New Materials—January 2018—Main Library
Call Number Author Title
001.4226 Fisher Fisher, Danyel Making Data Visual: A Practical Guide to Using Visualization for Insigh
004.165 Chambers Chambers, Mark L., Macbook for dummies 
004.165 Hart-Davis Hart-Davis, Guy, MacBook 
004.165 Hart-Davis Hart-Davis, Guy, Teach yourself visually iPad
004.165 LeVitus LeVitus, Bob, iPad for dummies 
004.165 Spivey Spivey, Dwight, iPad for seniors for dummies
004.167 Gookin Gookin, Dan, Android phones & tablets 
005.133 Bloch Bloch, Joshua, Effective Java 
005.133 Chollet Chollet, Francois, Deep learning with Python 
005.133 Mueller Mueller, John, C# 7.0 all-in-one 
005.268 Neuburg Neuburg, Matt Programming IOS 11: Dive Deep Into Views, View Controllers, and Framework
005.437 Case Case, Amber, Calm technology: principles and patterns for non-intrusive design 
005.8 Antonopoulos Antonopoulos, Andreas M., Mastering bitcoin: programming the open blockchain 
005.8 Clarke Clarke, Glen E., CompTIA security+ certification study guide, (exam SY0-501) 
005.87 Sweigart Sweigart, Al, Cracking codes with Python: an introduction to building and breaking ciphers 
006.686 Bauer Bauer, Peter, Photoshop CC for dummies 
006.686 Smith Smith, Jennifer Adobe Creative Cloud All-In-One 
006.754 Miller Miller, Michael, My social media for seniors 
006.76 Shreves Shreves, Ric. Joomla! bible 
006.7882 Fritz Fritz, Jeffrey T., Sams teach yourself ASP.NET Core in 24 hours 
070.5 Guide   Guide to literary agents
070.5092 Graham Graham, Katharine, Personal history 
100 Philosophy   The philosophy book 
126 Dennett Dennett, D. C. Consciousness explained 
150 Klein Klein, Grady, Psychology: the comic book introduction 
150.92 Leary Minutaglio, Bill, The most dangerous man in America: Timothy Leary, Richard Nixon & the hunt for the fugitive king of LSD 
152.15 Kagge Kagge, Erling, Silence: in the age of noise 
152.4 Germer Germer, Christopher K. The mindful path to self-compassion: freeing yourself from destructive thoughts and emotions 
152.46 Patel Patel, Meera Lee, My friend fear: finding magic in the unknown 
152.47 Lieberman Lieberman, David J., Never get angry again: the foolproof way to stay calm and in control in any conversation or situation 
153 Desteno DeSteno, David, Emotional success: the power of gratitude, compassion, and pride 
153.46 Apter Apter, T. E., Passing judgment: praise and blame in everyday life 
153.69 Navarro Navarro, Joe, What every BODY is saying: an ex-FBI agent's guide to speed reading people 
153.753 Pink Pink, Daniel H., When: the scientific secrets of perfect timing 
155.232 Aron Aron, Elaine. The highly sensitive person: how to thrive when the world overwhelms you 
155.9042 Marston Marston, Ama, Type R: transformative resilience for thriving in a turbulent world 
155.937 Rosenstein Rosenstein, Donald, The group: seven widowed fathers reimagine life 
155.937 Samuel Samuel, Julia, Grief works: stories of life, death, and surviving 
158 Achor Achor, Shawn, Big potential: how transforming the pursuit of success raises our achievement, happiness, and well-being 
158 Bernstein Bernstein, Gabrielle, Judgment detox: release the beliefs that hold you back from living a better life 
158 Hyatt Hyatt, Michael S., Your best year ever: a five-step plan for achieving your most important goals 
158.1 Dawson Dawson, Peg, The smart but scattered guide to success: how to use your brain's executive skills to keep up, stay calm, and get organized at work and at home 
158.1 Johnson Johnson, Amanda. Becoming enough: a heroine's journey to the already perfect self 
158.1 Katie Katie, Byron. Loving what is: four questions that can change your life 
158.1 Marotta Marotta, Janetti. 50 mindful steps to self-esteem: everyday practices for cultivating self-acceptance & self-compassion 
158.1 Moore Moore, Thomas, Care of the soul: a guide for cultivating depth and sacredness in everyday life 
158.1 Owen Owen, Andrea, How to stop feeling like sh*t: 14 habits that are holding you back from happiness 
158.1 Paterson Paterson, Randy J. The assertiveness workbook: how to express your ideas and stand up for yourself at work and in relationships 
158.1 Pieper Pieper, Martha Heineman, Addicted to unhappiness: freeing yourself from behaviors that undermines work, relationships, and the life you want 
158.1 Richardson Richardson, Cheryl, Waking up in winter: in search of what really matters at midlife 
158.1 Seligman Seligman, Martin E. P. What you can change-- and what you can't: the complete guide to successful self-improvement 
158.1 Sher Sher, Barbara, Live the life you love: in ten easy step-by-step lessons 
158.1 Sher Sher, Barbara, Wishcraft: how to get what you really want 
158.1 Webb Webb, Jonice, Running on empty: overcome your childhood emotional neglect 
158.12 Watkins Watkins, Light, Bliss more: how to succeed in meditation without really trying 
158.2 Goleman Goleman, Daniel. Social intelligence: the new science of human relationships 
