New MaterialsóApril 2014
O'Connell Branch Library
Call Number Author Title
FICTION Baldacci, David Baldacci, David, The target
FICTION Iles, Greg Iles, Greg. Natchez burning : a novel
FICTION Kaysen, Susanna Kaysen, Susanna, Cambridge
FICTION Quick, Amanda Quick, Amanda. Otherwise engaged
FICTION Roberts, Nora Roberts, Nora. The collector
FICTION Scottoline, Lisa Scottoline, Lisa. Keep quiet
FICTION Woods, Stuart Woods, Stuart. Carnal curiosity
FICTION Binchy, Maeve Binchy, Maeve. Chestnut Street
FICTION Cohen, Leah Hager Cohen, Leah Hager. No book but the world
FICTION Davidson, Hilary Davidson, Hilary, Blood always tells
FICTION Dickey, Eric Jerome Dickey, Eric Jerome. A wanted woman
FICTION Gay, Roxane Gay, Roxane. An untamed state
FICTION Hayes, Samantha Hayes, Samantha. Until you're mine : a novel
FICTION Korelitz, Jean Hanff Korelitz, Jean Hanff, You should have known
FICTION Kuhn, Shane Kuhn, Shane. The intern's handbook : a thriller
FICTION Oyeyemi, Helen Oyeyemi, Helen. Boy, snow, bird : a novel
FICTION Palmer, Daniel Palmer, Daniel, Desperate
FICTION Rosenberg, Joel Rosenberg, Joel C., The Auschwitz escape
[CH] FICTION Ruoxu Ruoxu. Da mou xiao ji wu shi nian : Zhuge Liang zhuan
FICTION Sharma, Akhil Sharma, Akhil, Family life : a novel
FICTION Simpson, Mona Simpson, Mona. Casebook : a novel
[CH] FICTION Wang, Shujun Wang, Shujun, Er shou nan ren = Divorced man
FICTION Ward, J R Ward, J. R., The king : a novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood
SCI FIC Gregory, Daryl Gregory, Daryl, Afterparty
[PB] ROMANCE A Ashley, Jennifer. Wild wolf
[PB] ROMANCE F Foster, Lori, Dash of peril
[PB] ROMANCE H Higgins, Kristan. Waiting on you
[PB] ROMANCE M Mallery, Susan. When we met
[PB] ROMANCE N Novak, Brenda, Come home to me
[PB] ROMANCE S Showalter, Gena Burning Dawn.
[PB] ROMANCE T Thomas, Jodi. Betting the rainbow
Call Number Author Title
[CH] 158 Wang Wang, Jianmin. Di diao zuo ren de 50 ge mi ma, gao diao zuo shi de 50 ge xi jie
158.12 Harris Harris, Dan, 10% happier : how I tamed the voice in my head, reduced stress without losing my edge, and found self-help that actually works--a true story
158.12 Simmons Simmons, Russell. Success through stillness : meditation made simple
282.092 Francis Pope Francis Church of Mercy.
[CH] 306.0951 Cai Cai, Xiaowei. Zhonghua wen hua shi wan ge wei shen mo?. 10, Min su feng qing
323.34 Carter Carter, Jimmy, A call to action : women, religion, violence, and power
328.7309 Warren Warren, Elizabeth. A fighting chance
[CH] 330.973 Wang Wang, Yang. Hua'er Jie di yi ge Hua ren da heng : Cai Zhiyong he Meiguo jin rong bainian xing shuai
331.44 Schulte Schulte, Brigid, Overwhelmed : work, love, and play when no one has the time
332.041 Piketty Piketty, Thomas, Capital in the twenty-first century
332.6209 Lewis Lewis, Michael Flash boys : a Wall Street revolt
362.88 Bauman Bauman, Jeff. Stronger
363.325 Helman Helman, Scott. Long mile home : Boston under attack, the city's courageous recovery, and the epic hunt for justice
[CH] 394.12 Li Li, Maixun. She jian xia de Zhongguo : yi ge tao tie min zuo de qian shi jin sheng
423.1 Oxford   Oxford advanced American dictionary for learners of English
428.2 Straus Straus, Jane The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation: An Easy-To-Use Guide with Clear Rules, Real-World Examples, and Reproducible Quizzes.
