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The City of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Geographic Information System (GIS) City-Wide 3D project provides a detailed three-dimensional model including the terrain, groundplan and buildings of the city. The city-wide model has been cut into one-kilometer squares for exchange with 3D design tools. Each file associated with the tiled 3D model is named with the prefix CAMB3D then the tile name, e.g. G5_, then the name of the dataset.


The Tiled PDF Basemap is a vector-based basemap that has layers that can be selectively turned on and off using Adobe Acrobat to create custom basemaps. These files can also be edited in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to apply custom styling or to edit features.

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These files are composed form several datasets from the Cambridge GIS data dictionary plus a the Tiled 2013 Aerial Photo from MassGIS.

3D Basemap Sources:
ASSESSING_ParcelsFY2016 BASEMAP_Buildings BASEMAP_Cemeteries
BASEMAP_Driveways BASEMAP_Roads BASEMAP_Driveways
BASEMAP_ParkingLots BASEMAP_Plazas BASEMAP_Sidewalks
BASEMAP_Stairs BASEMAP_PrivateWalkways BASEMAP_PublicFootpaths
BASEMAP_ImperviousOther BASEMAP_SwimmingPools BASEMAP_Vegetation
HYDRO_WaterBodies HYDRO_Wetlands TRANS_Rail
TRANS_Centerlines TRAFFIC_PavementMarkings ELEVATION_Contours (1 Foot)

Coordinate System

Universal Transverse Mercator Projection, Zone 19, WGS84.

Usage Notes

  • To control the individual layers in this PDF, open in Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Pro, and open the Layers panel.
  • To create a custom basemap for a tile open the PDF in an editing tool, and save as a high-resolution image. Make sure that the extents of the image are the exact same extents of to original PDF. Then you can apply this new basemap as a texture in SketchUp.

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