Dogs-Legal Off Leash and Shared Use Parks

Fort Washington Dog Park

In 2005, the City began a process to look at open space opportunities for dogs and their owners while also considering the wider community’s open space needs; field conditions and maintenance; school and athletic use; historically sensitive areas; potential rules and regulations; and examples from other similar cities. Both shared use options as well as opportunities for dedicated off leash spaces in Cambridge were explored. Open spaces were considered that:

     • Were relatively underutilized at the time
     • Met certain size requirements
     • Not a part of school grounds
     • Not heavily used and scheduled athletic facilities
     • Contributed to achieving geographic distribution of off leash opportunities throughout the City

Today there are three types of off leash spaces in Cambridge open to dogs with current licenses:

     • Dedicated Off Leash Areas
     • Shared Use Off Leash Areas
     • Shared Use Hours

Dedicated Off Leash Areas: These areas are fenced in and intended exclusively for use by off leash dogs and their owners.
     • Pacific Street Park - located at the corner of Pacific Street and Sidney Street has a fenced in area with mutt mitt dispenser and trash barrels available.
     • Danehy Park - located at 99 Sherman Street near Garden and New Street has a leash free zone with mutt mitt dispensers and trash barrels available.
     • Pemberton Street Dog Run - located on Pemberton Street

Shared Use Off Leash Areas: These are areas where dogs are allowed off leash, but that are not fully fenced in or separated from other uses and activities.
     • Fresh Pond Reservation – dogs can run off leash (not on mowed grassy areas) with some restrictions. There are mutt mitt dispensers and trash barrels throughout the area.
     • Fort Washington - located on 101 Waverly Street between Erie Street and Putnam Avenue with a mutt mitt dispenser and trash barrels outside the park. Check signs at the park for hours of operation.

Shared Use Hours: Areas where dogs are allowed to be off lease during designated hours, are not fenced in, and outside of shared use hours, dogs must be on a leash in these locations.
     • Raymond Park - located on Raymond Street. 6:00 am to 9:00 am
     • Hoyt Field - located off Western Avenue from Gilmore Street or Montague Street. 6:00 am to 9:00 am
     • Green-Rose Heritage Park - located on Harvard Street between Windsor Street and Moore Street. 6:00 am to 9:00 am
     • Gold Star Mother's Park - located on Gore Street. 6:00 am to 9:00 am
     • Joan Lorentz Park - located in front the Cambridge Public Library on Broadway between Felton Street and Ellery Street. 8:00 am to 10:00 am

See the Off Leash Dog Guide and the map for new designated areas in Cambridge where dogs are allowed to run without a leash:

Please check with the management of these sites for more information. Learn more about the City's Shared Use possibilities. At all other parks, the City ordinance on leash control applies. And of course, dog walkers are required to pick up dog waste at all sites.
Learn more about rules and etiquette related to dogs in parks. Learn more about proper waste disposal in our brochure, After Your Pet Goes, Where Does it Go?

Irresponsible dog owners:
Contact the Animal Commission at (617) 349-4376. Although the number of Animal Control Officers is limited, they may be able to place special patrol emphasis at certain parks as needed, in an effort to educate people on existing regulations.

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