463.21 Websters School Specialty Publishing Webster's English
495.1321 Merriam Merriam-Webster Merriam-Webster's Chinese-English Dictionary.
576.84 Kolbert Kolbert, Elizabeth. The sixth extinction : an unnatural history
[CH] 613.262 Su   Su shi you su zhi
616.462 Fuhrman Fuhrman, Joel, The end of diabetes : the eat to live plan to prevent and reverse diabetes
618.178 Silverstone Silverstone, Alicia, The kind mama : a simple guide to supercharged fertility, a radiant pregnancy, a sweeter birth, and a healthier, more beautiful beginning
635.0484 Martin Martin, Deborah L., Rodale's basic organic gardening : a beginner's guide to starting a healthy garden
635.965 Chapman Chapman, Baylor. The plant recipe book : 100 living arrangements for any home in any season
641.5 Food   Food & wine annual cookbook : an entire year of recipes.
[CH] 641.5 Ning Ning, Weiyan, Yang sheng dou jiang mi hu wu gu zhi guo shu zhi su cha quan shu
[CH] 641.5 Shi   Shi yong mian dian zhi zuo ji fa quan tu jie
641.563 Davis Davis, William, Wheat belly 30-minute (or less!) cookbook : 200 quick and simple recipesto lose the wheat, lose the weight, and find your path back to health
641.5636 Harper Harper, Bob. Skinny meals : everything you need to lose weight-fast!
641.5636 Liddon Liddon, Angela. The oh she glows cookbook : over 100 vegan recipes to glow from the inside out
641.5944 Lebovitz Lebovitz, David. My Paris kitchen : recipes and stories
[CH] 641.5951 Shu Shu, Guozhong. Sichuan xiao chi da quan
643.7 Book   Black & Decker the book of home how-to the complete photo guide to home repair & improvement.
[CH] 649.1 Wang Wang, Xiao. N ren ming bai yao chen zao zhi san guan yi sui
650.14 Quillen Quillen, W. Daniel The Perfect Resume: How to Craft a New Economy Resume That Will Get You Inside the Door!
741.5697 Mankoff Mankoff, Robert. How about never-- is never good for you? : my life in cartoons
745.5942 Driggs Driggs, Helen I. The Jewelry Maker's Field Guide: Tools and Essential Techniques.
745.5942 Mentock Mentock, Deryn, The jewelry maker's design book : an alchemy of objects techniques, and design notes for one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces
745.92 Becker Becker, Holly Decorate with Flowers: Creative Arrangements * Styling Inspiration * Container Projects * Design Tips.
[CH] 759.951 Hu Hu, Jiujiu, Kong, huan xi : che yi che dang dai yi shu
791.4302 Temple Kasson, John F., The little girl who fought the Great Depression : Shirley Temple and 1930s America
796.812 Sullivan Sullivan, Kevin. WWE 50
813.54 Ehrenreich Ehrenreich, Barbara. Living with a wild god : a nonbeliever's search for the truth about everything
818.609 Keegan Keegan, Marina, The opposite of loneliness : essays and stories
[CH] 951 Li Li, Ao, Zhe yi ci, wo zhi liao zhen hua : shen ye shi tang
Call Number Author Title
DVD J ANG   Angelina Ballerina. Spring fling
DVD J BAR   Barbie. The Pearl Princess
DVD J CLI   Clifford the big red dog. Celebrate with Clifford
DVD J DIA   Diary of a wimpy kid
DVD J DIA   Diary of a wimpy kid. Dog days
DVD J ELE   The best of The Electric Company
DVD J ELE v2   The best of The Electric Company. Vol. 2
DVD J FRE   Free birds
DVD J FRO   Frozen
DVD J IRO   Iron Man and Hulk : heroes united.
