Call For Artists: Be Part Of Cambridge Arts’ Community Supported Art Program


You are invited to apply for the third session of Cambridge Arts’ Community Supported Art Program (CSArt). The program—a part of the Cambridge Creative Marketplace cultural economic initiative led by the Cambridge Arts Council—is open to all artists living and/or having professional occupation in Cambridge.

Application deadline: Feb. 15, 2018

Community Supported Art is the Cambridge Arts Council’s innovative program to provide local artists with professional development, network building and support in developing new markets for their work. CSArt takes the model of buying a farm share to help support local agriculture and adapts it to supporting art-making in the Cambridge community.

Community Supported Art is part of Cambridge Art’s Creative Marketplace program, a cultural economic development program that identifies and promotes an intentional marketplace where residents, artists, arts organizations and the corporate community all connect to support increased cultural identity and economic vitality in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

What Art The Benefits Of Being A Community Supported Artist?
A jury of regional art professionals will select the new cohort of participating artists in March 2018. The selected artists will be engaged in three types of opportunities from April to November 2018:

  • As a learning cohort with other selected artists, you will attend a professional development curriculum in arts business administration. This learning occurs in partnership with Cambridge Community Television (CCTV) and the Cambridge Art Association. With more than a dozen sessions and workshops, participating artists gain insight into how to financially manage their arts practice, learn how to effectively market their art, understand how to legally protect it and how to professionally document work with photos or videos.
  • You will produce a body of original or limited-edition work for this program. The art produced in Community Supported Art program is sold in quantities of 3, 6, or 9 pieces called “art shares.” Artists are paid upon completion of the artworks and all proceeds from the sales of Community Supported Art shares support the continuation of the program.
  • You will participate in series of events such as art-making demonstrations, talks, and exhibitions engaging with a broad audience from the general public to employees of corporations.

Testimonials from artists who’ve participated in Cambridge Arts’ Community Supported Art Program:

“I joined the program largely to get the help with marketing that was offered. The program has surpassed my expectations and hopes. Every workshop has been helpful, and I have learned a tremendous amount."—2017 CSArt participant
"This project has pushed me to also think about the business of art – the cost of materials, time and pricing. This program creates a sense of community. Its supportive nature has been a real treat.”—2017 CSArt participant
“I was one of the artists who received a grant from the Mass Cultural Council through the Cambridge Arts Council to participate in its Community Supported Arts initiative. The initiative, described by Jason Weeks, made me feel supported and valued as an artist in this community and the resources they made available were incredibly helpful. Participation in this program led me to an exciting three painting commission that I am currently working on for a biotech firm in Kendall Square.”—2016 CSArt participant
“My personal takeaway is that I have felt more connected to fellow artists and partners in my community as a result of this project.”—2016 CSArt participant
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