158.2 Richo Richo, David, How to be an adult in relationships: the five keys to mindful loving 
158.2 Simon Simon, George K. In sheep's clothing: understanding and dealing with manipulative people 
158.2 Sutherland Sutherland, Amy. What Shamu taught me about life, love, and marriage: lessons for people from animals and their trainers 
158.2082 De Azevedo De Azevedo, Julie, The assertiveness guide for women: how to communicate your needs, set healthy boundaries, & transform your relationships 
158.5 Ury Ury, William. Getting past no: negotiating in difficult situations 
170 Krishnamurti Krishnamurti, J. Think on these things 
170.44 Peterson Peterson, Jordan B., 12 rules for life: an antidote to chaos 
174.2 Buchanan Buchanan, Allen E., Better than human: the promise and perils of enhancing ourselves 
177.1 Berman Berman, Lea, Treating people well: the extraordinary power of civility at work and in life 
178 Crane Crane, Jonathan K. Eating ethically: religion and science for a better diet 
202.11 Gellert Gellert, Michael, The divine mind: exploring the psychological history of God's inner journey 
202.3 Shermer Shermer, Michael, Heavens on earth: the scientific search for the afterlife, immortality, and utopia 
204.092 Kumar Kumar, Anjali, Stalking God: my unorthodox search for something to believe in 
225.52 New   The New Testament: a translation 
230 Lewis, CS Lewis, C. S. The world's last night, and other essays 
248.246 Lewis Lewis, C. S. Surprised by joy: the shape of my early life 
261.8357 Moultrie Moultrie, Monique Nicole, Passionate and pious: religious media and black women's sexuality 
270.2092 Augustine Augustine, Confessions: a new translation 
277.9494 Boyle Boyle, Greg, Barking to the choir: the power of radical kinship 
289.3089 Mueller Mueller, Max Perry, Race and the making of the Mormon people 
294.3443 Smith Smith, Rodney, Touching the infinite: a new perspective on the Buddha's four foundations of mindfulness 
294.3444 Epstein Epstein, Mark, Advice not given: a guide to getting over yourself 
294.3444 Nhat Hanh Nhat Hánh, Peace is every step: the path of mindfulness in everyday life 
294.5 Sengupta Sengupta, Hindol, Being Hindu: understanding a peaceful path in a violent world 
297.351 Uluhanli   Mosques: splendors of Islam 
302.309 Ferguson Ferguson, Niall, The square and the tower: networks and power, from the Freemasons to Facebook 
303.4833 Allocca Allocca, Kevin, Videocracy 
303.4833 Keen Keen, Andrew, How to fix the future 
304.2509 Darwall Darwall, Rupert, Green tyranny: exposing the totalitarian roots of the climate industrial complex 
304.42 Feldman Feldman, Ellen We who marc
305.2442 Corrigan Corrigan, Kelly, Tell me more: stories about the 12 hardest things I'm learning to say 
305.2609 Leland Leland, John, Happiness is a choice you make: lessons from a year among the oldest old 
305.4 Gordon Gordon, Dee, Bad girls from history: wicked or misunderstood? 
305.42 Manne Manne, Kate, Down girl: the logic of misogyny 
305.42 Murphy Murphy, Evelyn F. Getting even: why women don't get paid like men-- and what to do about it 
305.42 Solnit Solnit, Rebecca. Men explain things to me 
305.4209 Together   Together we rise: behind the scenes at the protest heard round the world 
305.569 Farmer Farmer, Paul, Pathologies of power: health, human rights, and the new war on the poor : with a new preface by the author 
305.8009 Oluo Oluo, Ijeoma, So you want to talk about race 
305.8009 Ortiz Ortiz, Paul, An African American and Latinx history of the United States 
305.896 King King, Gilbert. Devil in the grove: Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the dawn of a new America 
305.896 Whitaker Whitaker, Mark, Smoketown: the untold story of the other great Black Renaissance 
306.0973 Putnam Putnam, Robert D. Bowling alone: the collapse and revival of American community 
306.32 Hyde Hyde, Lewis, The gift: creativity and the artist in the modern world 
306.4609 Langlands Langlands, Alex, Craft: an inquiry into the origins and true meaning of traditional crafts 
306.64 Mannix Mannix, Kathryn With the End in Mind: Dying, Death, and Wisdom in an Age of Denia
306.766 Bronski Bronski, Michael. You can tell just by looking: and 20 other myths about LGBT life and people 
306.8087 Mattlin Mattlin, Ben, In sickness and in health: love, disability, and a quest to understand the perils and pleasures of interabled romance 
306.81 De Marneffe De Marneffe, Daphne, The rough patch: marriage, midlife, and the art of living together 
306.874 Hurley Hurley, Katie, No more mean girls: the secret to raising strong, confident, and compassionate girls 
306.8742 Giffels Giffels, David, Furnishing eternity: a father, a son, a coffin, and a measure of life 
307.12 Katz Katz, Bruce, The new localism: how cities can thrive in the age of populism 
310 Statesmans   The Statesman's year-book
320.533 Riemen Riemen, Rob, To fight against this age: on fascism and humanism 
