New Rainbow Walking And Biking Path Along Fern Street


Worker smoothing out red concrete at the Fern Street public art site in Cambridge

We're pouring the rainbow striped concrete for a new artist-designed walking and biking path along Fern Street, between Concord Avenue and Field Street, near Fresh Pond! It should all be done about a month from now.

More info about the Fern Street Public Art Project

In 2014 the City of Cambridge commissioned the artist team of Chat Travieso and Yeju Choi to create a distinctive public art project for a shared bicycle/pedestrian path between Concord Avenue and Field Street (near Fresh Pond). The artwork shimmers with bold colors, varied textures, and playful topography.  

As part of a larger sewer-separation construction project led by Public Works, the City selected Fern Street as a safe-passage link between the Tobin Montessori/Vassal Lane Upper School building, the nearby Danehy Park, and surrounding neighborhoods - choosing to make it unique with public art.  The proposal developed by Travieso and Choi transforms a utilitarian path into a striking public space for all ages to enjoy. 

Employing colorful concrete and planting, the path takes in the entire length of the one-block Fern Street, allowing full functionality as a shared path while creating an imaginative moment on a traveling route.  Building on the city's continuing mission to create a more playful public realm, this artwork sets a new precedent for fully integrating art into infrastructure projects.

The project is currently under construction so stay tuned for more photos as the work progresses.