City Council Passes Legislation Expanding Tree Protection Ordinance

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On Monday, February 25th, The City Council passed an amendment to the Tree Protection Ordinance that restricts removal of “significant  trees” on private property.  “Significant trees” have a diameter of 8 inches or more  (measured at 4 feet above ground). Removal of any significant private property tree requires a permit from the City, which will only be issued when one of the following circumstances can be demonstrated: 

  1. The tree is dead or dangerous; 
  2. An emergency exists relative to public health, safety or welfare; 
  3. Removing the tree may result in a healthier tree canopy; or 
  4. The tree poses a significant risk to an adjacent existing structure. 

Any property owner or contractor who removes a tree in violation of this ordinance must pay into the City’s Tree Replacement Fund and may be subject to a stop work order, injunction, or fines up to $300 for each day the violation continues. 

This amendment goes into effect on Monday, March 11th. Permitting information will be available then. 

Notification of this amendment is being sent to property owners. To view the postcard, click here.

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