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Over 130,000 people in Massachusetts live with Alzheimer’s or another condition that causes the symptoms of dementia – memory loss, difficulty making decisions and communicating, and disorientation or confusion. 

Individuals living with dementia as well as their spouse, children or others who are close to them often become socially isolated, due to stigma and lack of public understanding about dementia, as well as the difficulty in managing daily tasks.

However, we are fortunate in Massachusetts to have over 85 free programs called Memory Cafes, including one at the Cambridge Citywide Senior Center on the third Friday of each month.

Memory Cafés are welcoming social gatherings for people living with memory loss, forgetfulness and dementia and their family, friends and caregivers. These gatherings offer a safe and inclusive space that features conversation, activities, and light refreshments.

This one-minute video helps folks learn about Memory Cafes:
PSA Video in English
PSA Video in Spanish

Cambridge Connections Memory Cafe is a joint venture between Somerville Cambridge Elder Services & Cambridge Council on Aging.
For more information, please call 617-349-6220, view the Cambridge Connections Memory Cafe Flyer,
or View the Cambridge Connections Video.