Climate Action Extravaganza

Location: University Park Commons on Sidney St.

Join the City of Cambridge for our first ever River Festival Climate Action Extravaganza! We’ll host activities for kids and adults alike to learn about our impact on the planet, have educational sessions for us to learn to take action to slow down and prepare for a changing climate, make protest t-shirts, build solar panels, test drive electric vehicles, and much more. You could win a FREE e-bike just for attending! All electrical needs will be powered by solar! Don’t forget to bring your own water bottle and reusable food containers – the River Festival will have tons of great Cambridge water on tap and compost stations for any leftover foods. Let’s walk-the-walk and combat climate change. For your chance to win a free Giant brand e-bike, simply take a picture with Captain Change and post to social media, using #captainchange #CambMA and tag @cambridgearts and @cddat344! Sponsored by Giant Boston, Papa Wheelies, and Back Bay Bicycle.

Participating groups include:

Ride & Drive with Cambridge Community Development Department, Eversource, and Reach Strategies
In Cambridge’s vision of the future, residents and employees walk, bike, ride public transit, and carpool rather than drive alone. However, because these options will not work for everyone, and because transportation accounts for 13% of carbon emissions in Cambridge, the City is striving to promote electric vehicle (EV) technology over the internal combustion engine. Since EVs efficiently apply energy sourced from an increasingly renewable grid, their continued adoption helps Cambridge meet its climate neutrality goals while also reducing noise pollution, local air pollution, as well as fueling and maintenance costs for owners. To help adoption, Cambridge is looking into policies and programs which can reduce the costs of ownership and infrastructure, while also expanding access to those who lack reliable charging. We hope you consider going EV, visit our website to learn more!

Bike Plan Update
Learn about the Cambridge Bicycle Plan 2020 and get information about the Bike Plan Open House, which takes place on June 13 at the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School.

Learn all about Bluebikes, our publicly-owned bike share system.

Cambridge Energy Alliance
Stop wasted energy and start using renewable energy to combat climate change at home, school or at work. Ride the energy efficiency bike and see energy efficiency in action, spin the wheel of energy and answer trivia questions about climate change and energy.

Cambridge Traffic, Parking & Transportation Department
Celebrate safer streets with us. Stop by to learn more about Vision Zero Cambridge, the City's plan to prevent fatal and serious crashes on our streets, and what you can do to help keep our streets a safe place for everyone.

Cambridge Department of Public Works Recycling Division
Join us for our waste sorting game and repurposed magnets.

Cambridge Mothers Out Front
We are Cambridge mothers, grandmothers, and others working together to ensure a livable climate and sustainable future for the generations ahead of us. Join us at the River Festival to learn how you can Opt Up to 100% green electricity, Zip Up your home with a free energy assessment, and Brighten Up your energy sources by taking advantage of solar offers through Neighborhood Solar. We’ll have a family-friendly table and look forward to seeing you.

Charles River Conservancy
The Charles River Conservancy is dedicated to the stewardship, renewal, and enhancement of the parks along the urban Charles River. We promote the active use and vitality of the parks, increase recreational opportunities, and work to ensure the beauty and integrity of this extraordinary public resource. 

Climable is a nonprofit that works to communicate the information behind climate science and clean energy so it is understandable and actionable for everyone. Come find us at RiverFest, where we'll be hosting a scavenger trash hunt! Swing by to get the ground rules and learn more about how different materials should be sorted. Is it compostable? Recyclable? Or is it destined for a landfill? Let's talk about ways you can reduce waste, which is always a good idea. 

Climate Change Carnival Games at the Pity Party
Join us to play carnival games about the climate crisis, such as bean bag games, ring toss, ski-ball, and bowling, painted with information on the consequences of continued fossil fuel combustion and impacts of our choices.

Climate Coalition of Somerville
Climate Coalition of Somerville (CCS) connects and supports sustainability and climate-focused and concerned groups across the city because it's through these relationships that we build community, see the issues we each care about in the larger context, and can identify the intersections to lift up publicly and address together. We create a collective voice and serve as a resource to the community and city on environmental sustainability, harnessing our own resources, capacity, and any privilege we have as individuals and a coalition. We do this because we know the City of Somerville can be a model for other Massachusetts municipalities and the rest of the world, and it's imperative we start tapping into the heart of our existing, diverse, creative community if we want to accelerate equitable climate mitigation, resilience and adaptation efforts, including achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.   

Community Development Department Environmental & Transportation Planning
Learn all about sustainable transportation in Cambridge, and get some lights to help you become more visible when walking or biking after dark.

CREW (Communities Responding to Extreme Weather)
CREW is a network of local leaders building grassroots climate resilience through inclusive & hands-on education, service, and planning. Together, we are working to equip families & communities with the resources and capacity to prepare for and respond to local climate changes equitably, sustainably, & collaboratively.

