River Street Reconstruction Virtual Open House Launched

Tell Us What You Think Through November 14


logo for the River Street Reconstruction Project

The City of Cambridge invites the public to visit the River Street Reconstruction Project Virtual Open House. At the Virtual Open House, the public can learn more about:

  • Plans for River Street from Memorial Drive to Central Square including reconstructed sidewalks, reconfigured curb uses, separated bike lane, and a bus lane
  • Plaza designs for Norman Tubman Square, the triangle created by River, Pleasant, and Kinnaird Streets
  • Plaza design elements for Carl Barron Plaza, the large pedestrian plaza at the heart of Central Square where Mass Ave, Prospect Street, and River Street meet
  • Required transportation changes to create a larger public plaza at Carl Barron Plaza
  • Project background and public process
  • Feedback we've heard so far

Visit the Virtual Open House

Your comments will help the project team further refine the street and plaza designs. City staff expect to finalize and present designs later this year and begin construction in 2021.

After you visit the Virtual Open House, ask your questions at a Q&A Public Information Session on Thursday 10/29 at 5:30 PM. This Q&A session will be focused on hearing your questions so you can learn about the project. We invite you to submit your questions before the Q&A Public Information Session by sending an e-mail to RiverStreet@CambridgeMA.gov. We’ll also be responding to questions in the Q&A panel of our virtual meeting room.

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For More Information

Stay in touch with the River Street Reconstruction project by subscribing to our project e-mail list and by regularly checking out the project website.