Gator Bags to be Removed & Reinstalled on Trees

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Public Works are collecting Gator Bags from public trees citywide.

The Gator Bags will be removed by crews, sorted, cleaned, and stored for reuse if they are in good condition. Torn, worn, or malfunctioning bags will be recycled.

If residents requested a Gator Bag and plan to continue to water a tree, you may detach the bag and store it in your home for the winter, if you wish.

New and reused bags will be reattached to young trees in March and April 2018.

All newly installed trees receive water through a Gator Bag for 2 years. All trees (young and old) need water during the summer months to help keep them healthy.

We thank Cambridge residents for their help maintaining our urban forest, and encourage those interested to visit to learn how they can take care of public trees in their community.

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