Map with Main street from Broadway to the Longfellow Bridge highlighted.

Eastbound Main Street Project


With this project, we aim to improve safety for people biking from Kendall Square towards Boston by providing improved bicycle facilities on Main Street, approaching the Longfellow Bridge. This will be a quick build project, using pavement markings, flex posts, and sign changes. We will create a separated bike lane on Main Street between Broadway and the Longfellow Bridge.

Cambridge is working in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) to make these changes both on the city-owned portion of Main Street and the state-owned portion, leading up to and onto the Longfellow Bridge.


New pavement markings will be added at the Memorial Drive interchange ramps and on the first segment of the bridge. The current layout of Broadway, approaching the Third Street traffic signal, will remain the same. After the signal, there will be one less general travel lane. This will create room for a separated bike lane, with flex posts in the buffer. Access to the existing loading docks and parking areas for the buildings on Main Street will be maintained. Potential areas of conflict will be highlighted and highlighted with green pavement markings.


We are now in the implementation phase of the process. We are working with MassDOT to schedule the installation of pavement markings, flex posts, and signage. The work is weather dependent and is anticipated to be completed by early November.

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