee, Hidden figures: the true story of four black women and the space race
J 520 Star   Star finder!: a step-by-step guide to the night sky
J 523.2 Sabol Sabol, Stephanie, Where is our solar system?
J 534 Kenney Kenney, Karen Latchana, Sound and light waves investigations
J 535.6 Schuh Schuh, Mari C., Crayola fall colors
J 537.6 Suen Suen, Anastasia, Circuitry and electronics
J 5383.768 Rustad Rustad, Martha E. H. Northern lights
J 551.21 Pettiford Pettiford, Rebecca, Volcanoes
J 551.397 Rusch Rusch, Elizabeth, Impact!: asteroids and the science of saving the world
J 551.555 Zoehfeld Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner, What makes a blizzard?
J 573.88 DePrisco DePrisco, Dorothea, See for yourself!: the ultimate guide to eyes
J 578.4 Rosen Rosen, Michael J., Outrageous animal adaptations: from big-eared bats to frill-necked lizards
J 591.392 Bleiman Bleiman, Andrew, Zigzag zooborns!: zoo baby colors and patterns
J 591.477 Marsh Marsh, Laura F., Animal armor
J 591.5 Lawrence Lawrence, Ellen, Poop eaters
J 597.955 Szymanski Szymanski, Jennifer, Real dragons
J 598.97 Markle Markle, Sandra, Snowy owl invasion!: tracking an unusual migration
J 599.4 Arnold Arnold, Tedd, Bats
J 599.53 Casey Casey, Susan Dolphins: Voices in the Ocea
J 599.67 Roy Roy, Katherine, How to be an elephant: growing up in the African wild
J 612 Wilsdon Wilsdon, Christina, Ultimate body-pedia: an amazing inside-out tour of the human body
J 612.6 Higginbotham Higginbotham, Anastasia, Tell me about sex, Grandma
J 613.0424 Nuchi Nuchi, Adah, Bunk 9's guide to growing up: secrets, tips, and expert advice on the good, the bad & the awkward
J 617.15 Potts Potts, Francesca, All about broken bones
J 621.877 Maurer Maurer, Tracy, Elevators
J 629.2223 Summers Summers, Alex, School bus
J 631.58 Labrecque Labrecque, Ellen, Permaculture
J 634.11 Gibbons Gibbons, Gail. Apples
J 636.7088 Patent Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw, Made for each other: why dogs and people are perfect partners
J 636.7376 McKenzie McKenzie, Precious Let's hear it for pit bull
J 639.3748 Macheske   Flashy friends
J 639.3955 Reed Reed, Cristie You have a pet what?! : bearded dragon
J 688.725 Davies Davies, Beth, Ninja in action!
J 791.4372 Amos Amos, Ruth, Heroes of the galaxy
J 791.4375 Nesworthy Nesworthy, Lauren, Lightsaber battles
J 791.4375 Stock Stock, Lisa, What is a droid?
J 791.45 Conti Conti, Chris, How to be a ninja
J 793.73 Kutschbach Kutschbach, Doris. Art detective: spot the difference!
J 793.735 Elling Elling, Brian, Knock! Knock! Who was there?: over 200 sidesplitting jokes
J 793.735 Winn Winn, Whee, Lots of knock-knock jokes for kids
J 796.021 Buckley   Scholastic year in sports
J 796.332 Sports   Sports illustrated NFL QB: the greatest position in sports
J 904 Jazynka Jazynka, Kitson, History's mysteries: curious clues, cold cases, and puzzles from the past
J 910.9163 Osborne Osborne, Will. Titanic: a nonfiction companion to Tonight on the Titanic
J 910.922 Buckley Buckley, James, Great explorers
J 912 Where   Where on Earth?: atlas
J 920.0092 Wilson Wilson, Jamia Young, Gifted and Black: Meet 52 Black Heroes from Past and Presen
J 920.72 Hood Hood, Susan, Shaking things up: 14 young women who changed the world
J 930.12 Lock Lock, Deborah, Life in the Stone Age
J 932 Osborne Osborne, Will. Mummies and pyramids: a nonfiction companion to Mummies in the morning
J 932.01 Drimmer Drimmer, Stephanie Warren, Ancient Egypt
J 937 Stokes Stokes, Jonathan W., The thrifty time traveler's guide to ancient Rome: a handbook of time travelers
J 940.4594 Barton Barton, Chris, Dazzle ships: World War I and the art of confusion
J 940.5317 Grady Grady, Cynthia, Write to me: letters from Japanese American children to the Librarian they left behind
J 973.03 United   United States Encyclopedia: America's People, Places, and Events
J 973.0496 Asim Asim, Jabari, A child's introduction to African American history: the experiences, people, and events that shaped our country
J 973.099 Bausum Bausum, Ann, Our country's presidents: a complete encyclopedia of the U.S. presidency
J 973.3 Stokes Stokes, Jonathan W. The Thrifty Guide to the American Revolution: A Handbook for Time Traveler
J 973.7 Levy Levy, Debbie, Soldier song: a true story of the Civil War
J 974.482 Osborne Osborne, Mary Pope. Pilgrims: a nonfiction companion to Thanksgiving on Thursday
J 978.02 Osborne Osborne, Mary Pope, Wild West
J 985.37 Stine Stine, Megan, Where is Machu Picchu?
