Urban Forest Master Plan Task Force Meeting


CRLS Main Cafeteria - 459 Broadway

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Catherine Woodbury


The City is developing an Urban Forest Master Plan (UFMP) that will guide the development of the urban forest into the future. The UFMP will include a strategic plan to evaluate, maintain and expand the urban forest canopy enabling it to be more resilient to climate change, reduce the urban heat island effect, mitigate stormwater runoff, reduce nutrient runoff, and contribute to the community well-being. The UFMP will coordinate with the efforts of the citywide comprehensive plan (Envision Cambridge) and the Climate Change Preparedness & Resilience Plan.

The Task Force will meet to review and discuss the strategies outlined in the UFMP Technical Report to address canopy loss and canopy growth.

The Technical Report is available on the UFMP website under “Documents” tab.

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