321.8 Levitsky Levitsky, Steven, How democracies die 
323.092 Khan Cullors Khan-Cullors, Patrisse, When they call you a terrorist: a Black Lives Matter memoir 
323.1 Theoharis Theoharis, Jeanne, A more beautiful and terrible history: the uses and misuses of civil rights history 
323.43 Dunbar Dunbar-Ortiz, Roxanne, Loaded: a disarming history of the Second Amendment 
324.2731 Rosenfeld Rosenfeld, Sam The polarizers: postwar architects of our partisan era 
324.973 Perry Perry, Caitriona, In America: tales from Trump country 
327.1273 Johnson Johnson, Loch K., Spy watching: intelligence accountability in the United States 
327.1273 Kiyonaga Kiyonaga, Bina Cady. My spy: memoir of a CIA wife 
327.2092 Elam-Thomas Elam-Thomas, Harriet Lee, Diversifying diplomacy: my journey from Roxbury to Dakar 
328.73 Almanac   The Almanac of American politics
328.7309 Gillibrand Gillibrand, Kirsten, Off the sidelines: speak up, be fearless, and change your world 
330 Economics   The economics book 
330.019 Thaler Thaler, Richard H., Misbehaving: the making of behavioral economics 
330.122 Kasser Gonick, Larry, Hypercapitalism: the modern economy, its values, and how to change them 
330.973 Helferich Helferich, Gerard, An unlikely trust: Theodore Roosevelt, J.P. Morgan, and the improbable partnership that remade American business 
331.409 Zahidi Zahidi, Saadia, Fifty million rising: the new generation of working women transforming the Muslim world 
332.024 Bach Bach, David, Smart couples finish rich: 9 steps to creating a rich future for you and your partner 
332.024 Bryant Bryant, John, The memo: five rules for your economic liberation 
332.024 Cagan Cagan, Michele, The infographic guide to personal finance: a visual reference for everything you need to know 
332.024 Fagan Fagan, Chelsea, The financial diet: a total beginner's guide to getting good with money 
332.024 Mecham Mecham, Jesse, You need a budget: the proven system for breaking the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, getting out of debt, and living the life you want 
332.024 Slesnick Slesnick, Twila, IRAs, 401(k)s & other retirement plans: strategies for taking your money out 
332.178 Narayanan Narayanan, Arvind, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies: a comprehensive introduction 
332.178 Swan Swan, Melanie, Blockchain: blueprint for a new economy 
332.743 Davenport Davenport, Anthony, Your score: an insider's secrets to understanding, controlling, and protecting your credit score 
333.3174 Stoll Stoll, Steven, Ramp Hollow: the ordeal of Appalachia 
333.3309 Trump Trump, Donald, Trump: the art of the deal 
338.04 Stevenson Stevenson, Mark, We do things differently: the outsiders rebooting our world 
338.092 Kerkorian Rempel, William C., The gambler: how penniless dropout Kirk Kerkorian became the greatest deal maker in capitalist history 
338.7663 Alkhanshali Eggers, Dave, The monk of Mokha 
338.9 Pilling Pilling, David The growth delusion: wealth, poverty, and the well-being of nations 
339.2097 Wolff Wolff, Edward N., A century of wealth in America 
340.09 Roffer Roffer, Michael H., The law book: from Hammurabi to the International Criminal Court, 250 milestones in the history of law 
342.569 Sefarad Sefarad, Mikhail, The wall and the gate: Israel, Palestine, and the legal battle for human rights 
342.7302 Asner Asner, Edward, The grouchy historian: an old-time lefty defends our Constitution against right-wing hypocrites and nutjobs 
342.7302 Maglioca Magliocca, Gerard N., The heart of the Constitution: how the Bill of Rights became the Bill of Rights 
344.7305 Charles Charles, Patrick J. Armed in America: a history of gun rights from colonial militias to concealed carry 
345.764 Graves Graves, Anthony, Infinite hope: how wrongful conviction, solitary confinement and 12 years on death row failed to kill my soul 
346.7301 Doskow   Nolo's essential guide to child custody & support
353 Washington   Washington information directory
362.1963 Gibbons Gibbons, Brittany, The clothes make the girl (look fat)?: adventures and agonies in fashion 
362.1988 Oberman Oberman, Michelle, Her body, our laws: on the front lines of the abortion war, from El Salvador to Oklahoma 
362.1989 Perro Perro, Michelle, What's making our children sick?: how industrial food is causing an epidemic of chronic illness, and what parents (and doctors) can do about it 
362.5602 Eubanks Eubanks, Virginia, Automating inequality: how high-tech tools profile, police and punish the poor 
363.1196 RAimi Raimi, Daniel, The fracking debate: the risks, benefits, and uncertainties of the shale revolution 
363.124 Leinbach Leinbach, Michael D., Bringing Columbia home: the untold story of a lost space shuttle and her crew 
363.232 Williams Williams, Kristian, Our enemies in blue: police and power in America 
363.46 Underwood Underwood, Kassi, May cause love: an unexpected journey of enlightenment after abortion 
