Summer in the City: CambridgeSide Movie Night featuring Mad Science – “Air and Ice”


Lechmere Canal Park at CambridgeSide, East Cambridge

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FREE outdoor STEM storytelling performance and movie screening.

What’s colder than ice? Why does a teakettle whistle? How do you make fog? These answers and more will be answered in this show involving windpower, flash fire, and frigid ice!

MOVIE HINT: What do sisters, reindeer, trolls, and a snowman have in common? Protecting the kingdom from bad men and accidental icy storms!

Presented through Cambridge Arts' Summer in the City performance series and in partnership with CambridgeSide. Summer in the City offers a wide array of FREE, multicultural, interactive arts programs, performances, and activities both day and night for children, families, and the entire community. The full performance schedule can be viewed here.
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