Tech Bar

The Tech Bar will be half device checkout station, half technology advice center.

Patrons will walk up to an attractive service bar, staffed by friendly and knowledgeable library staff, where they can check out laptops, tablets, mobile wifi hotspots and other devices, and get help with technology-related questions.

Digital screens will display continually-updated menus of available items, one for in-library use, another for checkout, and a third for services and events. Devices will include laptops, tablets, e-readers, adapters, chargers, media players, microphones, cameras, STEAM-related tools and learning kits, mobile wireless hotspots and more.

The area around the Tech Bar will be optimized for a comfortable portable computing experience, with relaxed coffee-bar inspired furniture and a new “work bar” seating section along the currently underutilized hallway outside the Rindge Room.

Patrons will be able to to take Tech Bar devices anywhere in the library (and some even beyond), putting them on an equal footing with patrons who bring their own.

Learn more about the construction timetable and service impacts of this project.

Learn more about the Tech Bar in the larger context of our STEAM spaces.

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