Kingsley Park Paths Open, Will Be Open for Sledding


 Kingsley Park's pathways re-opened to the public in November after the whole park site was closed for restoration work this past summer and fall.  Fences remain around turf and restored woodland areas to allow for establishment of the vegetation after the dry weather conditions in early fall.  Fencing around grassy areas will be taken down in the winter to allow for sledding; once Spring returns the fences will go up to protect the young grass during the mud season.  Once the ground has stabilized next Spring, Kingsley Park's lawns will re-open to the public.  Fencing will remain around sensitive woodland areas for several years to allow the habitat to establish and re-generate.

While the temporary fences are up, all dogs (Cambridge dogs included) must be on-leash on the upper loop and all bikes must be walked, not ridden, on the upper loop.  This is to protect public and canine safety where the fencing may create  temporary "bottlenecks."  Thank you for your cooperation and continued patience.

Learn more about the Kingsley Park Restoration Project on the project webpage here.