Bluebikes FAQ

unlocking hubway

On May 16, 2018, Hubway became Bluebikes, under the sponsorship of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. This new partnership will feature a significant expansion of the existing bike share system and allow for overall system upgrades, with brand new bikes, new mobile app features, and more valet service at busy stations. Read more about the partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. Previous Hubway members and users will continue to be able to use the bike share system as usual as Bluebikes. See the FAQ below for additional information about the transition to Bluebikes.

Q: Is Bluebikes still a publicly-owned system?

Yes, Bluebikes is and will continue to be owned by Cambridge, Boston, Somerville, and Brookline.

Q: When did the change from Hubway to Bluebikes officially happen? Will there be any member events around the launch day?

Hubway officially became Bluebikes on May 16, 2018. We expect there will be a number of exciting events; stand by for details!

Q: What happens to my Hubway membership? Will it roll over? Will my key fob still work?

Yes, Hubway memberships and keys will continue to work throughout the transition and everything will seamlessly roll over to Bluebikes.

Q: Will the price go up with the new service?

We’re always looking at new pricing models and evaluating what makes the most sense, and we’re committed to keeping membership costs affordable. At $99 a year (or a little over $8/month), annual members who ride regularly get tremendous value from their membership. In addition, income-eligible residents can get a discounted $5 monthly membership or $50 annual membership, and Cambridge residents ages 16-19 can get a discounted $25 annual membership.

Q: What will the bikes look like? 

Existing bikes will be repainted and new bikes will meet the same high-quality standards of Hubway bikes, with several upgraded features. They’ll be Motivate bikes, which fit 99% of all American adults, with a seat that adjusts beyond the levels available in Hubway’s bicycles. The bike’s key safety features include: front/rear lights inset in the frame and powered by a reliable hub dynamo; reflectors and retro-reflective surfaces throughout the bike; reliable and proven braking system fit for year-round use; reliable and smooth gear changing mechanism; durable tires that provide year-round traction and puncture resistance; patent-pending durable molded fenders with integrated skirt-guard.

Q: Will the system be shut down at all during the transition?

No, access to bike share will be ongoing throughout.

Q: Will the Hubway app continue to work? Will I need to download a new Bluebikes app?

Yes, the app will transition seamlessly to Bluebikes. You will not need to download a new app.

Q: When are Bluebikes going to expand to additional neighborhoods?

New stations will be added in all the Hubway/Bluebikes communities, and information about the locations and planning will be managed by each community. To suggest a specific location, please go to this site:

Q: Will Bluebikes be expanding into any neighboring municipalities?

Additional municipalities who want to join Bluebikes can contact the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC),

Q: Why does Blue Cross Blue Shield care about bike share?

Blue Cross Blue Shield is an international leader in health services. Bike share, which encourages people to incorporate exercise into their day-to-day lives, is a natural partner, as both companies encourage healthfulness as part of everyday life.

Q: What is the amount of the sponsorship?

Blue Cross is making an $18 million investment over the six-year term of the partnership. This is a significant investment that’s going to allow for really exciting upgrades to bike share system — brand new bikes, new mobile app features and more valet service at busy stations.

Q: How long is the sponsorship contract?

Six years with an option to renew.

Q: What about dockless bike share systems?

The City of Cambridge and the other municipalities who own the Hubway/Bluebikes system are constantly looking at new technologies, including dockless bikes, and evaluating whether they would be valuable as part of our public bike share system, taking into account all of our policy priorities, including equity, accessibility, and orderly management of the public right-of-way.

Q: There are dockless bikes operating near the Bluebikes service area. What will happen with them?

Bluebikes is the only bike share system permitted to operate in Cambridge, Boston, Somerville, and Brookline. Other bike share companies operating in neighboring communities will have contracts that require them to monitor and manage their bikes. We will monitor the situation and develop appropriate protocols to ensure that only permitted bicycles are operating in our communities.

For More Information

For more information about Bluebikes and bike share in Cambridge, please contact Cara Seiderman,, 617/349-4629.