363.7 Armitage Armitage, Kevin C., This green and growing land: environmental activism in American history / Kevin C. Armitage
363.7009 Mann Mann, Charles C., The wizard and the prophet: two remarkable scientists and their dueling visions to shape tomorrow's world 
363.7509 Jokinen Jokinen, Tom. Curtains: adventures of an undertaker-in-training 
364.1 Meltsner Meltsner, Michael, With passion: an activist lawyer's journey 
364.152 Baatz Baatz, Simon, The girl on the velvet swing: sex, murder, and the madness at the dawn of the twentieth century 
364.1523 Patterson Patterson, James, All-American murder: the rise and fall of Aaron Hernandez, the superstar whose life ended on murderers' row 
364.163 Henriques Henriques, Diana B., The wizard of lies: Bernie Madoff and the death of trust 
364.34 Kahn Kahn, Jonathan, Race on the brain: what implicit bias gets wrong about the struggle for racial justice 
364.973 Sharkey Sharkey, Patrick, Uneasy peace: the great crime decline, the renewal of city life, and the next war on violence 
365.4509 Wangengeim Rolin, Olivier, Stalin's meteorologist: one man's untold story of love, life, and death 
370.115 Freire Freire, Paulo, Pedagogy of freedom: ethics, democracy, and civic courage 
370.115 Hooks hooks, bell, Teaching community: a pedagogy of hope 
370.152 Gardner Gardner, Howard, The unschooled mind: how children think and how schools should teach 
370.1523 Berliner Berliner, Wendy, Great minds and how to grow them: high performance learning 
370.1523 Langer Langer, Ellen J., The power of mindful learning 
370.157 Resnick Resnick, Mitchel, Lifelong kindergarten: cultivating creativity through projects, passion, peers, and play 
370.1934 Kozol Kozol, Jonathan. Death at an early age: the destruction of the hearts and minds of negro children in the Boston Public schools 
370.9173 Falk Falk, Beverly. Teaching matters: stories from inside city schools 
370.972 Postman Postman, Neil. The end of education: redefining the value of school 
371 Perez Perez, William, We are Americans: undocumented students pursuing the American dream 
371.0109 Caplan Caplan, Bryan Douglas, The case against education: why our education system is a waste of time and money 
371.0109 Kozol Kozol, Jonathan. On being a teacher 
371.1 Ayers Ayers, William, You can't fire the bad ones!: and 18 other myths about teachers, teachers' unions, and public education 
371.192 Bauer Bauer, Susan Wise, Rethinking school: how to take charge of your child's education 
371.192 Beyond   Beyond the bake sale: the essential guide to family-school partnerships 
371.2609 Reese Reese, William J., Testing wars in the public schools: a forgotten history 
371.332 Landy Landy, Robert J. Theatre for change: education, social action and therapy 
371.334 Gee Gee, James Paul. The anti-education era: creating smarter students through digital learning 
371.334 Vander Vander Ark, Tom, Getting smart: how digital learning is changing the world 
371.392 Helfrich Helfrich, M. Shannon, Montessori learning in the 21st century: a guide for parents & teachers 
371.58 Porter Porter, Susan Eva, Bully nation: why America's approach to childhood aggression is bad for everyone 
371.829 Moore   The guide for White women who teach Black boys: understanding, connecting, respecting 
371.9509 Hulbert Hulbert, Ann, Off the charts: the hidden lives and lessons of American child prodigies 
372.9426 Neill Neill, Alexander Sutherland, Summerhill School: a new view of childhood 
378.198 Bain Bain, Ken. What the best college students do 
378.3 Petersons   Peterson's how to get money for college: financing your future beyond federal aid
378.744 Morison Morison, Samuel Eliot Three Centuries of Harvard, 1636-193
378.7444 Eliot Eliot, Charles William Harvard Memories
379.28 Greenawalt Greenawalt, Kent, Does God belong in public schools? 
384 Elberse Elberse, Anita. Blockbusters: hit-making, risk-taking, and the big business of entertainment 
391.0094 Dejean DeJean, Joan E. The essence of style: how the French invented high fashion, fine food, chic cafes, style, sophistication, and glamour 
391.6309 Peiss Peiss, Kathy Lee. Hope in a jar: the making of America's beauty culture 
394 Chases   Chase's ... calendar of events
394.1 Kauffman Kauffman, Jonathan. Hippie Food: How Back-To-the-Landers, Longhairs, and Revolutionaries Changed the Way We Eat
394.1209 Collingham Collingham, E. M. Curry: a tale of cooks and conquerors 
395 Dresser Dresser, Norine. Multicultural manners: essential rules of etiquette for the 21st century 
395.5209 Schweitzer Schweitzer, Sharon, Access to Asia: your multicultural guide to building trust, inspiring respect, and creating long-lasting business relationships 
395.59 Blyth Blyth, Catherine. The art of conversation: a guided tour of a neglected pleasure 
398.209 Zipes Zipes, Jack, The irresistible fairy tale: the cultural and social history of a genre 
398.2094 Orenstein Orenstein, Catherine, Little Red Riding Hood uncloaked: sex, morality, and the evolution of a fairy tale 
