cpsd email threats 12315

The following is a message from Superintendent of Schools Jeff Young and Police Commissioner Robert Haas:

The Cambridge Public Schools (CPS) has been informed by the Cambridge Police of an anonymous e-mail threat of gun violence against “Cambridge, Mass Middle Schools.” This latest threat was directed specifically at the Amigos School, Putnam Avenue Upper School, and Vassal Lane Upper School. These buildings also contain Tobin Montessori and Kennedy-Longfellow School. 

Schools will be open on Thursday, December 3. However, out of abundance of caution, the following safety measures are in place: The buildings have been locked and alarmed since 10:30 PM. Cambridge Police and CPS Security will conduct a detailed walk-through of the named schools before 6:30 AM. Police and Security will be present and visible at the front door of all school buildings throughout the day. Police will be present throughout the building, throughout the day, in every CPS school, not just the three mentioned in the threat, and will continue until the conclusion of after-school activities. Due to enhanced measures, staff and students will be required to enter through a supervised front entrance at all CPS school buildings.

Cambridge Police is working collaboratively with local and federal partners in this investigation. It is believed that this threat is likely a continuation of previous threats that originated early Tuesday morning and police have confidence from their investigations that the same individual is behind the e-mails.

Police, city, and school personnel are working closely together to keep our students and staff safe. In the meantime, if anyone sees anything suspicious or unusual, please call the Cambridge Police at 911 (emergency) or 617-349-3300 (non-emergency).