Why Do Business in Cambridge

  • Cambridge is THE Hot Bed of Innovation and Activity

    MIT Killian Lawn

    "Cambridge is the hub of innovation, with both world-class universities and technology companies" -Brian Tilzer, VP of E-Commerce & Business Development, Staples.com

  • Cambridge is Great for Small Business

    Interior view of Hungry Mother Restaurant

    Doing business in Cambridge is great for many reasons, but one thing that I find extraordinary is the sense of community that I get from city offices. They are always aware of our business and are interested in how things are going. There is a small town feel in a world class city. - Rachel Miller Munzer, State Park Bar

  • Cambridge is a Fun Place to Live Work and Play

    MEMS Research Lab

    "People have found this area to be one the most exciting places to work in the world" - Mark Fishman, President of Novartis Institute of Biomedical Research

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Connections to Your Peers

Cambridge is home to more than 200 life science-related companies and numerous private institutes that complement the city’s academic and commercial entities. A few institutions and companies here in Cambridge include: Genzyme, Novartis Institute of BioMedical Research, Biogen, Broad Institute, Draper Laboratories, Johnson & Johnson, Akamai, Google, Inc., Amazon, Microsoft, Pfizer and the Cambridge Innovation Center, which is home to over 600 companies. The strong presence of over 80 venture capital firms in the Boston metropolitan area helps to fuel the growth of biopharmaceutical and high technology business in Cambridge.

Accessibility is a key to the City’s success; it is only 5 miles away from Logan International Airport and 235 miles (378 Kilometers) from New York City. Cambridge is within close proximity to two interstates (1-93 & 1-90) and four regional highways.

The Universities – Creating the Leaders of Tomorrow

Cambridge is particularly fortunate to be the home of two of the world’s most renowned educational institutions, Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). These two universities employ over 18,000 people and provide a wealth of resources to the community at large.

Competitive Tax Base

Cambridge’s residential and commercial tax rates continue to be the lowest among surrounding communities and one of the lowest of any city in the state.

City Cambridge Boston Somerville Waltham Lexington
Population (2010) 105,162 617,684 75,754 60,632 31,394
Commercial/Industrial Property Rate* (FY2018) $14.81 $25.20 $18.21 $27.97 $27.69
Residential Property Tax Rate* $6.29 $10.48 $11.13 $12.61 $14.30

*Per $1,000 assessed value. Residential rates do not include residential exemption for owner occupied homes. Residential Exemption has not been adopted by all communities.

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Open to All Businesses

Commercial activity is not centralized in Cambridge - it takes place in every section of the City, in all our unique commercial districts. Cambridge's independent retailers and restaurants are known for their unique goods and services, which contribute to Cambridge's charm. The Economic Development Division, in collaboration with other City departments, offers a variety of programs and services designed to help emerging industries and independent businesses start, succeed, and expand here in Cambridge.

For More Information

For more information on doing business in Cambridge, please contact Lisa Hemmerle, lhemmerle@cambridgema.gov, at 617/349-4616.