401.9 Byrne Byrne, Emma, Swear!ng is g*od f*r you: the amaz!ng sc!ence of bad language 
428.1 Bromberg Bromberg, Murray, Barron's 1100 words you need to know 
500 Stewart Stewart, Ian, Fearful symmetry: is God a geometer? 
519.09 Diaconis Diaconis, Persi, Ten great ideas about chance 
519.5 Wheelan Wheelan, Charles J. Naked statistics: stripping the dread from the data 
529 Garfield Garfield, Simon, Timekeepers 
530.11 Davies Davies, P. C. W. About time: Einstein's unfinished revolution 
538.7 Mitchell Mitchell, Alanna, The spinning magnet: the electromagnetic force that created the modern world--and could destroy it 
578.68 Flach Flach, Tim, Endangered 
581.634 Elpel Elpel, Thomas J. Botany in a day: the patterns method of plant identification : an herbal field guide to plant families of North America 
582.1609 Petrides Petrides, George A. A field guide to eastern trees: eastern United States and Canada, including the Midwest 
582.1609 Petrides Petrides, George A. A field guide to trees and shrubs: northeastern and north-central United States and southeastern and south-central Canada 
598 Barnes Barnes, Simon, The meaning of birds 
599 Drew Drew, Liam, I, mammal: the story of what makes us mammals 
599.885 Crocker Crocker, John, Following Fifi: my adventures among wild chimpanzees : lessons from our closest relatives 
641.5612 Americas   The complete cooking for two cookbook: 650 recipes for everything you'll ever want to make 
641.5636 Liddon Liddon, Angela. The oh she glows cookbook: over 100 vegan recipes to glow from the inside out 
700 Gomez-Pena Rice, Felicia, Doc/undoc: documentado/undocumented : ars shamO¡nica performO¡tica 
700.103 Hughes Hughes, Robert, Culture of complaint: the fraying of America 
700.411 Baj Casadio, Mariuccia. Enrico Baj: the artist's home
700.8996 Soul   Soul of a nation: art in the age of Black power 
700.973 Grobe Grobe, Christopher, The art of confession: the performance of self from Robert Lowell to reality TV 
706 Artists   Artist's & graphic designer's market: where & how to sell your illustration, fine art, graphic design & cartoons
709.034 Findlay Findlay, Michael, Seeing slowly: looking at modern art 
720.286 Keaton Keaton, Diane, The house that Pinterest built 
728.8097 Pennoyer Pennoyer, Peter, Harrie T. Lindeberg and the American country house 
741.6092 Cooper   Muriel Cooper 
741.6409 Salisbury Salisbury, Martin, The illustrated dust jacket 1920-1970 
751.422 Soan Soan, Hazel, Learn watercolour quickly 
751.73 Hundertmark Hartl, Patrick, The art of writing your name: contemporary urban calligraphy and beyond 
759.4 Manet Manet, Julie, Growing up with the impressionists: the diary of Julie Manet 
770 Photographers   Photographer's market
778.3 Adam Adam, Rhiannon, Polaroid: the complete guide to experimental instant photography 
779 Avedon Avedon, Richard, Nothing Personal 
779.9796 Herington Herrington, Jim, The climbers 
780.266 Bickerdike Bickerdike, Jennifer Otter, Why vinyl matters 
781.6609 Bentley Bentley, Bill, Smithsonian rock and roll: live and unseen 
791.43 Fox Krefft, Vanda, The man who made the movies: the meteoric rise and tragic fall of William Fox 
791.4302 McGowan McGowan, Rose, Brave 
791.4302 Nolte Nolte, Nick, Rebel: my life outside the lines 
791.4375 Star Titan Star Wars Insider: Icons of the Galax
791.4375 VideoHound   VideoHound's golden movie retriever
791.4502 Dorfman Dorfman, Andi, Single state of mind 
791.4502 Hodgman Hodgman, John, Vacationland: true stories from painful beaches 
792.76 Rosenfield Rosenfield, Stephen, Mastering stand-up: the complete guide to becoming a successful comedian 
792.7602 Haddish Haddish, Tiffany, The last black unicorn 
792.8092 Hallberg Hallberg, David, A body of work: dancing to the edge and back 
793.8092 Staniforth Staniforth, Nate, Here is real magic 
794.8 Haley Haley, Sebastian, Playing with super power: Super NES classics 
796.0974 Crouse Crouse, Karen. Norwich: one tiny Vermont town's secret to happiness and excellence 
796.3422 Bollettieri Bollettieri, Nick, Nick Bollettieri's tennis handbook 
796.54 Good Sam   Good Sam RV travel & savings guide
797.124 Sleight Sleight, Steve, The complete sailing manual 
801.9 Marx Marx, William, The hatred of literature 
808 Poets   Poet's market
808 Writers   The Writer's market
808.0092 Coles Coles, Robert. The call of stories: teaching and the moral imagination 
808.042 Graves Graves, Robert, The reader over your shoulder: a handbook for writers of English prose 
808.042 Writing   Writing creative nonfiction: instruction and insights from the teachers of the Associated Writing Programs 
808.0669 Abercrombie Abercrombie, Barbara. Courage and craft: writing your life into story 
808.849 Black   Black ink: literary legends on the peril, power, and pleasure of reading and writing 
809 Coetzee Coetzee, J. M., Late essays, 2006-2017 
809.3872 Casey Casey, Maud, The art of mystery: the search for questions 
811.54 Gluck Gluck, Louise Proofs and Theorie
811.6 Lockwood Lockwood, Patricia, Priestdaddy 