E-bikes galore! Test out e-bikes with CrimsonBikes.

Department of Public Works Stormwater Management
The City manages approximately 100 miles of stormwater pipe and 38 stormwater outfalls to the Charles River, Alewife Brook, Fresh Pond, and Jerry’s Pond. Through implementing its Stormwater Management Plan, the City is adapting to a changing climate by implementing actions that mitigate flooding and improve water quality in our City’s waterways. The Department will continue to increase public awareness of the City’s Stormwater Management Plan through an informative display about stormwater, sharing information about stormwater management activities and accomplishments, and providing materials highlighting how community members can be environmental stewards. A coloring book, a Canines for Clean Water Pledge, and information about upcoming events like Household Hazardous Waste Day will be available for attendees.

Hey kids, get ready to play interactive games to learn about climate! We’ve got activities around solar power and thermal energy AND you can even build your own solar-powered critter.

With one planet and our lifetime and legacy to be proud of, doing nothing is no longer an option we need to be doing the right things!

Glocal Challenge
Join the winners of the 2019 Glocal Challenge as they present ideas about their projects to communicate the realities of climate change in our community!

Green Cambridge

Kids Clothing Swap
Kids grow fast. Trade in your outgrown or unwanted kids clothing (newborn to 6T) and swap for something your kids can wear. Ages 6 & under. Clothing ONLY (clean and pet hair free!). Brought to you by: Mendi's Boston and Artisan's Asylum's new Fiber Arts shop. Mendi's Boston offers alternatives to 'throw-away' consumerism by featuring local repair services, designers, artisans and dealers of built-to-last, quality goods through our events and publications. Artisan’s Asylum is a non-profit community workshop in Somerville, Massachusetts. Our mission is to support and promote the teaching, learning and practice of fabrication.

Kyle Browne Creative
Contemplate the synergy between what is art, what is science and where the lines are blurred. Looking at scientific images of ice melt in Antarctica, we will talk about what is hidden, what is revealed, and what is missing. Look at the mountains hidden under hundreds of thousands of years of ice and contemplate what it means for our present and future at the River Festival!

Mass Audubon
Come join Mass Audubon and observe some of our live animal ambassadors! We’ll have activities that show you how climate change affects their livelihood and what you can do to protect current populations so future generations can flourish.

MIT Water
Do you consider yourself a water connoisseur? Do you prefer bottled water to tap? We challenge you to test your taste buds with the MIT Water Club! Stop by our booth to participate in our blind water taste test to see if you can REALLY tell the difference between different types of water. While you’re here, check out some of our other activities:
  • Play an interactive game to test your water literacy, all ages welcome!
  • See how climate change, pollution, and water are closely connected through photographs and a human-sized sculpture!
  • Have your thirst for knowledge quenched by talking to MIT students who are actively researching a variety of topics in the water space.
  • Learn about how waste water can be recycled and made drinkable again by advanced technology, and give it a taste yourself!
We hope you will join us to see what you can do to mitigate the effects of climate change, which are negatively impacting water availability, distribution, and quality across the globe.

Museum of Science
Learn about urban heat islands, why they matter, and help collect data with the Museum of Science!

Mystic River Watershed Association
The Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA) was founded in 1972 to protect and restore natural resources in the 22-community watershed. MyRWA accomplishes this work through the efforts of professional staff and thousands of volunteers working together on a project-by-project basis.

Our Climate
Our Climate, a youth-based advocacy organization, creates mosaics out of painted recycled cardboard tiles to raise climate change awareness. In Boston, we will be creating a giant Right whale, MA’s state whale that’s endangered because of hunting and climate change, on the Boston Common on June 22nd. Join us at River Festival to add your story to this piece of climate action!

River Street Reconstruction Project
Gathering public input on the River Street Reconstruction and handing out information about how you can become involved in planning the future of River Street.

Schools of Thought on Climate Change
We invite you to share your own stories of resilience. How do you think climate change will impact you and your community? What can you do to prevent, or prepare for, or adapt to climate change? Schools of Thought on Climate Change integrates story-telling with participatory art-making to learn about people’s views on climate change and about actions people are taking in their workplaces and community to prevent, or prepare for, or adapt to climate impacts.

Wee the People
Make your protest t-shirt! Learn about peaceful protest from the activists at Wee the People and become empowered to lead the fight against climate injustice around the world. Activity offered from 1:00 - 3:30pm.

350 Mass Cambridge
Learn about the Green New Deal from the Cambridge node of 350 Mass, a statewide volunteer activist network that works to change municipal and state policy to combat climate change, and to change the public narrative around climate towards an understanding of the urgency required and what needs to be done.