New Neighborhood Statistical Profile


Cover of 2019 Neighborhood Statistical Profile document

The Community Development Department has released an updated Neighborhood Statistical Profile covering all thirteen of the City's neighborhoods.

The Profile includes a three page summary for each of the Cambridge's thirteen neighborhoods as well as a summary of the City's as a whole. The document also includes a series of twelve comparison tables, allowing easy comparison of information from the 1980, 1990, and 2000 Decennial Census both within and across neighborhoods.  Each comparison table also includes information from either the 2010 Decennial Census or 2007-11 American Community Survey, depending on the topic.  

Periodic updates are planned to incorporate more current information from the American Community Survey.

For More Information

Review the new Neighborhood Statistical Profile.

For more information about socioeconomic and demographic statistics about Cambridge, please contact Cliff Cook,, Planning Information Manager, at 617/349-4656.