Green Fleet

Electric Vehicle Spot

Since 2006, the City Manager has required that all new vehicles requested by municipal departments follow the Green Fleet Policy. The policy requires that each vehicle request identify three options and compare them on the basis of fuel economy and emissions using the US EPA Green Vehicle Guide. In addition, as a Green Community, the City has committed to follow the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources criteria for fuel efficient vehicles. Heavy duty and certain public safety vehicles are exempt from the Green Communities criteria.

The City has eliminated some vehicles, right-sized vehicles for their tasks, and replaced older vehicles with more fuel efficient models. Other measures that contribute to reduced fuel use include installing global positioning systems on some vehicles to reduce idling and unnecessary travel and optimizing routes for service vehicles. As a result, total fuel use by municipal vehicles has decreased while maintaining levels of service. The City has introduced 25 hybrid vehicles into the fleet to date. Cambridge also has added municipal electric vehicles and many electric vehicle charging stations.

In addition to the focus on fuel economy, the City has also retrofitted its diesel vehicle fleet with emission controls to reduce particulate pollution. New diesel vehicles meet more stringent EPA air pollution standards that require vehicles to come installed with pollution controls and operate with low sulfur diesel fuel.

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