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The City of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Geographic Information System (GIS) City-Wide 3D project provides a detailed three-dimensional model including the terrain, groundplan and buildings of the city. The city-wide model has been cut into one-kilometer squares for exchange with 3D design tools. Each file associated with the tiled 3D model is named with the prefix CAMB3D_ then the tile name, e.g. G5_, then the name of the dataset.

The tiled aerial photo layer is a true-color ortho-rectified aerial photo with a pixel resolution of , capturing critical elevation points and grade-breaklines with a precision of about 33 centimeters.


This aerial photo is useful as a visual reference for the ground conditions as it relates to terrain and buildings. More recent than the 2010 planimetric groundplan, these photographs may be useful for discovering updated conditions or details not included in the vector-based planimetric groundplans.

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Made from the 2013 Orthophotos created by the U.S. Geological Survey from an April 15 2013 aerial survey. The photos were ortho-rectified using stereo photogrammetry and issued by MassGIS. For more information, see MassGIS Data - USGS Color Ortho Imagery (2013/2014).

Coordinate System

Universal Transverse Mercator Zone 19, WGS84.

Usage Notes

Being clipped exactly to the frame for each tile of the city-wide grid, these images are very easy to register and apply to the tiled terrain models. In SketchUp, groundplan images may be easily applied the terrain. From the Materials Window, use the eye dropper to select the terrain material, then choose the desired ground plan image in the Edit tab.

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