DVD J JUS   Justice League
DVD J JUS   Justice League. Paradise lost
DVD J JUS   Justice League
DVD J LEG   Lego hero factory. Rise of the rookies
DVD J LEG   Lego ninjago masters of spinjitzu
DVD J LEG   Lego Ninjago masters of Spinjitzu. Rise of the Green Ninja
DVD J LEG   Savage planet
DVD J MAR   Mary Poppins
DVD J MUP   The Muppets Wizard of Oz
DVD J MUP 1   The Muppet Show. Season one
DVD J MUP 2   The Muppet show. 2
DVD J MUP 3   The Muppet show. 3
DVD J MY   My little pony, friendship is magic. A dash of awesome.
DVD J MY   My little pony, friendship is magic. A pony for every season.
DVD J MY   My little pony, friendship is magic
DVD J NEV   The NeverEnding story
DVD J SCO   Scooby-Doo. The best of the new Scooby-Doo movies
DVD J SES   Sesame Street. Elmo's world. All about animals
DVD J SOF   Sofia the first. The floating palace
DVD J THO   Thomas & friends. Spills & thrills
DVD J THO   Thomas & friends
DVD J THO   Thomas & friends. Thomas in charge
DVD J TOY 2   Toy story 2
DVD GAM 3   Game of thrones. The complete third season
DVD [CH] BIA   Bian jing feng yun
DVD [CH] JIA   Jiang ai qing jin xing dao di
DVD [CH] QIN   Qin jia guo nian
DVD AUG   August: osage county
DVD CHI   CZ12 = Chinese Zodiac
DVD CLO   Closed circuit
Call Number Author Title
BOP J DIC DiCamillo, Kate, Flora & Ulysses : the illuminated adventures
BOP J HOR Horvath, Polly, Lord and Lady Bunny -- almost royalty!
BOP J MAS Mass, Wendy, The last present
BOP J MUL Mull, Brandon, Spirit animals : book one: wild born
BOP J OSB Osborne, Mary Pope, Dinosaurs before dark
BOP J OSB Osborne, Mary Pope, The knight at dawn
BOP J OSB Osborne, Mary Pope, Mummies in the morning
BOP J OSB Osborne, Mary Pope, Pirates past noon
BOP J SNI Snicket, Lemony, When did you see her last?
BOP J VAL Valente, Catherynne M., The girl who soared over Fairyland and cut the moon in two
CDB J MAT Matthews, Caitlin, The barefoot book of princesses
CDB J REE Reed, Susan, Up, up, up!
CDB J WHE   Wheels on the Bus.
Children's and Young Adult Fiction
Call Number Author Title
J [Series] LEG Howard, Kate, The Lego movie Junior novel
J [Series] MEA Meadows, Daisy. Bailey the Babysitter Fairy
J ANG Angleberger, Tom, Princess Labelmaker to the rescue! : an Origami Yoda book
J BER Berrow, G. M. Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do double dare
J BUT Butterworth, Oliver. The enormous egg
J CHI Chick, Bryan. The secret zoo
J CHI Child, Lauren, Ruby Redfort look into my eyes
J CLE Clements, Andrew, Extra credit
J COO Cooper, Susan, The dark is rising
J CUR Curtis, Christopher Paul. Elijah of Buxton
J ENG English, Karen. Dog days
J FIT Fitzgerald, Laura Marx. Under the egg
J HAS Haskell, Merrie. Handbook for dragon slayers
J HEN Henkes, Kevin. The year of Billy Miller
J HIL Hill, Kirkpatrick. Bo at Ballard Creek
J HUR Hurwitz, Johanna, The two and only Kelly twins
J JON Jonell, Lynne. Emmy and the incredible shrinking rat
J JON Jones, Diana Wynne. Earwig and the witch
J KAD Kadohata, Cynthia. The thing about luck
J KAD Kadohata, Cynthia. Weedflower
J KEL Keller, Laurie. Bowling alley bandit
J KUR Kurtz, Chris, The adventures of a South Pole pig : a novel of snow and courage
J LAI Lai, Thanhha, Inside out & back again
J LOW Lowry, Lois. Gooney Bird Greene
J MAC MacLachlan, Patricia. White fur flying
J MAR Martin, Ann M., The doll people