812.54 Ensler Ensler, Eve, The vagina monologues 
813.52 Wilder Fraser, Caroline, Prairie fires: the American dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder 
814.54 Baldwin Baldwin, James, Notes of a native son 
814.54 Ehrlich Ehrlich, Gretel. The solace of open spaces 
814.6 Dorfman Dorfman, Ariel, Homeland Security ate my speech: messages from the end of the world 
814.6 Os   O's little guide to the big questions 
818.303 Thoreau Thoreau, Henry David, Walden 
818.5402 ORourke O'Rourke, P. J. Holidays in hell 
818.5409 Hamill Hamill, Pete, A drinking life: a memoir 
818.603 Davies Davies, Dawn Mothers of Sparta: a memoir in pieces 
818.607 Queen Queen, Khadijah I'm So Fine: A List of Famous Men & What I Had o
823.7 Jones Jones, Wendy S., Jane on the brain: exploring the science of social intelligence with Jane Austen 
823.912 Conrad Jasanoff, Maya, The dawn watch: Joseph Conrad in a global world 
823.92 How   Frankenstein: how a monster became an icon, the science and enduring allure of Mary Shelley's creation 
824.914 Chatwin Chatwin, Bruce, What am I doing here 
839.8267 Knausgard Knausgard, Karl Ove, Winter 
883.01 Homer Homer, The Odyssey 
901 Hobsbawm Hobsbawm, E. J. On history 
909.82 Asbrink O…sbrink, Elisabeth, 1947: where now begins 
909.825 Kaplan Kaplan, Fred M. 1959: the year everything changed 
909.831 Streatfeild Streatfeild, Dominic. A history of the world since 9/11: disaster, deception, and destruction in the war on terror 
910.45 Berlitz   Berlitz complete guide to cruising and cruise ships 
914.1 Bradt Smith, Phoebe Britain's best small hills: a guide to wild walks, short adventures, scrmables, great views, wild camping & more 
914.1048 Macfarlane Macfarlane, Robert, The wild places 
914.11 Michelin   Scotlan
914.15 Frommers   Frommer's easyguide to Ireland
914.15 Frommers   Frommer's ... Ireland
914.183 DK   Dublin
914.21 DK   London
914.21 Fodors   Fodor's London
914.21 Frommers   Frommer's easyguide to London
914.21 Rick   Rick Steves' London
914.3 Rick   Rick Steves' Germany
914.37 DK   Czech & Slovak Republics
914.37 Rough   The rough guide: Prague
914.4 Rick   Rick Steves' France
914.436 DK   Pari
914.436 Frommers   Frommer's easyguide to Paris
914.436 Rough   The rough guide to Paris
914.49 DK   Provence & the CO´te d'Azur
914.5 Frommers   Frommer's ... Italy
914.563 Frommers   Frommer's EasyGuide to Rome, Florence & Venic
914.672 DK   Barcelona
914.8 Bradt   Northern lights: a practical travel guide
914.912 Bradt   Bradt travel guide: Iceland
914.923 Fodors   Fodor's Amsterdam & the Netherlands
914.94 Bradt   Bradt travel guide: Switzerland
914.97 Bradt Knaus, Verena, Kosovo 
914.97 Bradt   Serbia: the Bradt travel guide
915.1156 DK   Beijing
915.357 DK   Dubai & Abu Dhabi
915.456 DK   Delh
915.496 Benanav Benanav, Michael, Himalaya bound: one family's quest to save their animals-- and an ancient way of life 
915.694 DK   Israel & Petra
915.93 DK   Top 10 Phuket
916.4 Fodors   Fodor's essential Morocco
917.286 Frommers   Frommer's ... Costa Rica
917.295 Lonely   Puerto Rico
917.471 DK   Top 10 New York City
917.471 Frommers   Frommer's EasyGuide to New York City
917.5304 Frommers   Frommer's EasyGuide to Washington, D.C
917.6335 Frommers   Frommer's EasyGuide to New Orlean
917.9313 Frommers   Frommer's easyguide to Las Vegas
917.9313 Lonely   Las Vegas
917.9461 Lonely   San Francisco: a Lonely Planet city guide
918.1 DK   Brazil
918.5 Fodors   Fodor's essential Peru
919.4 DK   Australia
919.4 Frommers   Frommer's easyguide to Australia
919.69 Frommers   Frommer's easyguide to Hawaii
919.69 Frommers   Frommer's Hawaii
919.89 Lonely   Antarctica
919.8904 Gawronski Shapiro, Laurie Gwen, The stowaway: a young man's extraordinary adventure to Antarctica 
920.72 Mackrell Mackrell, Judith. Flappers: six women of a dangerous generation 
929.2097 Pearson Pearson, John, All the money in the world: the outrageous fortune and misfortunes of the heirs of J. Paul Getty 
932 Verner Verner, Miroslav. The pyramids: the mystery culture, and science of Egypt's great monuments 
936.4 Omrani Omrani, Bijan, Caesar's footprints: a cultural excursion to ancient France : journeys through Roman Gaul 
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940.25 Pagden Pagden, Anthony. The Enlightenment: and why it still matters 
940.3 Stevenson Stevenson, D. 1917: war, peace, and revolution 
940.5318 Goldhagen Goldhagen, Daniel Jonah. Hitler's willing executioners: ordinary Germans and the Holocaust 
940.544 Haulman Haulman, Daniel L. The Tuskegee Airmen chronology: a detailed timeline of the Red Tails and other black pilots of World War II 
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951.06 China   The China questions: critical insights into a rising power 
951.93 Ishikawa Ishikawa, Masaji, A river in darkness: one man's escape from North Korea 
953.1 Filiu Filiu, Jean-Pierre. Gaza: a history 
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956.04 Ross Ross, Dennis. The missing peace: the inside story of the fight for Middle East peace 