JB Armstrong Rockliff, Mara, Born to swing: Lil Hardin Armstrong's life in jazz
JB Austen Hopkinson, Deborah, Ordinary, extraordinary Jane Austen: the story of six novels, three notebooks, a writing box, and one clever girl
JB Austen Pliscou, Lisa, Brave Jane Austen: reader, writer, author, rebel
JB Barnes Wallace, Sandra Neil, Between the lines: how Ernie Barnes went from the football field to the art gallery
JB Beals Beals, Melba, March forward, girl: from young warrior to Little Rock Nine
JB Bornstein Bornstein, Michael, Survivors club: the true story of a very young prisoner of Auschwitz
JB Cotten Veirs, Laura, Libba: the magnificent musical life of Elizabeth Cotten
JB Cristofori Rusch, Elizabeth, The music of life: Bartolomeo Cristofori and the invention of the piano
JB Delaunay Manes, Cara. Sonia Delaunay: a life of color
JB Douglass Bolden, Tonya, Facing Frederick: the life of Frederick Douglass, a monumental American man
JB Frank Frank, Anne, The diary of a young girl: the definitive edition
JB Ginsburg Winter, Jonah, Ruth Bader Ginsburg: the case of R.B.G. vs. inequality
JB Hamilton Romero, Libby, Alexander Hamilton
JB Hepburn Hopman, Philip, For Audrey with love: Audrey Hepburn and Givenchy
JB Hernandez Tonatiuh, Duncan, Danza!: Amalia HernO°ndez and el Ballet Folklorico de Mexico
JB Holiday Golio, Gary, Strange fruit: Billie Holiday and the power of a protest song
JB Horne Weatherford, Carole Boston, The legendary Miss Lena Horne
JB Jennings Hearth, Amy Hill, Streetcar to justice: how Elizabeth Jennings won the right to ride in New York
JB King Weatherford, Carole Boston, Be a king: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream and you
JB Lee Hegedus, Bethany, Alabama spitfire: the story of Harper Lee and To Kill a Mockingbird
JB Lockwood Hannigan, Kate A Lady Has the Floor: Belva Lockwood Speaks Out for Women's Right
JB Marti Otheguy, Emma, Marti's song for freedom = Marti y sus versos por la libertad
JB Muddy Mahin, Michael James, Muddy: the story of blues legend Muddy Waters
JB Newbery Markel, Michelle, Balderdash!: John Newbery and the boisterous birth of children's books
JB Neymar Illugi Jokulsson. Neymar: the new Pele
JB Red Cloud Nelson, S. D., Red Cloud: a Lakota story of war and surrender
JB Rivera Tonatiuh, Duncan. Diego Rivera: his world and ours
JB Robinson Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta, The United States v. Jackie Robinson
JB Schomburg Weatherford, Carole Boston, Schomburg: the man who built a library
JB Simone Briere-Haquet, Alice, Nina: jazz legend and civil-rights activist Nina Simone
JB Stein Winter, Jonah, Gertrude is Gertrude is Gertrude is Gertrude
JB Tubman Meltzer, Brad, I am Harriet Tubman
JB Wallace Maraniss, Andrew, Strong inside: the true story of how Perry Wallace broke college basketball's color line
JB Webster Maurer, Tracy, Noah Webster's fighting words
JB Wilkinson Schubert, Leda, Trailblazer: the story of ballerina Raven Wilkinson
JB Yousafzai Maslo, Lina, Free as a bird: the story of Malala
J POETRY Frost, Robert Frost, Robert, Poetry for Kids: Robert Frost
J POETRY Giovanni, Nikki Giovanni, Nikki, I am loved
J POETRY Hip Hop   Hip hop speaks to children: a celebration of poetry with a beat
J POETRY Latham, Irene Latham, Irene, Can I touch your hair?: poems of race, mistakes, and friendship
J POETRY Pinkney, Andrea Pinkney, Andrea Davis, Martin rising: requiem for a King
J [P/T] 649.1 Kamanetz Kamenetz, Anya, The art of screen time: how your family can balance digital media and real life
J [P/T] 649.62 Glowacki Glowacki, Jamie, Oh crap! potty training: everything modern parents need to know to do it once and do it right
JR 031 World Book   The World Book encyclopedia
JR 070.5025 Childrens   Children's writer's & illustrator's market
Children's Foreign Language Books
Call Number Author Title
J [CH Picture] BAR Barrett, Judi, Dong wu jue dui bu ying gai chuan yi fu
J [CH Picture] CAR Carle, Eric, Hao peng you
J [CH Picture] CAR Carle, Eric, Ni yao qu na li? qu kan wo de peng you!