J MCC McCall Smith, Alexander, The mystery of Meerkat Hill : a Precious Ramotswe mystery for young readers
J MYR Myracle, Lauren, The life of Ty : penguin problems
JPAR Parish, Herman. Amelia Bedelia means business
J PAR Parish, Herman. Amelia Bedelia means business
J PAT Patterson, James, I funny :
J PEI Peirce, Lincoln, Big Nate : in the zone
J PFL Pflugfelder, Bob, Nick and Tesla's high-voltage danger lab : a mystery with electromagnets,burglar alarms, and other gadgets you can build yourself
J PRI Primavera, Elise. Libby of High Hopes
J RYL Rylant, Cynthia. God got a dog
J SCH Schlitz, Laura Amy. The night fairy
J SPR Spratt, R. A. The adventures of Nanny Piggins
J STE Sternberg, Julie. Like pickle juice on a cookie
J STR Stroud, Jonathan. The screaming staircase
J TAY Taylor, Sydney, All-of-a-kind family
J VOA Voake, Steve. Hooey Higgins and the shark
J WIL Williams-Garcia, Rita. One crazy summer
J WIL Williams-Garcia, Rita. P.S. Be eleven
J [Beginning] DUN Dungy, Tony. Justin and the bully
J [Beginning] HEI Heilbroner, Joan. A pet named Sneaker
J [Beginning] hen Henry, Steve. Happy Cat
J [Beginning] JOY Joyner, Andrew. Boris sees the light
J [Beginning] KES Kessler, Leonard P., Mr. Pine's mixed-up signs
J [Beginning] KES Kessler, Leonard P., Mr. Pine's purple house
J [Beginning] LIN Lin, Grace. Ling & Ting : not exactly the same!
J [Beginning] LIN Lin, Grace. Ling & Ting share a birthday
J [Beginning] RAU Rau, Dana Meachen, Robot, go bot! : a comic reader
J [Beginning] SCH Schaefer, Carole Lexa. Monkey and Elephant
J [Beginning] SCHJ Schaefer, Carole Lexa. Monkey and Elephant
J [Board] Acredolo, Linda P. Baby signs for animals
J [Board] Ahlberg, Janet. Each peach pear plum
J [Board] Allen, Jonathan, I'm not sleepy!
J [Board] Andreae, Giles, Giraffes can't dance
J [Board]   Baby faces.
J [Board] Barrett, Mary Brigid, All fall down
J [Board] Barton, Byron. My car
J [Board] Beaumont, Karen, Shoe-la-la!
J [Board] Belle, Trixie. Beauty and the Beast
J [Board] Belle, Trixie, Goldilocks and the three bears
J [Board] Belle, Trixie The little mermaid
J [Board] Belle, Trixie, Little red riding hood
J [Board] Belle, Trixie. Rapunzel
J [Board] Belle, Trixie. Sleeping beauty
J [Board] Biggs, Brian, 123 beep beep beep! : a counting book
J [Board] Biggs, Brian. Blue bus, red balloon : a book of colors
J [Board] Biggs, Brian, Santa goes everywhere!
J [Board] Biggs, Brian. Stop! Go! : a book of opposites
J [Board] Biggs, Brian. What flies in the air?
J [Board] Boynton, Sandra. A to z
J [Board] Boynton, Sandra. Barnyard dance!
J [Board] Boynton, Sandra. But not the hippopotamus
J [Board] Boynton, Sandra. Fifteen animals!
J [Board] Boynton, Sandra. Fuzzy, fuzzy, fuzzy! : touch, skritch, & tickle book
J [Board] Boynton, Sandra. The going to bed book
J [Board] Carle, Eric. Eric Carle's all around us
J [Board] Carle, Eric. The very hungry caterpillar
J [Board] Carter, David A. Spot the dot : a surprising search-and-find based on the award-winning app!
J [Board] Christelow, Eileen. Five little monkeys jumping on the bed
J [Board] Coyle, Carmela LaVigna. Do princesses count?
J [Board] Cronin, Doreen. Click, clack, moo : cows that type
J [Board]   Curious George at the park : a touch and feel book.
J [Board]   Curious George at the zoo : a touch and feel book.
J [Board]   Curious George : color fun.
