Disability Parking signs on the street

Disability Parking Spaces

Traffic, Parking, and Transportation

Cambridge residents who have a disability plate or placard may file an application for a disability space adjacent to their homes. Eligibility requirements are stated on the application or available at the Traffic, Parking and Transportation Department office or at the Cambridge Commission for Persons with Disabilities.

Additional Information

Any disabled person may park in any disability parking space in Cambridge as long as a Disability Plate or Placard or Cambridge Temporary Disability Parking Permit is displayed.

For more information, please contact Dana Benjamin at 617-349-4729.

Tips and FAQs

Required Documents for Residential Disability Parking

The following documentation, if applicable, is required with the Residential Disability Parking Application:

  • Property owner statement indicating off-street parking is not available
  • Physician’s statement indicating need for Disability Parking Space
  • Photocopy of vehicle registration with disability status
  • Photocopy of Disability placard along with registration of vehicle
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