About CSI

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Lower-income students from Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, Just-A-Start YouthBuild, and Community Learning Center’s Bridge to College Program will graduate with a post-secondary credential within six years at a rate equal to their higher-income peers.

The College Success Initiative (CSI) was created by a coalition of partners as a response to the significant need for Cambridge’s lower-income high school students, opportunity youth and adult learners to plan for and complete higher education in order to attain satisfying careers and financial stability. Data available from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), shows that lower-income students enrolling in higher education is only 7% less than higher-income students, the difference in college completion is 21%. There are multiple reasons, but most are based in financial and structural inequity. For this reason, CSI focuses on efforts in four areas.

Students and Families
CSI’s focuses on students and families underrepresented in higher education including students of color, immigrant students, adult learners, opportunity youth, and those from households with limited incomes.

  1.  A coordinated network of students, families, city, Cambridge Public Schools, non-profit and college partners. 
  2.  Promotion of college readiness 
  3.  College and financial aid planning for students and families. 
  4.  Individualized post-secondary support to address academic and non-academic challenges.