J [Board]   Curious George goes fishing
J [Board]   Curious George's 1 to 10 and back again
J [Board] Dunrea, Olivier. Gossie & Gertie
J [Board] Eastman, P. D. The alphabet book
J [Board] Eastman, P. D. Are you my mother?
J [Board] Eastman, P. D. Go, dog, go! : P. D. Eastman's book of things that go.
J [Board] Feeney, Tatyana, Small Bunny's blue blanket
J [Board]   First 100 animals
J [Board]   First 100 trucks
J [Board]   First 100 words.
J [Board] Gardner, Charlie. Baby animals
J [Board] Gardner, Charlie. Farm
J [Board] Hamilton, K. R. Red truck
J [Board] Hannigan, Paula. Zoo babies
J [Board] Hill, Eric, Spot counts to 10
J [Board] Hill, Eric, Spot loves his daddy
J [Board] Hill, Eric, Spot says goodnight
J [Board] Hill, Eric, Spot says please
J [Board] Hill, Eric, Spot's abc
J [Board] Hill, Eric, Where's Spot?
J [Board] Hoban, Tana. Red, blue, yellow shoe
J [Board] Hoban, Tana. What is that?
J [Board] Holabird, Katharine, Angelina Ballerina
J [Board] Hor√°ńćek, Petr. Beep beep
J [Board] Hor√°ńćek, Petr. Choo choo
J [Board] Hor√°ńćek, Petr. Strawberries are red
J [Board] Hutchins, H. J. Up cat
J [Board] Hutchins, H. J. Up dog
J [Board] Katz, Karen, Baby loves fall! : a Karen Katz lift-the-flap book
J [Board] Katz, Karen. Baby loves spring! : a Karen Katz lift-the-flap book
J [Board] Katz, Karen. Baby loves summer! : a Karen Katz lift-the-flap book
J [Board] Katz, Karen. Baby loves winter!
J [Board] Katz, Karen. Baby's colors
J [Board] Katz, Karen. Baby's shapes
J [Board] Katz, Karen, Buzz, buzz, baby!
J [Board] Katz, Karen. How does baby feel? :
J [Board] Katz, Karen. A potty for me! : a lift-the-flap instruction manual
J [Board] Katz, Karen. Princess Baby
J [Board] Katz, Karen, Princess Baby, night-night
J [Board] Katz, Karen. Where is baby's mommy? : a lift-the-flap book
J [Board] Keats, Ezra Jack. The snowy day
J [Board]   Margret & H.A. Rey's Curious George and the puppies
J [Board] Martin, Bill, Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? : silde and find
J [Board] Martin, Bill, Chicka chicka boom boom
J [Board] Martin, Bill, Here are my hands
J [Board] Martin, Bill, Polar bear, polar bear, what do you hear?
J [Board] McMahon, Kara. Animal alphabet : from Ape to Zebra
J [Board] Miller, Margaret, Baby faces
J [Board] Miller, Margaret, Baby food
J [Board] Miller, Margaret, Peekaboo baby
J [Board] Murphy, Mary, Slow snail
J [Board] Patricelli, Leslie. Big little
J [Board] Patricelli, Leslie. Huggy kissy
J [Board] Patricelli, Leslie. Potty
J [Board] Perrett, Lisa. Sparkling princess abc
J [Board] Piper, Watty. The little engine that could
J [Board] Powell, Sarah. Dollhouse
J [Board] Priddy, Roger. B is for bear : a very first book for the baby you love
J [Board] Saltzberg, Barney. Good egg
J [Board] Seder, Rufus Butler. Gallop!
J [Board] Seder, Rufus Butler. Swing! : a scanimation picture book
J [Board] Seder, Rufus Butler. Waddle!
J [Board] Sirett, Dawn. Baby faces peekaboo!
J [Board] Sirett, Dawn. Bathtime peekaboo!
J [Board] Sirett, Dawn. Splish! Splash!
J [Board] Slobodkina, Esphyr, Caps for sale : a tale of a peddler, some monkeys and their monkey business
J [Board] Sobel, June, B is for bulldozer : a construction ABC
J [Board] Stein, Peter. Bugs galore
J [Board] Stein, Peter. Cars galore
J [Board] Urban, Chiêu Anh, Away we go! : a shape-and-seek book
J [Board] Van Fleet, Matthew. Alphabet
J [Board] Van Fleet, Matthew. Fuzzy yellow ducklings : fold-out fun with textures, colors, shapes, animals
J [Board] Van Fleet, Matthew. Heads
J [Board] Van Fleet, Matthew. Lick!
