New Materials—April 2014
Boudreau Branch Library
Call Number Author Title
FICTION Sharma, Akhil Sharma, Akhil, Family life : a novel 
FICTION Baldacci, David Baldacci, David, The target 
FICTION Binchy, Maeve Binchy, Maeve. Chestnut Street 
FICTION Chase, Joan Chase, Joan. During the reign of the Queen of Persia 
FICTION Coffey, Billy Coffey, Billy. The Devil walks in Mattingly 
FICTION Cohen, Leah Hager Cohen, Leah Hager. No book but the world 
FICTION Davidson, Hilary Davidson, Hilary, Blood always tells 
FICTION Davis, Lydia Davis, Lydia, Can't and won't 
FICTION Dickey, Eric Jerome Dickey, Eric Jerome. A wanted woman 
FICTION Duffy, Erin Duffy, Erin. On the rocks : a novel 
FICTION Dunmore, Helen Dunmore, Helen, The lie 
FICTION Gable, Michelle Gable, Michelle. A Paris apartment 
FICTION Gay, Roxane Gay, Roxane. An untamed state 
FICTION Graedon, Alena Graedon, Alena. The word exchange : a novel 
FICTION Griffin, Laura Griffin, Laura, Far gone 
FICTION Grossman, David Grossman, David. Falling out of time 
FICTION Harvkey, Mike Harvkey, Mike. In the course of human events 
FICTION Hayder, Mo Hayder, Mo, Wolf 
FICTION Hayes, Samantha Hayes, Samantha. Until you're mine : a novel 
FICTION Haynes, Elizabeth Haynes, Elizabeth, Under a silent moon : a novel 
FICTION Kasischke, Laura Kasischke, Laura, Mind of winter : a novel 
FICTION Korelitz, Jean Hanff Korelitz, Jean Hanff, You should have known 
FICTION Kuhn, Shane Kuhn, Shane. The intern's handbook : a thriller 
FICTION Litman, Ellen Litman, Ellen. Mannequin girl : a novel 
FICTION MacDonnell, Julia MacDonnell, Julia. Mimi Malloy, at last! : a novel 
FICTION Mai, Jia Mai, Jia, Decoded 
FICTION Matthiessen, Peter Matthiessen, Peter. In paradise : a novel 
FICTION Milchman, Jenny Milchman, Jenny. Ruin Falls : a novel 
FICTION Oates, Joyce Carol Oates, Joyce Carol, High crime area : tales of darkness and dread 
FICTION Palmer, Daniel Palmer, Daniel, Desperate 
FICTION Rosnay, Tatiana de Rosnay, Tatiana de, The other story 
FICTION Scottoline, Lisa Scottoline, Lisa. Keep quiet 
FICTION Shipstead, Maggie Shipstead, Maggie, Astonish me 
FICTION Simpson, Mona Simpson, Mona. Casebook : a novel 
FICTION Thompson, Ted Thompson, Ted, The land of steady habits : a novel 
FICTION Ullmann, Linn Ullmann, Linn, The cold song 
FICTION Woods, Stuart Woods, Stuart. Carnal curiosity 
FICTION Wroe, Simon Wroe, Simon. Chop chop 
FICTION Wyld, Evie Wyld, Evie, All the birds, singing 
FICTION Yrsa Sigurdardottir Yrsa SigurĂ°ardĂłttir. I remember you : a ghost story 
FICTION Zimmerman, Jean Zimmerman, Jean. Savage girl 
MYSTERY Cotterill, Colin Cotterill, Colin. The axe factor 
MYSTERY  French, Nicci French, Nicci. Waiting for Wednesday 
MYSTERY Lackberg, Camilla Läckberg, Camilla, The hidden child 
MYSTERY Leon, Donna Leon, Donna. By its cover 
SCI FIC Beckett, Chris Beckett, Chris, Dark Eden 
SCI FIC Gregory, Daryl Gregory, Daryl, Afterparty 
Call Number Author Title
006.754 Stone Stone, Biz. Things a little bird told me : confessions of the creative mind 
070.92 Caldwell Caldwell, Gail, New life, no instructions : a memoir 
158.12 Harris Harris, Dan, 10% happier : how I tamed the voice in my head, reduced stress without losing my edge, and found self-help that actually works--a true story 
184 Goldstein Goldstein, Rebecca, Plato at the Googleplex : why philosophy won't go away 
