1440 Degree Landscape Time-lapse Panoramic Photographs by Richard Hackel at Gallery 344

9/21/20167 years ago

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Richard Hackel's Panoramic Photography in different season with event date
Cambridge Arts/Gallery 344 Presents:
1440-Degree Landscape – Time-lapse Panoramic Photographs by Richard Hackel

October 17 – December 30, 2016
Artist’s Reception: Monday, October 24, 6-8 pm

Richard Hackel’s photographic interpretations of urban landscapes offer a unique view of some of Cambridge’s familiar public spaces. Influenced by his twenty-nine years working in ophthalmic photography as well as his many summers spent on Chebeague Island off the coast of Maine, Richard Hackel has developed a deep interest in the impact of change – for better or for worse or just as a fact of time. He also seeks to answer his own question - what or how can we see what is behind us or out of our field of vision at any one moment? Just as imaging technology provides unprecedented capabilities to visualize changes in the eye to help diagnose disease, digital imaging techniques have also afforded Richard the possibility of collapsing time and 360-degree space in a single continuous photographic image. Upon moving to the Cambridge a few years ago, Richard began documenting his new surroundings using one of his favorite working methods: time-lapse digital photography.

1440-Degree Landscape presents the result of eighteen months of the artist’s exploration of selected sites through four seasons. Most of the sites he chose were locations where the City has commissioned public art, visible in the photographs.

Always interested in what we cannot see as well as what we can, Richard Hackel creates views that are both familiar and disorienting. Presented on a flat plan, the photographs turn our view around in space without moving our bodies. Like much of photographic representation, what we are looking at in these photographs seems both true and untrue and prompts a closer consideration of how we navigate and understand our environment through our senses.

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