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Mayor Shines Spotlight on Pay Equity “Early Adopters”

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On March 30,  in the heart of Harvard Square, Mayor E. Denise Simmons, State Representative Marjorie Decker, and Executive Director of the Women and Public Policy Program at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government Victoria Budson hosted a press conference to announce the more than two dozen local businesses that are bringing gender wage parity to their companies. These businesses are taking proactive measures far in advance of the July 1, 2018 statewide implementation of the new Massachusetts Pay Equity Law, and the City’s “Early Adopters Initiative” demonstrates that, once again, Cambridge is being a leader in issues of equality and fairness.

"The idea to invite local businesses to become ‘Early Adopters’ came out of my Committee on Women's Equal Pay, which I convened last year to help me determine how to best address wage disparity issues between the sexes in Cambridge," said Mayor Simmons. "With the statewide law on the horizon, going into effect in mid-2018, we understood that businesses would be gearing up for this more and more a year from now. But we felt that it is important for businesses to start taking action as soon as possible, to start moving toward closing that gender wage gap. This is the right thing to do for the employees, it’s the right thing to do for the companies, and it’s the right thing to do for the whole community."

State Representative Marjorie Decker stated, “I’m proud that MA continues to lead the way on social and economic justice issues. I’m even more proud to come from Cambridge, as it is a community where businesses are leading the way as early adopters of pay equity.”

Mayor Simmons added: "By signing on as an ‘Early Adopter,’ local businesses are agreeing to the principle of fair and equal pay for all of their employees. The initiative we’re launching today seeks to highlight businesses that already engage in equitable pay practices and who deserve credit for having done so, or those that are ready to embrace the concept of equal pay and will start taking steps to identify wage disparities in their business with the intent to remedy them." Mayor Simmons stated that another goal of this initiative is to grow and foster a network of local business leaders that are invested in pay equity. Together, these leaders can exchange ideas and best practices and promote a city-wide culture of being proactive in closing the gender wage gap.

This press conference took place in the Atrium, on the 4th Floor of 50 Church Street in Harvard Square, immediately following the Harvard Square Business Association’s annual What She Said: Voices of Women's History Month Breakfast & Panel Discussion, which was cohosted by Boston Women in Media and Entertainment. In addition to Mayor Simmons, the panelists for this discussion included acclaimed performer, curator, and producer Georgia Lyman; the America Repertory Theater’s Diane Quinn; the Boston Conservatory at Berklee Sara Stackhouse; and MA State Representative Marjorie Decker.

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Last Updated: 4/4/2017

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