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Resident and Visitor Parking Permits

Traffic, Parking, and Transportation

Resident Parking Permits allow Cambridge residents to park vehicles, including motorcycles, registered in their names at the Cambridge address at which they live, and to park at locations throughout the City which are posted "Permit Parking Only."

Visitor Parking Permits allow people visiting a Cambridge resident to park near the resident's home during their visit.

Tips and FAQs

Street Occupancy Permit Information

Street Occupancy permits are available online for residents who wish to park moving vans, moving containers or crates, dumpsters or trucks being used for construction projects on City streets and for special events or block parties. The City posts temporary no parking signs for these permits. If you see one of these signs, read it carefully to ensure that the location at which you are parking is not temporarily a no parking zone.

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Short Term Parking for Summer School or Sub-Letters

The City of Cambridge does not provide short-term parking permits for summer school students or sub-letters. Individuals seeking on-street parking must meet the eligibility requirements for a resident parking permit.

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