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Apply for a One-Day Auction Sale License

One-Day Auction Sale License are issued by the Cambridge License Commission.


Apply for a Park Permit

A park permit is required for any non-athletic events in City parks or public areas and must be obtained through The Department Public Works. If you are looking to reserve an athletic field or use of Danehy Park please call the Recreation Department at (617) 349-6238.

Public Works617-349-4800

Apply for A Personal Exemption

The laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts provide for real estate tax relief for certain people.


Apply for a Plumbing Permit

The Inspectional Services Department issues plumbing permits for all work to be performed.

Inspectional Services617-349-6100

Apply for a Pole & Conduit Permit

Pole & Conduit Permits are issued by the Pole and Conduit Commission.


Apply for a Preservation Grant

To aid in the preservation and rehabilitation of these older buildings, the Cambridge Historical Commission administers various federal, state, and local programs.

Historical Commission617-349-4683

Apply for A Raffle Bazaar Permit

Raffle & Bazaar Permits are processed by the Cambridge License Commission.


Apply for a Recreational Camp License

Application to submit when applying for a Recreation Camp License in the City of Cambridge.

Inspectional Services617-349-6100

Apply for A Residential Exemption

Taxpayers who own and occupy their home can save on their tax bill by having a portion of their tax bill exempted from taxation.


Apply for a Short Term / Special Event Sidewalk Business Use Permit

A temporary business use sidewalk obstruction permit is required if you are a plan to temporally obstruct a City of Cambridge sidewalk. Please apply for an Annual Sidewalk Obstruction Permit if you plan to use an “A” framed sign, sandwich board, display merchandise, temporary banner or use tables and chairs on a sidewalk in the public way.

Public Works617-349-4800
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