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Buy a Book About Cambridge History

Several publications on local history and neighborhood development are available for research or purchase.

Historical Commission617-349-4683

Buy a Minibond

The City of Cambridge offers Cambridge residents the chance to directly invest in Cambridge by buying minibonds.


Change my Property Mailing Address

Property owners can change the address where billing communications are sent to.


Contribute to City of Cambridge Scholarship Fund

The City of Cambridge Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to Cambridge residents who wish to pursue post-secondary education.


Do Business with the City

Our Vendor Registry provides an opportunity for local and State Vendors to participate in the procurement of goods and services.


Download an Accident Report

The Cambridge Police Department has entered into an agreement with LexisNexis to place traffic accident reports on-line.

Cambridge Police617-349-3300

Download GIS Data

Download over 150 GIS data layers in a variety of formats


Explore the City in 3D

3D web scenes allow you to pan and zoom around a model or take a tour though a specific project or area.


File a Complaint About a Measuring Device at A Cambridge Business

The Department of Weights & Measures enforces all laws related to measuring devices used by local business establishments.

Weights and Measures617-349-6133

File a Complaint Against a Cambridge Police Officer or the Department

The Police Review & Advisory Board provides a prompt, impartial and fair investigation of complaints brought by individuals against members of the Cambridge Police Department

Police Review & Advisory Board617-349-6155
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