New Materials—April 2014
Collins Branch Library
Call Number Author Title
FICTION Atkinson, Kate Atkinson, Kate. Life after life : a novel 
FICTION Baldacci, David Baldacci, David, The target 
FICTION Binchy, Maeve Binchy, Maeve. Chestnut Street 
FICTION Chase, Joan Chase, Joan. During the reign of the Queen of Persia 
FICTION Davis, Lydia Davis, Lydia, Can't and won't 
FICTION Deck, Julia Deck, Julia. Viviane 
FICTION French, Nicci French, Nicci. Waiting for Wednesday 
FICTION Grossman, David Grossman, David. Falling out of time 
FICTION Kasischke, Laura Kasischke, Laura, Mind of winter : a novel 
FICTION Keating, Kevin Keating, Kevin P. The natural order of things : a novel 
FICTION Kuhn, Shane Kuhn, Shane. The intern's handbook : a thriller 
FICTION Long, Dustin Long, Dustin, Bad teeth 
FICTION Manto, Saadat Hasan Maná¹­o, Saʻādat Ḥasan, Bombay stories 
FICTION Marciano, Francesca Marciano, Francesca. The Other Language : Stories 
FICTION Moore, Christopher Moore, Christopher, The serpent of Venice 
FICTION Neely-Cohen, Maxwell Neely-Cohen, Maxwell. Echo of the boom 
FICTION Quick, Amanda Quick, Amanda. Otherwise engaged 
FICTION Quindlen, Anna Quindlen, Anna, Still life with bread crumbs : a novel 
FICTION Roberts, Nora Roberts, Nora. The collector 
FICTION Rosnay, Tatiana de Rosnay, Tatiana de, The other story 
FICTION Scottoline, Lisa Scottoline, Lisa. Keep quiet 
FICTION Simpson, Mona Simpson, Mona. Casebook : a novel 
FICTION Wyld, Evie Wyld, Evie, All the birds, singing 
FICTION Yrsa Sigurdardottir Yrsa Sigurðardóttir. I remember you : a ghost story 
MYSTERY Black, Benjamin Black, Benjamin, The black-eyed blonde : a Philip Marlowe novel 
Call Number Author Title
294.509 Doniger Doniger, Wendy. The Hindus : an alternative history 
328.7309 Warren Warren, Elizabeth. A fighting chance 
331.44 Schulte Schulte, Brigid, Overwhelmed : work, love, and play when no one has the time 
332.041 Piketty Piketty, Thomas, Capital in the twenty-first century 
332.6209 Lewis Lewis, Michael Flash boys : a Wall Street revolt 
363.325 Helman Helman, Scott. Long mile home : Boston under attack, the city's courageous recovery, and the epic hunt for justice 
364.1523 Schecter Schechter, Harold. The mad sculptor : the maniac, the model, and the murder that shook the nation 
370.917 Braun Braun, Adam, The promise of a pencil : how an ordinary person can create extraordinary change 
598.0723 Strycker Strycker, Noah K., The thing with feathers : the surprising lives of birds, and what they reveal about being human 
629.04 Ascher Ascher, Kate. The way to go : moving by sea, land, and air 
641.5944 Brazier Brazier, Eugénie, La mre Brazier : the mother of modern French cooking 
648.5 Kerr Kerr, Jolie. My boyfriend barfed in my handbag ... and other things you can't ask Martha 
782.4216 Hoen Hoen, Sean Madigan, Songs only you know 
796.6097 Weber Weber, Bruce, Life is a wheel : love, death, etc., and a bike ride across America 
813.54 Ehrenreich Ehrenreich, Barbara. Living with a wild god : a nonbeliever's search for the truth about everything 
909.0492 Schama Schama, Simon, The story of the Jews : finding the words, 1000 BC-1492 AD 
954.7 Boo Boo, Katherine. Behind the beautiful forevers 
995 Hoffman Hoffman, Carl, Savage harvest : a tale of cannibals, colonialism, and Michael Rockefeller's tragic quest for primitive art 
Call Number Author Title
DVD 709.17 HID   The hidden art of Islam.
DVD AUG   August: osage county 
DVD BRO   The broken circle breakdown 
DVD BRO 1   Broadchurch. The complete first season.
DVD FLO   Flowers in the attic 
DVD HEA   Heathers 
DVD HUN   The hunger games, catching fire 
DVD J MIS 1   The original Mr. Peabody & Sherman wabac adventures. Vol 1 
DVD PHI   Philomena 
DVD J 324 STA   History I need to know. Presidential elections.
DVD J 598.47 PEN   Penguins 
DVD J 625.19 I   I love toy trains. Ticket to ride a McComas
DVD J BLA   Black nativity 
DVD J CLU   Clueless 
DVD J MIS 2   The original Mr. Peabody & Sherman : Wabac adventures. Vol 2 
DVD J PEP   Peppa pig. My birthday party.
DVD J POK   Pokemon. Black & white. Rival destinies, set 2.
DVD J THO   Thor. The dark world 
DVD J WIN   Winnie the Pooh. Springtime with Roo.