305.2097 Taylor Taylor, Paul, The next America : boomers, millennials, and the looming generational showdown 
323.448 Angwin Angwin, Julia. Dragnet nation : a quest for privacy, security, and freedom in a world of relentless surveillance 
328.7309 Warren Warren, Elizabeth. A fighting chance 
331.44 Schulte Schulte, Brigid, Overwhelmed : work, love, and play when no one has the time 
332.041 Piketty Piketty, Thomas, Capital in the twenty-first century 
332.6209 Lewis Lewis, Michael Flash boys : a Wall Street revolt 
363.325 Helman Helman, Scott. Long mile home : Boston under attack, the city's courageous recovery, and the epic hunt for justice 
364.1523 Kirn Kirn, Walter, Blood will out : the true story of a murder, a mystery, and a masquerade
590.752 Turner Turner, Alexis, Taxidermy 
614.542 Goetz Goetz, Thomas, The remedy : Robert Koch, Arthur Conan Doyle, and the quest to cure tuberculosis 
615.945 Booth Booth, Michael, Eating dangerously : why the government can't keep your food safe... andhow you can 
636.6865 Burger Burger, Joanna. The parrot who owns me : the story of a relationship 
641.5636 Liddon Liddon, Angela. The oh she glows cookbook : over 100 vegan recipes to glow from the inside out 
641.5636 Madison Madison, Deborah. The new vegetarian cooking for everyone 
641.5944 Brazier Brazier, EugĂ©nie, La mre Brazier : the mother of modern French cooking 
641.5944 Lebovitz Lebovitz, David. My Paris kitchen : recipes and stories 
641.5974 Gibney Gibney, Michael. Sous chef : 24 hours on the line 
649.092 Stibbe Stibbe, Nina, Love, Nina : a nanny writes home 
741.5697 Mankoff Mankoff, Robert. How about never-- is never good for you? : my life in cartoons 
791.4302 Harris Harris, Mark, Five came back : a story of Hollywood and the Second World War 
791.4302 Temple Kasson, John F., The little girl who fought the Great Depression : Shirley Temple and 1930s America 
813.54 Ehrenreich Ehrenreich, Barbara. Living with a wild god : a nonbeliever's search for the truth about everything 
813.54 Updike Begley, Adam. Updike 
813.6 Brockmeier Brockmeier, Kevin. A few seconds of radiant filmstrip : a memoir of seventh grade 
818.54 Mayes Mayes, Frances. Under magnolia : a Southern memoir 
818.6 Carlin Carlin, Patricia. How to make your cat an internet celebrity : a guide to financial freedom 
818.609 Keegan Keegan, Marina, The opposite of loneliness : essays and stories 
907.202 Fest Fest, Joachim C., Not I : memoirs of a German childhood 
995 Hoffman Hoffman, Carl, Savage harvest : a tale of cannibals, colonialism, and Michael Rockefeller's tragic quest for primitive art 
322.6209 Lewis Lewis, Michael Flash boys : a Wall Street revolt 
Call Number Author Title
CDB 956.054 Shavit Shavit, Ari. My promised land 
CDB J 551 Cole Cole, Joanna The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth 
CDB J 551.46 Cole Cole, Joanna. The magic school bus, on the ocean floor 
CDB J 567.9 Cole Cole, Joanna. Magic school bus in the time of dinosaurs 
CDB J 612 Cole Cole, Joanna. The magic school bus : inside the human body 
CDB J DAH Dahl, Roald. Fantastic Mr .Fox 
CDB J HEN Henkes, Kevin, The year of Billy Miller 
CDB J WIL Williams, Linda, The little old lady who was not afraid of anything 
Call Number Author Title
DVD 305.42 GIR   Girl rising 
DVD 523.1 BRI   A brief history of time 
DVD 599.938 YOU   Your inner fish 
DVD 759.13 CUT   Cutie and the boxer 
DVD 781.64 MUS   Muscle Shoals 
DVD 781.66 PUN   The punk singer.
