Safe Routes to School Logo Design Contest


Front bicycle seat

The Cambridge Safe Routes to School program is launching a logo design contest with to create a logo for the Safe Routes to School program launched in January 2015.

How does the contest work?

The contest will launch at 11:30AM on Tuesday September 1st. The first four days of the contest are the Qualifying round, open to all 99Designs designers to submit ideas and receive feedback until Saturday August 5th at 11:30AM. At the end of the qualifying round, we will select up to 6 finalists within the next four days, who will have three additional days to receive feedback and refine designs. After the final round ends, we will pick a winner within two weeks.

Can I see the designs being submitted?

Once the contest launches, you can visit the contest page to view the contest and the current designs submitted.

I'm a designer or graphic artist! How can I submit a design?

You can sign up with 99Designs to become a part of their design community.

For More Information:

For more information please contact Justin Schreiber at or 617/349-6012.