J [CH Picture] FAL Falconer, Ian, Aoliwei
J [CH Picture] GEZ Gezizuozuo, Mao tou ying hua jia
J [CH Picture] GEZ Gezizuozuo, Wo xiang he ni zai yi qi
J [CH Picture] ITO Itoć, Hiroshi, Yun wa wa
J [CH Picture] JEN Jenkins, Emily, Tian dian, zhen hao chi: si ge shi ji, si ge jia ting, yi zhong mei wei
J [CH Picture] KEA Keats, Ezra Jack, Guang le yi quan
J [CH Picture] KUS Kusunoki, Shigenori, You er yuan li de mi mi
J [CH Picture] LEA Leaf, Munro, Ai hua de niu
J [CH Picture] MOO Moores, Susanna, Bu shi ni de, shi wo de!
J [CH Picture] NAK Nakagawa, Hirotaka, Tao yan
J [CH Picture] PAL Palacio, R. J., Wo men dou shi qi ji nan hai
J [CH Picture] PRA Prasadam-Halls, Smriti, Shen qi de qin qin
J [CH Picture] ROS Rosen, Michael, Wo men yao qu zhuo gou xiong
J [CH Picture] SHE Sherry, Kevin, Da hai li wo zui da
J [CH Picture] SOM Soćma, Koćhei, Bu neng diu de bao bei
J [CH Picture] THU Thurber, James, Gong zhu de yue liang
J [CH Picture] WAT Watari, Yoćko, Hao xin de xie jiang
J [CH Picture] YOU   3 fen zhong ma mi shuo gu shi: cong ming xiao gu shi
J [CH Picture] ZOM Zommer, Yuval, Zou jin qi miao de chong zi shi jie
J [CH] 398.8 Qin   Qin zi nian yao shi zi: Han zi ni wo ta
J [CH] 398.8 Qin   Qin zi nian yao shi zi: Shu xue 123
J [CH] DIN Ding, Ting, Xiao sheng kou
J [CH] MIL Milford, Kate, Lu bo li wu = Greenglass house
J [FR Graphic] Ariol Guibert, Emmanuel, Un petit Ane comme vous et moi
J [FR Graphic] Tom-Tom Cohen, Jacqueline, Tom-Tom et Nana: C'est magique!
J [FR Picture] BRU Brunhoff, Jean de Histoire de Babar le petit elephan
J [FR Picture] FRA   Trois petits cochons
J [FR Picture] GUE Guettier, Benedicte L'ane Trotro et son li
J [FR Picture] GUT Gutman, Anne, Gaspard et Lisa et les tomates disparues
J [FR Picture] GUT Gutman, Anne, Gaspard et Lisa font des croissants
J [FR Picture] HOH Hohn, Nadia L., Le costume de Malaika
J [FR Picture] KRI Krings, Antoon. Simeon le papillon
J [FR] 030 Mills Mills, Andrea Vrai ou faux
J [FR] 398.2 Andersen Andersen, Hans Christian Petit soldat de plom
J [FR] 443 Modeste Modeste, Caroline, Le Larousse des 1000 mots
J [FR] 635 Muller Muller, Gerda. O‡a pousse comment ?
J [FR] SEM Goscinny, Les vacances du petit Nicolas
J [FR] SEM Sempe, Le petit Nicolas
J [SP Beginning] EAS Eastman, P. D. El mejor nido
J [SP Picture] ALB Albo, Pablo, Erizo y Conejo: la nube cabezota
J [SP Picture] ALM Almada Rivero, Marcos. ŅQue le han hecho a nuestro techo?
J [SP Picture] COR Corpi, Lucha, Where fireflies dance
J [SP Picture] GIM Gimenez de Ory, Beatriz, Lope, el leon miope
J [SP Picture] GON Gonzalez, Maya Christina. Mis colores, mi mundo = My colors, my world
J [SP Picture] GRA Gravett, Emily, Un sombrero muy anticuado
J [SP Picture] ISE Isern, Susanna, Abrazo de oso
J [SP Picture] SCA Scarry, Richard. Richard Scarry's best word book ever = El mejor libro de palabras de Richard Scarry
J [SP] COP Copons, Jaume, De libro en libro
J [SP] HOL Holm, Jennifer Pez Numero 14, E
J [SP] RUS Russell, Rachel Renee, Que asco de dia
J [SP] YEE Yee, Lisa, Las aventuras de Wonder Woman en Super Hero High
Children's Audiobooks
Call Number Author Title
CDB J GRA Grabenstein, Chris, Mr. Lemoncello's great library race
Children's DVDs and Blu-Rays
Call Number Author Title
DVD J CHU   Chuggington: The big freeze
DVD J DES   Despicable me 3
DVD J DIN   Classic in the jurassic
DVD J LEG   Lego DC comics super heroes: Justice league : cosmic clash
DVD J MY   My little pony: the movie
DVD J PAW   PAW patrol: The great pirate rescue!
DVD J PEP   Peppa pig: My birthday party
DVD J SPO   The Spongebob SquarePants movie
DVD J THO   Thomas & friends: Merry Christmas Thomas
Children's Music CDs
Call Number Author Title
CD J Auntie Kayte Auntie Kayte. Rufus the Unicorn and other upside-down fairytale songs
CD J Salamanders   Bubbles
CD J Schwartz, Stephen Schwartz, Stephen Michael, Bucket of wow!