DVD AME   Mandela 
DVD AME 1   The Americans. The complete first season 
DVD AUG   August: osage county 
DVD AUS   Austenland 
DVD BAD   Bad country 
DVD BLE 2   The Bletchley circle. Season 2. 
DVD CAL 6   Californication. 
DVD CAS 5   Castle. The complete fifth season 
DVD DOC 1   Doctor Who. The complete first series 
DVD DOC 2   Doctor Who. The complete second series 
DVD DOC 3   Doctor Who. The complete third series 
DVD DOC 5   Doctor Who complete 5th series 
DVD DOC 6   Doctor Who. The complete sixth series 
DVD DOC 7   Doctor Who. The complete seventh series 
DVD FAL 1   The fall. Series 1 
DVD FLO   Flowers in the attic 
DVD FOR   47 Ronin 
DVD GEO 1   George Gently. Series 1 
DVD GEO 2   George Gently 
DVD GEO 3   George Gently. Series 3 
DVD GEO 4   George Gently. Series 4 
DVD GEO 5   George Gently. Series 5 
DVD GEO 6   George Gently. Series 6 
DVD GRA   Gravity 
DVD GRE   The great beauty 
DVD GRE   Great expectations 
DVD HOB   The hobbit. The desolation of Smaug 
DVD HOM   Homefront 
DVD JUD 1   Judge John Deed. Season one 
DVD JUD 2   Judge John Deed. Season two 
DVD JUD 3   Judge John Deed. Season three 
DVD JUD 4   Judge John Deed. Season four 
DVD JUD 5   Judge John Deed. Season 5 
DVD LEG   The legend of Hercules 
DVD MAN   Mandela 
DVD ODD   Odd Thomas 
DVD PAR   Parade's end 
DVD PRI   Pride and prejudice 
DVD RIP 2   Ripper Street. Season two 
DVD ROS   Rosemary's baby 
DVD SEC   The secret life of Walter Mitty 
DVD SEV   Sjunde inseglet 
DVD SPI   Spies of Warsaw 
DVD TOP   Top of the lake 
DVD BOR 1   Borgen. Season 1 
DVD DAL   Dallas buyers club 
DVD PHI   Philomena 
DVD RIP 1   Ripper Street 
DVD WOL   The wolf of Wall Street 
DVD J ANG   Angelina Ballerina. Spring fling 
DVD J CUR   Curious George. Takes a vacation and discovers new things! 
DVD J LEG   LEGO Star wars. The Yoda chronicles 
DVD J MAX   Max & Ruby. Everybunny loves spring!.
DVD J MIS 1   The original Mr. Peabody & Sherman wabac adventures. Vol 1 
DVD J MIS 2   The original Mr. Peabody & Sherman : Wabac adventures. Vol 2 
DVD J SOF   Sofia the first. The floating palace 
DVD J TEE   Teenage mutant ninja turtles. Mutagen mayhem 
DVD J THO   Thomas & friends. Railway mischief 
DVD YA HUN   The hunger games, catching fire 
Children's and Young Adult Fiction
Call Number Author Title
J [Beginning] BUN Bunting, Eve, Frog and friends : best summer ever 
J [Beginning] HEN Henry, Steve. Happy Cat 
J [Beginning] JOY Joyner, Andrew. Boris sees the light 
J [Beginning] LES LeSieg, Theo., Ten apples up on top! By Theo. LeSieg. Illustrated by Roy McKie.