J [Board] Van Fleet, Matthew. Munch!
J [Board] Van Fleet, Matthew. Sniff!
J [Board] Webster, Christy. Color Carnival
J [Board] Wilson, Karma. Beautiful babies : a touch-and-feel book
J [Board] Yang, Belle. A nest in springtime : a bilingual book of numbers
J [Board] Yolen, Jane. How do dinosaurs play with their friends?
J [Board] Zion, Gene. Harry, the dirty dog
J [GRAPHIC] Annie Lambert, Joseph, The Center for Cartoon Studies presents Annie Sullivan and the trials ofHelen Keller
J [GRAPHIC] Batman Fisch, Sholly. All-new Batman : the brave and the bold : small miracles
J [GRAPHIC] Bird Burks, James Bird & Squirrel on the run
J [GRAPHIC] Bluffton Phelan, Matt, Bluffton : my summers with Buster
J [GRAPHIC] Drama Telgemeier, Raina. Drama
J [GRAPHIC] Great Brown, Don, The great American Dust Bowl
J [GRAPHIC] Monster Harrell, Rob, Monster on the hill
J [GRAPHIC] Odd Castellucci, Cecil, Odd duck
J [GRAPHIC] Olympians O'Connor, George. Aphrodite. Vol. 6 : goddess of love
J [GRAPHIC] Olympians O'Connor, George. Athena : grey-eyed goddess
J [GRAPHIC] Olympians O'Connor, George. Hades : lord of the dead
J [GRAPHIC] Olympians O'Connor, George. Hera : the goddess and her glory
J [GRAPHIC] Olympians O'Connor, George. Poseidon : earth shaker
J [GRAPHIC] Olympians O'Connor, George. Zeus : King of the Gods
J [GRAPHIC] Rapunzel Hale, Shannon. Rapunzel's revenge
J [GRAPHIC] Silver Lieberman, A. J., The Silver Six
YA ADA Adams, Douglas, The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
YA ALE Alexie, Sherman, The Lone Ranger and Tonto fistfight in heaven
YA CAR Card, Orson Scott. Ender's game
YA FLI Flinn, Alex. Bewitching
YA FLI Flinn, Alex. Cloaked
YA GRI Griffin, N. The whole stupid way we are.
YA HOL Holm, Jennifer L. Eighth grade is making me sick : Ginny Davis's year in stuff
YA MAR Martel, Yann. Life of Pi : a novel
YA PRA Pratchett, Terry. Nation
YA ROT Roth, Veronica. Divergent
YA RUP Rupp, Rebecca. After Eli
YA SAN Sanderson, Brandon. Steelheart
YA SMI Smith, Sherri L., Orleans
Children's Picture Books
Call Number Author Title
J [Picture] BEA Bean, Jonathan, Big snow
J [Picture] BEC Becker, Aaron, Journey
J [Picture] CAB Cabatingan, Erin. A is for musk ox
J [Picture] CHA Chaud, Benjamin. The bear's song
J [Picture] COU Cousins, Lucy. Maisy goes to the movies
J [Picture] DON   Don't kiss the frog! : princess stories with attitude
J [Picture] FAL Falconer, Ian, Olivia and the fairy princesses
J [Picture] KLA Klausmeier, Jesse. Open this little book
J [Picture] LIN Lin, Grace. Ling & Ting : not exactly the same!
J [Picture] LON Long, Ethan. Up, tall and high
J [Picture] MAL Maloney, Peter, One foot two feet : an exceptional counting book
J [Picture] MCD McDermott, Gerald. Anansi the spider : a tale from the Ashanti
J [Picture] MES Meshon, Aaron. Take me out to the Yakyu
J [Picture] MIL Miller, Pat Zietlow. Sophie's squash
J [Picture] NEL Nelson, Kadir, Baby Bear
J [Picture] SCA Scarry, Richard. Richard Scarry's Cars and trucks and things that go.
