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Additional Publications

In addition to the reports and other documents listed in the Publications Directory, the Department produces a number of other reports and newsletters on a regular basis.  These include the following:

For More Information

For paper copies and to obtain more information about a publication please contact the Community development Department at 617/349-4600 or

Document Name Description Geography Year
Economic Development Policy Addresses challenges and opportunities offered by the economic environment of Cambridge. Expands upon these themes, analyzes recent economic trends, and enumerates existing policies and programs that grow from them. Citywide 2004
Energy Efficiency Incentives for Commercial Buildings Energy Efficiency Incentives for Commercial Buildings 2019
Energy Reduction Plan 2010 plan for the reduction of energy consumption by the City. Citywide 2010
Envision Cambridge Final report of the Envision Cambridge citywide plan. 2019
Getting Around Cambridge Magazine (2018) This annual magazine highlights sustainable transportation resources, programs, and initiatives in Cambridge. 2018
Grand Junction Rail-with-Trail Feasibility Study Study of the use of the Grand Junction corridor as location for a linear path. 2006
Green Building Annex Article discussing the reconstruction of the City Hall Annex office building as a Green Building using the guidelines of the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. Mid-Cambridge 2004
Green Building Task Force Recommendations The Green Building/Zoning Task Force was appointed by the City Manager in April 2008 to work with City staff and analyze various approaches and to encourage energy efficient building practices. Citywide 2009
Green Ribbon Open Space Committee Report 2000 The Green Ribbon Open Space Committee was appointed in 1999 to develop criteria for expanding and improving the city’s open space system. Citywide 1999
Growth Policy Toward a Sustainable Future The Growth Policy document outlines the planning assumptions and policies guiding the physical planning of Cambridge. Citywide 1993