New and Current Bicycle Projects

Updated November 2018

The City of Cambridge continually evaluates locations where large and small scale bicycle infrastructure improvements can be made to increase safety and meet our Vision Zero goals. This page highlights recently completed bicycle facility improvement projects, but it is not an exhaustive summary of all bicycle improvements. 

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By the Numbers

In the past year, 5.51 miles of bicycle facilities and markings have been added in Cambridge, bringing the total to 92.25 miles. For a breakdown of length by facility type, see the table below. For descriptions on the different types of bicycle facilities, click here. For a map view of the City's current and planned bicycle facilities, click here.

Facility Type  Length (Miles) 
Bike Path/Multi-use Path 34.20
Bike Lane 36.12
Separated Bike Lane 4.34
Grade-separated Bike Lane 4.09
Two-way Separated Bike Lane 0.78
Buffered Bike Lane 1.80
Contraflow Bike Lane 0.32
Shared Lane Markings 10.25
Shared Street 0.34
Total 92.25

South Massachusetts Avenue Corridor Safety Improvements Project

The South Massachusetts Avenue Corridor Safety Improvements Project is a "quick-build" project on Massachusetts Avenue between Sydney Street and Memorial Drive focusing on safety and accessibility, and features separated bike lanes in both directions for the majority of the corridor. Other changes include:

  • Signal timing changes at intersections to reduce conflicts and crashes
  • Sections of bus lane toward Memorial Drive
  • A new crosswalk across Massachusetts Avenue at Windsor Street, to be installed in spring 2019

Other Facility Improvements New in 2018

Bike Paths

Separated Bike Lanes

Bike Lanes

Shared Lane Markings

Green Intersection Treatments

Improvements to existing facilities

For More Information

Learn about the different types of bicycle facilities found in our bicycle projects.

For more information about bicycling in Cambridge, please contact Cara Seiderman at or 617/349-4629.