J [Beginning] LIN Lin, Grace. Ling & Ting share a birthday 
J [Beginning] MCC McCully, Emily Arnold, Little ducks go 
J [Beginning] SCH Schaefer, Carole Lexa. Monkey and Elephant 
J [Beginning] SEU LeSieg, Theo., Wacky Wednesday, by Theo. LeSieg. Illustrated by George Booth.
J [Board] Alborough, Jez. Hug 
J [Board] Barton, Byron. Boats 
J [Board] Biggs, Brian, 123 beep beep beep! : a counting book 
J [Board] Blair, Karen, Baby animal farm 
J [Board] Blake, Michel. Baby's day 
J [Board] Boynton, Sandra. Are you a cow? 
J [Board] Boynton, Sandra. Blue hat, green hat 
J [Board] Boynton, Sandra. But not the hippopotamus 
J [Board] Boynton, Sandra. Happy hippo, angry duck : a book of moods 
J [Board] Boynton, Sandra. Pajama time! 
J [Board] Carle, Eric. Does a kangaroo have a mother, too? 
J [Board]   Curious George hide-and-seek.
J [Board] Franceschelli, Christopher, Alphablock 
J [Board] Gibson, Ginger Foglesong. Fiesta! 
J [Board] Henkes, Kevin. Julius's candy corn 
J [Board] Henkes, Kevin. Wemberly's ice-cream star 
J [Board] Janovitz, Marilyn. Go baby go! 
J [Board] Keats, Ezra Jack. The snowy day 
J [Board] Logan, Bob. Rocket Town 
J [Board] London, Jonathan, Wiggle waggle 
J [Board] Meyers, Susan. Everywhere babies 
J [Board] Rosen, Michael, We're going on a bear hunt 
J [Board] Scarry, Richard. Richard Scarry's From 1 to 10.
J [Board] Scarry, Richard. Richard Scarry's shapes & opposites 
J [Board] Tafuri, Nancy. Blue goose : a book about colors 
J [Board] Tafuri, Nancy. The busy little squirrel 
J [Board] Van Fleet, Matthew. Sniff! 
J [Board] Watt, Fiona. That's not my panda-- : its ears are too fluffy 
J [Board] Willems, Mo. The Pigeon loves things that go! : a smidgeon of pigeon 
J [GRAPHIC] Annie Lambert, Joseph, The Center for Cartoon Studies presents Annie Sullivan and the trials ofHelen Keller 
J [GRAPHIC] Asterix Goscinny, Asterix omnibus 2 : Asterix the Gladiator, Asterix and the Banquet, Asterix and Cleopatra 
J [GRAPHIC] Asterix Goscinny, Asterix omnibus. 4 : Asterix the legionary, Asterix and the Chieftain's shield, Asterix at the Olympic Games 
J [GRAPHIC] Babymouse v18 Holm, Jennifer L. Happy birthday, Babymouse! 
