Planning Board Special Permits

This page contains digital copies of application materials, supporting documents, hearing notices, and decisions for Planning Board special permit cases. View an interactive map of special permit cases

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Case Number Location / Name Status Latest Meeting
PB-318 55 Regent Street Special Permit Granted 1/24/2017
PB-319 605 Concord Ave
(Concord/Wheeler Phase 2)
Special Permit Granted 12/6/2016
PB-314 35 Cambridgepark Drive In Development 11/22/2016
PB-317 300 Putnam Ave Special Permit Granted 10/18/2016
PB-316 305 Webster Ave
(Columbia Auto Parts Redevelopment)
Special Permit Granted 9/27/2016
PB-313 135 Fulkerson Street Special Permit Granted 9/6/2016
PB-299 2551 Massachusetts Ave Application Withdrawn 8/2/2016
PB-312 1001 Massachusetts Avenue
(Sage Cannabis RMD)
Built 7/16/2016
PB-308 95 Elmwood Street In Development 6/28/2016
PB-309 95 Fawcett Street In Development 6/7/2016
PB-310 399 Binney Street In Development 2/23/2016
PB-307 9 Donnell Street In Development 1/12/2016
PB-306 136-138 Cushing Street In Development 12/15/2015
PB-297 85-139 First Street
(First Street PUD)
Application Withdrawn 12/15/2015
PB-305 240 Green Street
(Manning Apt)
Built 12/1/2015
PB-301 249 Third Street Special Permit Granted 10/6/2015
PB-295 305 Webster Ave
(Columbia Auto Parts Residential Conversion)
Special Permit Granted 5/26/2015
PB-298 950 Massachusetts Ave
(Usable Green Roof Installation)
Built 5/19/2015
PB-293 79 JFK Street
(Harvard Kennedy School of Government)
In Development 11/25/2014
PB-286 75 New Street
(JC Adams)
In Development 11/25/2014
PB-292 180R Cambridgepark Drive/ 88 Cambridgepark Drive Special Permit Granted 10/7/2014
PB-288 40 Thorndike Street
Special Permit Granted 9/30/2014
PB-291 16-18 Bellis Circle Special Permit Granted 5/6/2014
PB-290 1-3 Langdon Street In Development 5/6/2014
PB-284 15-33 Richdale Avenue Built 4/1/2014
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