The Department provides program forms in either PDF or HTML format, in addition to paper copies upon request.

Adobe Reader and similar programs can open and read PDF forms. Users with Adobe Reader 8.0 or later or Adobe Acrobat can both complete certain of the PDF forms and save entries for later editing. You must submit PDF forms through email or the delivery of paper copies; you cannot submit them via the web site.

HTML forms are those embedded in a web page and are submitted through the web site.

The following is a list of program-related forms found on the Community Development Department web site. Mailing list forms for various programs and projects are not included here.

For More Information

To learn more about a form look at the web page for the associated program.

Format Document Name Description Type
Site Finder Database Form Used to add a commercial real estate listing to the Site Finder database. Form
Site Finder Request Form Use to request a report from Site Finder about commercial property that meet your search criteria. Form
pdf Storefront Improvement Program Form Cambridge property owners or tenants can access technical and financial resources to renovate or restore commercial building exterior facades through the Storefront Improvement Program. The Program improves the physical appearance of independent businesses and enhances Cambridge's commercial districts.
pdf Traffic Calming Request Form Form to request construction of traffic calming measures at a specific location. Form