DVD J WOL   Wolf children 
Call Number Author Title
CDB J SNI Snicket, Lemony. The grim grotto 
CDB J HEN Henkes, Kevin, The year of Billy Miller 
CD J Gasoi, Jennifer Gasoi, Jennifer. Throw a penny in the wishing well 
Children's and Young Adult Fiction
Call Number Author Title
J [Series] DIX Dixon, Franklin W. Mystery of the desert giant 
J [Series] MEA Meadows, Daisy. Bailey the Babysitter Fairy 
J HUR Hurwitz, Michele Weber. The summer I saved the world ... in 65 days 
J MCD McDonald, Megan. The big bad blackout 
J SNI Snicket, Lemony. File under: 13 suspicious incidents 
J TAS Tashjian, Janet. My life as a joke 
J WAL Walton, Leslye J. The strange & beautiful sorrows of Ava Lavender 
J WES Weston, Carol. Ava and Pip 
J [Beginning] HOL Holub, Joan. Snow day! 
J [Beginning] HOL Holub, Joan. Spring is here! : a story about seeds 
J [Beginning] RIL Riley, J. D. Axel the truck : rocky road 
J [Beginning] ROO Roop, Peter. Baby dolphin's first day 
J [Board] Donenfeld, Deborah. Baby A B C 
J [Board] Hills, Tad. Duck & Goose find a pumpkin 
J [Board] Lionni, Leo, Let's play 
J [Board] Riggs, Kate. A seed needs sun 
J [Board] Yang, Belle. A nest in springtime : a bilingual book of numbers 
J [GRAPHIC] Leo Chad, Jon, Leo Geo and the cosmic crisis ; Matt Data and the cosmic crisis 
J [GRAPHIC] March Book 1 Lewis, John, March : Book One 
YA ORW Orwell, George, 1984 : a novel 
YA CHA Charlton-Trujillo, e. E., Fat Angie 
YA STE Stewart, Elizabeth, Blue gold 
Children's Picture Books
Call Number Author Title
J [Picture] ALL Allen, Jonathan, Is that my cat? 
J [Picture] BRO Brown, Marc Tolon. In New York 
J [Picture] CLA   Class trip.
J [Picture] DAV Davies, Stephen, Don't spill the milk 
J [Picture] DIS   Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse : barn dance.
J [Picture] DIS   Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse : Mickey and friends.
J [Picture] DIS Wavle, Ardra. Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse : the big, big wind 
J [Picture] ESC Escoffier, Michaël, The day I lost my superpowers 
J [Picture] GRA Gray, Rita, Have you heard the nesting bird? 
J [Picture] ISM Ismail, Yasmeen, Time for bed, Fred! 
J [Picture] JAV Javaherbin, Mina. Soccer star 
J [Picture] MAR Martin, Bill, Chicka chicka boom boom 
J [Picture] MCD McDonald, Megan, Shoe dog 
J [Picture] OFF Offill, Jenny, Sparky! 
J [Picture] PHI Phillipps, J. C. The Simples love a picnic 
J [Picture] PUC Puchner, Willy The ABC of Fabulous Princesses. 
J [Picture] SIE Sierra, Judy, E-I-E-I-O : how old MacDonald got his farm (with a little help from a hen) 
J [Picture] WIT Witek, Jo, Hello in there! : a big sister's book of waiting 
J [Picture] YOU Young, Ed. Seven blind mice 
Children's Non-Fiction
Call Number Author Title
J 302.34 Criswell Criswell, Patti Kelley. Stand up for yourself & your friends : dealing with bullies and bossiness, and finding a better way 
J 331.7677 Malam Malam, John, You wouldn't want to be a Victorian mill worker! : a grueling job you'd rather not have 
J 363.34 Higgins Higgins, Nadia. Natural disasters through infographics 
J 398 Hausman Hausman, Gerald. The otter, the spotted frog & the Great Flood : a Creek Indian story 
J 398 Lee Lee, H. Chuku. Beauty and the beast : a retelling 
J 398.469 Steer Steer, Dugald. Dr. Ernest Drake's Dragonology handbook : a practical course in dragons 
J 507.8 Adamick Adamick, Mike, Dad's book of awesome science experiments : from boiling ice and floating grapes to erupting volcanoes and launching rockets, 30 inventive experiments to excite the whole family! 
J 516 Wingard-Nelson Wingard-Nelson, Rebecca Geometry: It's Easy. 
J 530 Rowell Rowell, Rebecca. Forces and motion through infographics 
J 551.6 Rowell Rowell, Rebecca. Weather and climate through infographics 
J 552 Wallace Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth. Rocks! rocks! rocks! 
J 560 Mavrikis Mavrikis, Peter Fossils. 
J 571.8 Higgins Higgins, Nadia. Life science through infographics 
J 573.88 Jenkins Jenkins, Steve, Eye to eye : how animals see the world 
J 599.884 Simon Simon, Seymour. Gorillas 
J 612 Dods Dods, Emma, WOW! : surprising facts about the human body 
J 646.7008 Smart   A smart girl's guide to sticky situations : how to tackle tricky, icky problems and tough times 
J 688.725 Kenney Kenney, Sean. Cool city 
J 912 National Isaacs, Sally Senzell, National Geographic kids ultimate globetrotting world atlas 
J 932.014 Morley Morley, Jacqueline. You wouldn't want to be a pyramid builder! : a hazardous job you'd rather not have 
J 937 Malam Malam, John, You wouldn't want to be a Roman gladiator! : gory things you'd rather not know 
J 937.7256 Malam Malam, John, You wouldn't want to live in Pompeii! : a volcanic eruption you'd ratheravoid 
J 973.7092 Brown Brown, Don, He has shot the president! : April 14, 1865 : the day John Wilkes Booth killed President Lincoln 
J 973.7115 Fradin Fradin, Judith Bloom. The price of freedom : how one town stood up to slavery