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972.94 Dubois Dubois, Laurent, Haiti: the aftershocks of history 
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973.0496 Unseen   Unseen: unpublished black history from the New York Times Photo Archives 
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973.22 Vowell Vowell, Sarah, The wordy shipmates 
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973.4 Wood Wood, Gordon S. Empire of liberty: a history of the early Republic, 1789-1815 
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973.7115 Michna Michna-Bales, Jeanine, Through darkness to light: photographs along the underground railroad : a photographic essay 
973.8 Simpson   Reconstruction: voices from America's first great struggle for racial equality 
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973.917 Roosevelt Woolner, David B., The last 100 days: FDR at war and at peace 
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973.923 Zeitz Zeitz, Joshua, Building the Great Society: inside Lyndon Johnson's White House 
973.924 Nixon Weiner, Tim, One man against the world: the tragedy of Richard Nixon 
973.932 Biden Biden, Joseph R., Promise me, Dad: a year of hope, hardship, and purpose 
973.932 Trump Johnston, David Cay, The making of Donald Trump 
973.933 Frum Frum, David, Trumpocracy: the corruption of the American republic 
973.933 Johnston Johnston, David Cay, It's even worse than you think: what the Trump administration is doing to America 
973.933 Klaas Klaas, Brian P. The despot's apprentice: Donald Trump's attack on democracy 
973.933 Wolff Wolff, Michael, Fire and fury: inside the Trump White House 
974.272 Dunn Dunn, Sharon, Under a dark eye: a family story 
974.4 Verret Verret, Christine, Boston murals: urban panoramic photography 
974.46 Sammarco Sammarco, Anthony Mitchell, Jordan Marsh: New England's Largest Store 
974.461 Schorow Schorow, Stephanie Inside the Combat Zone: the stripped down story of Boston's most notorious neighborhoo
975.2604 Moore Moore, Wes, The other Wes Moore: one name, two fates 
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[Home & Health] 610.92 Bartolo Bartolo, Pietro, Tears of salt: a doctor's story 
[Home & Health] 612.662 Weiss-Wolf Weiss-Wolf, Jennifer, Periods gone public: taking a stand for menstrual equity 
[Home & Health] 612.67 Agronin Agronin, Marc E., The end of old age: living a longer, more purposeful life 
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[Home & Health] 612.82 Masley Masley, Steven, The better brain solution: how to start now-at any age-to reverse and prevent insulin resistance of the brain, sharpen cognitive function, and avoid memory loss 
[Home & Health] 613.25 Payne Payne, Christopher, The economists' diet: the surprising formula for losing weight and keeping it off 
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[Home & Health] 615.852 Barnett Barnett, Libby. Reiki energy medicine: bringing healing touch into home, hospital, and hospice 
[Home & Health] 615.852 Taylor Taylor, Madisyn, Unmedicated: the four pillars of natural wellness 
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[Home & Health] 616.831 Morris Morris, Martha Clare, Diet for the mind: the latest science on what to eat to prevent Alzheimer's and cognitive decline--from the creator of the MIND diet 
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[Home & Health] 641.3 Best   Best food writing
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[Home & Health] 641.5631 Scarlata Scarlata, Kate The Low-Fodmap Diet step by step: a personalized plan to relieve the symptoms of Ibs and other digestive disorders--with more Than 135 deliciously satisfying recipe
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[Home & Health] 641.86 Seonmezsoy Sonmezsoy, Cenk, The artful baker: extraordinary desserts from an obsessive home baker 
[Home & Health] 641.8653 Brownies   Brownies & bars 
[Home & Health] 646.7009 Wiking Wiking, Meik, The little book of lykke: secrets of the world's happiest people 
[Home & Health] 648.5 Magnusson Magnusson, Margareta, The gentle art of Swedish death cleaning: how to free yourself and your family from a lifetime of clutter 
[Home & Health] 648.8 Fortin Fortin, Cary Telander, New minimalism: decluttering and design for sustainable, intentional living 
[Home & Health] 649.1 Bianchi Bianchi, Anna, Becoming an ally to the gender-expansive child: a guide for parents and carers 
[Home & Health] 649.1 Forgatch Forgatch, Marion Sue, Raising cooperative kids: proven practices for a connected, happy family 
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[Home & Health] 649.122 Borgenicht Borgenicht, Louis. The baby owner's manual: operating instructions, trouble-shooting tips, and advice on first-year maintenance 
[Home & Health] 649.122 Mayo   Mayo Clinic guide to your baby's first year 
[Home & Health] 664.5 Ramsey Ramsey, Dom, Chocolate 
