Large Project Review

What is Large Project Review?

Some projects in Areas of Special Planning Concern are required to have an advisory development consultation if they do not require a special permit from the Planning Board. For projects greater than 2,000 square feet, this advisory consultation is called a Large Project Review, and involves a meeting where the general public and city staff may view and comment on the proposed project. See Section 19.40 of the Zoning Ordinance for details.

Projects subject to Large Project Review may also fall under the Sustainable Design and Development requirements found in Article 22 of the Zoning Ordinance.  For more information and details, see the Green Building Requirements page.

Projects Subject to Large Project Review

Listing includes all projects falling under this provision that have been submitted since January 1, 2013.

Project Name
Meeting Date
1607 Massachusetts Avenue • Meeting Notice 
Narrative (BZA Application)
• Plans
October 20, 2016
1699 Massachusetts Avenue Meeting Notice 
BZA Application 
BZA Variance Decision
January 25, 2016
253 Walden Street Meeting Notice  
Zoning Analysis 
Project Description 
Certificate of Compliance 
January 11, 2016
1868 Massachusetts Avenue • Plans Part 1
• Plans Part 2
• Meeting Notice
• Certificate of Compliance
January 6, 2014
307 Fresh Pond Parkway • Plans
• Zoning Analysis
• Meeting Notice
• Certificate of Compliance
January 6, 2014
1971 Massachusetts Avenue • Plans
Meeting Notice
Certificate of Compliance
September 24, 2013
262 Monsignor O'Brien Highway • Certificate of Compliance February 11, 2013
18 White Street • Plans
Zoning Analysis
• Certificate of Compliance

For More Information

For more information about Large Project Review or any of the projects listed here contact Liza Paden at 617/349-4647 or