J [Picture] SEI Seibold, J.otto. Lost sloth
J [Picture] SNI Snicket, Lemony. The dark
J [Picture] SPR Springstubb, Tricia. Phoebe and Digger
J [Picture] TEA Teague, Mark. The three little pigs and the somewhat bad wolf
J [Picture] WEU Weulersse, Odile, Nasreddine
J [Picture] WIL Willems, Mo. Goldilocks and the three dinosaurs
J [Picture] WIL Williams-Garcia, Rita. One crazy summer
J [CH Picture] BUT Butterfield, Moira, Xiao gou Nizhua = Muddypaws Nizhua
J [CH Picture] KIM Kimura, Ken, 999 ge qing wa xiong di de chun tian
J [CH Picture] LEB Leblanc, Anne. Didu de hao huo ban, Duoduo
J [CH Picture] LEB Leblanc, Anne. Didu shi ba ba zui hao de peng you
J [CH Picture] LEB Leblanc, Anne. Didu zai de "xiao di di"
J [CH Picture] LEB Leblanc, Anne. Didu zai, ma ma de xiao ke ai
J [CH Picture] LEB Leblanc, Anne. Didu zai wai gong wai po jia
J [CH Picture] LEB Leblanc, Anne. Xiao xiong Didu
Children's Non-Fiction
Call Number Author Title
J 155.4567 Losure Losure, Mary. Wild boy : the real life of the Savage of Aveyron
J 363.1196 Aronson Aronson, Marc. Trapped : How the World Rescued 33 Miners from 2,000 Feet below the Chilean Desert
J 398 Grimm Grimm, Jacob, Hansel and Gretel
J 398 Wang Wang, Gabrielle, The race for the Chinese Zodiac
J 519.2 Goldstone Goldstone, Bruce. That's a possibility! : a book about what might happen
J 552 Aston Aston, Dianna Hutts. A rock is lively
J 581.63 Richardson Richardson, Gillian. 10 plants that shook the world
J 595.799 Huber Huber, Raymond, Flight of the honey bee
J 599.947 Levine Levine, Sara. Bone by bone : comparing animal skeletons
J 644.6 Macaulay Macaulay, David, Toilet : how it works
J 644.6 Macauley Macaulay, David, Toilet : how it works
J 688.725 Lipkowitz Lipkowitz, Daniel. The LEGO book
J 688.725 Lipkowitz Lipkowitz, Daniel. Lego minifigures character encyclopedia
J 708.153 National   An eye for art : focusing on great artists and their work.
J 791.4372 Lego Dolan, Hannah, The Lego movie : the essential guide
J 796.357 Vernick Vernick, Audrey. Brothers at bat : the true story of an amazing all-brother baseball team
J 811 Farrar Farrar, Sid. The year comes round : haiku through the seasons
J 811 Florian Florian, Douglas. Poem runs : baseball poems and paintings
J 811 Florian Florian, Douglas. Shiver me timbers : pirate poems & paintings
J 811 Gibson Gibson, Amy Around the world on eighty legs (more or less)
J 811 Levine Levine, Gail Carson. Forgive me, I meant to do it : false apology poems
J 811 Prelutsky Prelutsky, Jack. The silver moon : lullabies and cradle songs
J 811 Raczka Raczka, Bob, Lemonade, and other poems squeezed from a single word
J 811 Schertle Schertle, Alice Button Up!: Wrinkled Rhymes.
J 811 Singer Singer, Marilyn. Twosomes : love poems from the animal kingdom
J 940.5453 Sheinkin Sheinkin, Steve. The Port Chicago 50 : disaster, mutiny, and the fight for civil rights
J 971.9101 Meissner Meissner, David Call of the Klondike : a true gold rush adventure
J 998 Rogers Rogers, Stan, Northwest Passage
JB Baker Powell, Patricia Hruby, Josephine : the dazzling life of Josephine Baker
JB Einstein Berne, Jennifer. On a beam of light : a story of Albert Einstein
JB Moore Pinborough, Jan. Miss Moore thought otherwise : how Anne Carroll Moore created libraries for children