[Home & Health] 664.9 Shapiro Shapiro, Paul Clean meat: how growing meat without animals will revolutionize dinner and the world 
[Home & Health] 680 Murray Murray, Vanessa, Made to last: a compendium of artisans, trades & projects 
[Home & Health] 712 Lowry Lowry, Susan, Private gardens of the Bay area 
[Home & Health] 745.54 Martin Martin, Ann, The art of quilling paper jewelry: techniques & projects for metallic earrings & pendants 
[Home & Health] 745.594 Lucano Lucano, Sonia Upcycle!: DIY Furniture and Decor from Unexpected Object
[Home & Health] 746.32 Long Long, Jody, Contemporary cables: classic Aran reimagined in current styles 
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[Home & Health] 746.432 Rangel Rangel, Andrea, Alterknit stitch dictionary 
[Home & Health] 746.46 Schroeder Schroeder, Kristi, Southwest modern: from Marfa to New Mexico : 18 travel-inspired quilts 
[Home & Health] 746.4609 Modern   Modern quilts: designs of the new century 
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[Home & Health] 747.0904 Grant Grant, Jason Modern retro home 
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[Business] 650.1 Cast Cast, Carter, The right--and wrong--stuff: how brilliant careers are made and unmade 
[Business] 650.1 Lewis Lewis, Mike When to jump: if the job you have isn't the life you want 
[Business] 650.1082 Kerpen Kerpen, Carrie, Work it: secrets for success from the boldest women in business 
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[Business] 658.1522 Clarke Clarke, Cheryl, Storytelling for grantseekers: a guide to creative nonprofit fundraising 
[Business] 658.4083 Chouinard Chouinard, Yvon, Let my people go surfing: the education of a reluctant businessman, including 10 more years of business unusual 
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[Career] 650.1 Steib Steib, Mike, The career manifesto: discover your calling and create an extraordinary life 
[College] 378.161 Belasco Belasco, Andrew, The enlightened college applicant: a new approach to the search and admissions process 
[Test] GRE Manhattan Prep Dziura, Jennifer GRE flash cards : 500 advanced word
[Test] GRE Manhattan Prep Dziura, Jennifer GRE flash cards : 500 essential word
[Test] MTEL ESL XAMonline Wynne, Sharon A. MTEL English as a second language (Esl) 54: practice test 1 
[Test] PSAT Princeton   Cracking the PSAT/NMSQT 
[Test] SAT Biology E/M Princeton   Cracking the SAT subject test in biology E/M
[Test] SAT Chemistry Princeton   Cracking the SAT subject test in chemistry
[Test] SAT Math 1 Princeton   Cracking the SAT subject test in math 1
[Test] SAT Physics Princeton   Cracking the SAT physics subject test
[Test] TOEFL Princeton Princeton Review TOEFL Power Vocab: 800+ Essential Words to Help You Excel on the TOEF
[College] 378.161 Bedor Bedor, Deborah, Getting in by standing out: the new rules for admission to America's best colleges 
[College] 378.161 Chatterjee Chatterjee, Pria, Getting into a top college: an insider's guide to admission into the top 100 universities & colleges in America 
[College] 378.161 Fiske   The Fiske guide to getting into the right college
[EXPRESS PB] Y Yong, Ed, I contain multitudes: the microbes within us and a grander view of life 
[EXPRESS PB] C Cuddy, Amy Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenge
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[FR] 909.07 Maalouf Maalouf, Amin. Les croisades vues par les Arabes 
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[CH] 193 Zhou Zhou, Guoping, Zhongguo ren que shao shen me?: Xi fang zhe xue jie shou shi shang liang ge an li zhi yan jiu 
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[CH] 613 Shang   Shang ban zu mei ri jian kang+ = Daily health+ of a salaryman 
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[CH] 613 Wo   Wo shi da yi sheng: yi sheng bu shuo ni bu dong: 2 = Doctor 
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R 070.5 LMP   Literary market place: LMP
R 310 Statesmans   The Statesman's year-book
R 310 World   The World almanac and book of facts
R 328.73 Almanac   The Almanac of American politics
R 338.7 Book   The Book of lists
R 340 Massachuse   Massachusetts lawyers diary and manual: including bar directory
R 353 Washington   Washington information directory
R 378.3 Petersons 2018   Peterson's how to get money for college: financing your future beyond federal aid
R 528 Old   The (Old) farmer's almanack 
R 615.1 Complete   Complete guide to prescription & non-prescription drugs
R 706 Artists   Artist's market: how and where to sell your art
R 796.54 Good Sam   Good Sam RV travel & savings guide
Large Print
Call Number Author Title
LP 305.8914 Khan Khan, Khizr, An American family: a memoir of hope and sacrifice 
LP 324.973 ODonnell O'Donnell, Lawrence, Playing with fire: the 1968 election and the transformation of American politics 
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LP 940.5344 La Rochfoucauld, Robert de Kix, Paul, The saboteur: the aristocrat who became France's most daring anti-Nazi commando