Neighborhood Organizations

Are you interested in getting more involved in your neighborhood? Neighborhood organizations and other civic groups are a key part of the social fabric of Cambridge. These groups are independent from the City of Cambridge and are often run by volunteers. They provide venues for community members to discuss local topics, collaborate to advance causes, and connect with their neighbors.

Is your group missing or does your organization's information need to be updated? Please contact the Community Planning Division at


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East Cambridge - Neighborhood 1
East Cambridge Planning Team

Facebook: East Cambridge Planning Team
Google Group: East Cambridge Planning Team

Chuck Hinds, President

Ron Peeples, Secretary

East End House


105 Spring Street
Cambridge, MA 02141
Mike Delia, Executive Director
Neighborhood Association of East Cambridge

Michael Hawley
Area 2/MIT - Neighborhood 2

A community of technologists that serve to foster illuminating experiences and creative pursuits inspired by passion and to identify and utilize local and other resources towards this end.

Lala De

Wellington Harrington - Neighborhood 3
Wellington-Harrington Neighborhood Association

Leadership Team
The Port - Neighborhood 4
Area Four Neighborhood Coalition Leadership Committee:

Julian Cassa
Liz Layton
Essex Street Neighbors Steering Committee:

Jean Cummings
Laurie Friedman
Arleen Henry,
Jonathan King,
Nancy Ryan,
Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House

Facebook: Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House

71 Cherry Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

Dr. Kimberly Massenburg, Executive Director

Cambridgeport - Neighborhood 5

Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association (CNA)

Instagram: @cambridgeportneighbors
Twitter: @cportneighbors
Listserv: Please visit CNA's website for sign-up info and user policy.

CNA Board

Rebecca Bowie, President
Luke Mitchell, Co-clerk
Brittany Butler, Co-clerk
Cathie Zusy, Treasurer
Tonia Hicks
Julia Halprin
Gabriel Cira

Mid-Cambridge - Neighborhood 6
Mid-Cambridge Neighborhood Association


P.O. Box 380907
Cambridge, MA 02238

Fritz Donovan, Presiding Officer
Riverside - Neighborhood 7
Cambridge Community Center


5 Callender Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

Riverside Neighborhood Association


45 Hayes Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
Lawrence Adkins, President

Carolyn Shipley, Listserv Moderator

Laura Nichols, Treasurer
Agassiz - Neighborhood 8
Agassiz Baldwin Community


20 Sacramento Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
617/349-4388 (fax)

Maria LaPage, Executive Director

Phoebe Sinclair, Community Liaison
617/349-6287 x10
617/497-4388 (fax)
Neighborhood Nine
Richdale Avenue

Meeting Notices & Announcements:

Note: This is a neighborhood e-list, not a neighborhood organization. Community members may request to have an announcement forwarded to the e-list.
Jeffrey Lipshaw
North Commons


Note: This is a neighborhood e-list, not a neighborhood organization. Community members may request to have an announcement forwarded to the e-list.
Helen Solorzano, E-List Moderator

Buena Vista Social Club


This is a neighborhood e-list, and a neighborhood organization, sans meetings. Community members may request to have an announcement forwarded to the e-list. We seek to establish a real neighborhood, with neighbors helping each other. Annually, we host the Buena Vista Social Club Cookout to which neighbors and friends come with a dish to share.
Ruth A. Ryals
Taylor Square Neighborhood Association
Ruth Allen
48 Fenno Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
West Cambridge - Neighborhood 10
Fresh Pond Residents Alliance

Facebook: Fresh Pond Residents Alliance

Doug Brown, co-Chair

North Cambridge - Neighborhood 11

North Cambridge Stabilization Committee

Meeting Notices & Announcements:

Michael Brandon, Clerk
617/864-3520 (phone)
617/948-5971 (fax)

Richard Clarey, Chairman
15 Brookford Street
Cambridge, MA 02140
Cambridge Highlands - Neighborhood 12
Cambridge Highlands Neighborhood Association


71 Griswold Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Ann Tennis
Harvard Square
Harvard Square Defense Fund Note: This organization has been renamed and reorganized and is now the Harvard Square Neighborhood Association (see row below).
Harvard Square Neighborhood Association

Suzanne Blier

General email:
Inman Square
Inman Square Neighborhood Association

General email:
Porter Square
Porter Square Neighbors Association


Facebook page:

Email discussion group:

To sign up, send an email to:

P.O. Box 400106
Porter Square Station
Cambridge, MA 02140-401016
Ruth Ryals
A Better Cambridge

Allan Sadun and Becca Schofield,
12 Douglass St.
Cambridge, MA 02139 

Cambridge Residents Alliance


P.O Box 390422
Cambridge, MA 02139
Jonathan King
Nancy Ryan
Shelley Rieman
Barbara Taggart
Association of Cambridge Neighborhoods


Gary Dmytryk, President
Charles Teague, Clerk
Heather Hoffman, Treasurer

Cambridge Citizens Coalition


P.O. Box 410291 
Cambridge, MA 02141 


Neighborhood Groups of Cambridge


For information on neighborhood locations and borders, see the map of Cambridge neighborhoods.

Community Meeting Spaces

The following locations are available to the public as meeting space and conference rooms. To request a space at one of the locations listed below, you may get in touch with the corresponding contact. 


Space Location  Contact

88 CambridgePark Drive
First floor Community Space

This building is not yet complete, but a final occupancy certificate is expected by winter 2018-19

Kiley Johnson

EF Education
2 Education Circle 
Ground floor conference room and 2nd floor meeting space

EF Reception

St. James Episcopal Church
1991-2013 Mass Ave

St. James’ Rector