MSC Programs

City Programs:

Case Managers: 
DHSP Case Managers assist homeless persons, those at risk of becoming homeless, or other Cambridge individuals or families in need of short-term counseling, assistance with housing concerns or referrals to a variety of services, including shelters, food pantries, job training and benefits programs. 

Download the Directory of Resources for People Homeless in Cambridge.

View our Food & Nutrition Programs Guide.

Transitional Housing Program:
The Carey Transitional Housing Program offers case management and rooms for homeless men for a transitional period in partnership with the YMCA.

Support for Tenants at Risk (STAR)

STAR is a program for low-income Cambridge tenants facing eviction who have been issued a Summary Process Summons and Complaint. In addition to the case management, stabilization, and rental assistance services currently provided at the Multi-Service Center, STAR’s targeted legal and clinical services will ensure that individuals/families at the highest risk for eviction will have access to comprehensive resources, with the goal being retention of stable housing and the prevention of homelessness. This program works in concert with MSC staff, HomeStart, Eliot Community Human Services, Cambridge and Somerville Legal Services and Shelter Legal Services.

View the Flyer in English (PDF), Spanish (PDF), Haitian Creole (PDF) or Portuguese (PDF).

For more information, view the Brochure in English (PDF), Spanish (PDF),  Haitian Creole (PDF) or Portuguese (PDF).

Community Programs:

Heading Home:
The Heading Home social worker at the MSC provides counseling, casework and referrals for current and former shelter guests.

Eliot Community Human Services:
The Eliot Community Human Services mental health shelter specialist is a clinical social worker who works closely with the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health and offers services to homeless persons from an office at the MSC.

HomeStart provides housing search and follow-up services to homeless individuals.

The local chapter of the national non-profit LIFT, provides job readiness, housing assistance, and a wide variety of additional social services to Cambridge residents, as well as residents of the Greater Boston area.

Legal Services:
Legal service organizations are scheduled at the MSC on a regular basis. Please call for schedules.

Additional services are offered at the MSC by staff from the CASCAP and CAPIC Representative Payee Programs and North Charles Addiction Services. Also, very limited housing-related financial assistance may be available for Cambridge residents who qualify for various programs.

Cambridge Haitian Services:
Located at the MSC, Cambridge Haitian Services (617-349-6351) addresses the social services needs of the Haitian community living in Cambridge, with an emphasis on Haitians serving Haitians. People using these services do not need to be homeless or at risk.

Classes in English as a Second Language:
For information on classes in English as a Second Language, Kreyol literacy, math and computer skills, please contact the Haitian American Education and Development Association (HAEDA, 617-349-6257).