Bay State Bike Week

12:00 AM May 12 - 11:00 PM May 19, 2013

Sites across Massachusetts!

Jennifer Lawrence,, 617-349-4671

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Bay State Bike Week 2013!

Bay State Bike Week is an annual celebration of human-powered, two-wheeled transportation. It is fitting that Massachusetts would be the only state in the nation with a truly statewide bike week, given our long history of biking. From Worcester’s bicycle racing champion Major Taylor to the world-famous Springfield Bicycle Club Tournament, the love of biking has deep roots in our state.

Bay State Bike Week has grown from a small crop of bike path coffee set-ups and organized rides to a cornucopia of film screenings, bike breakfasts, festivals and more. We certainly can’t plan all the events ourselves. To make this week work, we collaborate with local advocates, bike shop owners, and anyone else who likes seeing others go by bike.

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Cambridge is hosting many events, including:

Women Powered Cycling Workshop

The Sweet Ride

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