J [GRAPHIC] Batman Fisch, Sholly. All-new Batman : the brave and the bold : small miracles 
J [GRAPHIC] Bird Burks, James Bird & Squirrel on the run 
J [GRAPHIC] Bluffton Phelan, Matt, Bluffton : my summers with Buster 
J [GRAPHIC] Fairy   Fairy tale comics : 
J [GRAPHIC] Great Brown, Don, The great American Dust Bowl 
J [GRAPHIC] Monster Harrell, Rob, Monster on the hill 
J [GRAPHIC] Silver Lieberman, A. J., The Silver Six 
J CHA Chainani, Soman, The School for Good and Evil 
J CHI Child, Lauren. Ruby Redfort look into my eyes 
J ENG English, Karen. Dog days 
J GIF Giff, Patricia Reilly. Winter sky 
J HER Herrera, Robin. Hope is a ferris wheel 
J HIL Hill, Kirkpatrick. Bo at Ballard Creek 
J HOL Holm, Jennifer L. Eighth grade is making me sick : Ginny Davis's year in stuff 
J HUR Hurwitz, Johanna, The two and only Kelly twins 
J JON Jones, Diana Wynne. Earwig and the witch 
J KEL Keller, Laurie. Bowling alley bandit 
J LAI Lai, Thanhha. Inside out & back again 
J LOR Lord, Cynthia, Half a chance 
J MAC MacLachlan, Patricia. White fur flying 
J MCC, McCall Smith, Alexander, The mystery of Meerkat Hill : a Precious Ramotswe mystery for young readers 
J MYR Myracle, Lauren, The life of Ty : penguin problems 
J PAR Parish, Herman. Amelia Bedelia means business 
J PAT Patterson, James, I funny 
J PFL Pflugfelder, Bob, Nick and Tesla's high-voltage danger lab : a mystery with electromagnets,burglar alarms, and other gadgets you can build yourself 
J PRI Primavera, Elise. Libby of High Hopes 
J STE Sternberg, Julie. Like pickle juice on a cookie 
J STR Stroud, Jonathan. The screaming staircase 
J VEN Venkatraman, Padma. A time to dance 
J VOA Voake, Steve. Hooey Higgins and the shark 
J WES Weston, Carol. Ava and Pip 
J WIL Williams-Garcia, Rita. One crazy summer 
YA BUR Burgess, Melvin, The hit 
YA HAN Han, Jenny, To all the boys I've loved before 
YA RUP Rupp, Rebecca. After Eli 
YA SAN Sanderson, Brandon. Steelheart 
YA SMI Smith, Sherri L. Orleans 
YA GRI Griffin, N. The whole stupid way we are 
YA PAI Paige, D. M., Dorothy must die 
Children's Picture Books
Call Number Author Title
J [Picture] ATI Atinuke. Splash, Anna Hibiscus! 
J [Picture] CHA Chaud, Benjamin. The bear's song 
J [Picture] COL Cole, Henry, Big bug 
J [Picture] DIS Saxon, Victoria Frozen. 
J [Picture] GRA Gravett, Emily, Matilda's cat 
J [Picture] HIL Hills, Tad, Duck & Goose go to the beach 
J [Picture] KLA Klausmeier, Jesse. Open this little book 
J [Picture] MES Meshon, Aaron. Take me out to the Yakyu 
J [Picture] NOR Norman, Kim. Puddle pug 
J [Picture] PRE Preston-Gannon, Frann, How to lose a lemur 
J [Picture] SPR Springstubb, Tricia. Phoebe and Digger 
J [Picture] SUP   DC Super heroes storybook collection.
J [Picture] TEA Teague, Mark. The three little pigs and the somewhat bad wolf 
Children's Non-Fiction
Call Number Author Title
J 363.1196 Aronson Aronson, Marc. Trapped : How the World Rescued 33 Miners from 2,000 Feet below the Chilean Desert 
J 385.0973 Floca Floca, Brian. Locomotive 
J 398 Grimm Grimm, Jacob, Hansel and Gretel 
J 398 Wang Wang, Gabrielle, The race for the Chinese Zodiac 
J 398 Weulersse Weulersse, Odile, Nasreddine 
J 398 Zemach Zemach, Margot. The three wishes : an old story 
J 531.14 Chin Chin, Jason, Gravity 
J 571.76 Pearson Pearson, Carrie A., A cool summer tail 
J 573.88 Jenkins Jenkins, Steve, Eye to eye : how animals see the world 
J 591.479 Pearson Pearson, Carrie A., A warm winter tail 
J 595.789 Burns Burns, Loree Griffin. Handle with care : an unusual butterfly journey 
J 612.84 Macauley Macaulay, David, Eye : how it works 
J 745.5 Kingloff Kingloff, Amanda. ProjectKid : 100 ingenious crafts for family fun 
J 790 Unbored   Unbored : the essential field guide to serious fun 
J 811 Gibson Gibson, Amy Around the world on eighty legs (more or less) 
J 940.5453 Sheinkin Sheinkin, Steve. The Port Chicago 50 : disaster, mutiny, and the fight for civil rights