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Craig Kelley

Craig Kelley

Craig Kelley is currently serving his seventh term on the Cambridge City Council. A former Marine and environmental consultant for the Army Reserves, Craig resides with his wife and two boys in North Cambridge, which they have called home since 1993.

As Chair of the Public Safety Committee, Craig advances policy and discourse that supports resiliency planning, disaster preparedness and incorporating emerging technological trends into the City’s regulatory and licensing programs, and using the latest science and technology to maintain Cambridge’s vibrancy in a changing world. In his role on other Committees, Craig is interested in policy issues concerning the shared economy, transportation innovation, public education/charter schools, and the environment.

In the 2016 term, Craig chaired the Mayor’s Special Advisory Committee on Neighborhood-Based Resiliency.


Craig A. Kelley
6 Saint Gerard Terrace. #2
Cambridge, MA 02140

617 354-8353 (home)
617 349-4280 (work)


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Photo Credit: Kyle Klein Photography

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